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  1. Kisaha

    Is a new Sound Devices MixPre-10T coming soon?

    Excellent review and to the point. I do not understand why creating a lower series is creating issues to the more expensive pro series's. Mixpre is between amateur/prosumer/semi pro/pro territory, going from amateur to pro incrementally by each one number (from 3 to 10T), as I don't believe many amateurs will buy the 10T, or many pro will buy the 3 version. The whole series is a huge success, and that will lead to better equipment overal, from entry level to the high end. 10T seems like an excellent option for low cost/many channels, plus timecode capabilities, but I am sure we most expect a more modern approach for the 6xx series.
  2. Kisaha

    MKH50, Sennheiser vs Rycote mount?

    EThe elastic bands system of Sennheiser really works. They are based in a very basic principle that does the job well and is competitive with the top systems. As you said the cost is minimal, so go for the Rycote freely, but having a few backup elastic bands ain't a big deal either. My main basket is a Sennheiser and I do change the bands once per year, and no issues on the field whatsoever.
  3. Kisaha

    Wireless in Europe

    Thank you Ilari!
  4. Kisaha

    Wireless in Europe

    I would like to know if anyone has any info about the situation with the frequencies in Europe. I read most of the EU parliament decisions and data I could find, and what I get was that the frequencies we mostly use (470 - 700) are not secure, not even in the next few years. There is a lot of pressure from mobile companies and satellite's communication and transmissions, so we will have changes in the near future. What is your option about different channels? 470-541MHz / 566-638 / or 638-700 seem more safe? What about 2.4/.2.5 GHz digital Tx/Tr?
  5. Kisaha

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    @Janik Hampe I was considering something like this http://www.orcabags.com/product/or-27-small-sound-bag-for/ 215*130*90 or the slightly larger http://www.orcabags.com/product/or-28-mini-sound-bag-for/, I have no 3D models though, just a plain sweet girl on their website! Their Harness would be nice with those smaller bags too. Featherweight in total.
  6. Kisaha

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    It is human nature. Some people are plain cheap! There are differences though, the peak of the industry (quality), its bulk (quantity), and the socio-political structure of societies (working laws and benefits). Humans are basically the same of course, but working conditions are much different in Western countries than the rest of the world. I have lived 6 years on a couple of them (G8) and I know! Anyways, we all took our decisions long time ago, I guess, and job opportunities are not the only think matters on this planet, at least not for me. Mixpre6/3 is bridging the gap, it is the most professional of the amateur ones, and the most amateurish of the professional ones! Thank you @Robert0 for finding out the first samples. I liked what I heard, these are not microphones I will be using, even though I have access of the Rode, but I guess when the first bunch will be delivered (and it will be soon) there are going to be hundreds of samples everywhere on the internet! The other thing is the touch screen, I would worry about something like that on a pro machine, but we will find out soon. Another reason for its popularity it is the somehow limited new releases of NAB2017, so all the popular v-logs and youtube channels had extensive coverage of the new MixPres, so everybody knows!
  7. Kisaha

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    I just expressed a reality in the market I am in. If you are not from the G8 -and a few more countries, then you are trying to build from a not so ideal situation, and you go from there. The world is a relatively big place and dominant of not ideal situations, I wouldn't be surprised that someone has to work for not an ideal employer. Well, we have a lot here!
  8. Kisaha

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    @soundmanjohn Cheers! very informative. I have to order mine soon I guess. I am wondering if it worth waiting to hear any sound samples first. I am avoiding being an early adaptor in general, but it seems I am in the waiting for a lot of equipment this last year! Thank you again. @Gerard-NYNY from time to time I have to work for "producers" that have their own equipment and they only pay you for your presence. Most of the times you are in trouble because their equipment is of very bad quality and they do not understand their responsibilities (or they do not care), that is why I am so excited about this MixPre, I can have a full set of lower - end equipment for jobs like these, and I don't have to worry for other people's mistakes. I will pay for extra equipment, but I will have peace of mind!
  9. Kisaha

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    @soundmanjohn Ambient is ace, and manufacturers too. What is the price, and when they are delivering, if you do not mind (do you know the price in euro also?)?
  10. Kisaha

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    @josephboyle Yes Joseph, I am fully aware of what you are saying and I fully agree, and in sound especially that is true more times than not. Even 30-40 years great Hi Fi systems are mostly, great! We still use designs from the 70's or even older than that (just how many cameras from the 70s or 80s people use these days, and how much sound equipment/microphones/headphones?!). I was referring to this specific machine, that it is not a case of wanting the new bling. It is a tool that a lot of us wanted, for various reasons, that I hardly can find someone not NEEDING one (as a first recorder, as a backup recorder, as a B machine for some, as a rehearsal and music recording, as a usb interface and some other techy stuff, for dSLR shooters, for cameramen, for producers, for journalists maybe etc etc). It will be an instant classic, will push the low cost category a lot forward (because it is putting pressure to other companies), and I just can't wait to see what this release going to bring in 6xx line. Sometimes though equipment can become obsolete, it can't serve its purpose anymore, people and ideas too!
  11. Kisaha

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    @josephboyle That is not the case with the MixPre's, it is something completely new, especially coming from SD. I do not see it as a 744 or 633 (for that matter) replacement, and I am pretty sure that SD is not positioning them like this in the market. It is obvious that is eating from the Tascam/Zoom pie, a bit more expensive, but -maybe- with better analog circuitry for some serious use and modern features for the new video-blog crowd. There is nothing like this in the SD range, even if you own another more expensive recorder, MixPre seems like ticking a lot of boxes for not having in your arsenal, and for that price (and size and weight).. Sometimes completely new machines bring new ideas with them as well and then it is - BINGO!
  12. Kisaha

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    My impression is that you can connect multiple DR-680s and they go for 499,99 each! mkII versions have some improved insides as well! They can rec all together with just one rec press.
  13. Kisaha

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Thank you Conastantin, I didn't know all these local shops. My familiar Marcotec doesn't have a price yet, maybe it's time to start shopping from a more specialized shop. It seems that 899 net, is the best price in Europe right now, I say that is a very fair price for such an amazing little machine. I usually am waiting for the first batch to deliver and tested in the real world before buy anything, but I am afraid this little machine will sell out almost immediately, and for the very first time I am considering pre ordering one. Next step, Zaxcom Zaxx-Y (an hypothetical entry level Zaxcom one)! This market has a lot of dough, and Zoom and Tascam were eating the pie effortless for too long. Let's see some real competition from now on. As of the political side of things, Pink Noise/CVP have excellent prices (and bundles) but I am considering EU to be my local market, and even though I have studied cinema in the UK and worked for a little while there, I am moving all my buys and transactions to EU and especially BE/NL/DE were I have very good communication and services. My last video buys were from the Netherlands anyway, and I will keep going on with this trend. Humans are "zoon politikon" - political animals (Aristoteles).
  14. Kisaha

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Hi all, I am really excited about these little recorders. Does anyone have an idea about these vs the Zoom F8/F4, and/or these vs 663? Do you have any links from German shops that send to EU? My impression is that those Sound Devices will be the best selling SDs ever (as their are targeting consumer/prosumer groups, but a lot of professionals will keep one as a backup recorder, or for some features missing in the more expensive SD range), and it is a good thing to see this kind of competition in the entry level category.