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    Sound, Shooting, Drinking, Walking my dog, Real Estate, Remodeling, Long walks at the beach, and candlelight dinners in romantic locations.
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    Freelance Sound Mixer of 17 years working mostly in the Pacific NW doing 99% bag work. I mostly do small ENG / EFP productions and magazine shows that come through Portland such as House Hunters and all their spin offs, Animal Planet, History Ch, ECT.. and a variety of other small 3-4 person EFP/ENG crews. News Live Shots, Sports working ENG and Remote TV as A2. Corporate, Internet.. and everything under the sun that pays the bills. The most notable production I've worked on to date is Discovery's "Gold Rush" Season 7 and 8. Hoping to grow up some day and actually do some cart work. I'm just not sure how to approach that end of the spectrum. Although I don't work in the movies, I'm grateful for the work I have.... being freelance for 17 years.

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