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  1. beretta

    Opinions on Sony digital wireless

    A little off subject, but have any of you sony guys found a soluton to power the Sony tx from bag or cart power?
  2. beretta

    664 v 2.02 now available!

    I wish your comment was for the 664!
  3. beretta

    664 AES Outputs and Distro

    I feel like I have arrived as the Senator has bombed me for the first time! I was hoping to start a 664 AES distro thread....
  4. beretta

    664 AES Outputs and Distro

    I have been using AES outputs quite a bit with 664 and mostly XDCAM 700/800's and pix 240. I have been using a regular analog 15 foot snake with good luck. However, anytime I lengthen the snake I start running into problems. Obviously the impedance of the analog cables/connectors is not ideal. -Has anyone made or sourced 110ohm snakes for distro? -Anyone running Transformers and coax for distro? What are your thoughts? -What does SD recommend for AES cabling and Distro for 25-50foot lengths?
  5. beretta

    In the market... lectro SMQV vs WM

    Who in the US rents out these WM's?
  6. beretta

    PSC RF Multi SMA, Rental?

    Anyone know where I can rent one of these? Hopefully on the west coast. -Bryan
  7. beretta

    All day Batteries

    David, the facebook link is a link to the same pictures I posted. The switch I used is the same exact SPST switch Battery Bud uses for power on/off.
  8. beretta

    All day Batteries

    Ever since I had a PSC M4 mk II and Alphamix which both had the ability to power everything with an internal NP1 and/or external source and change between without powering down I was hooked. I made an A/B switch modification to the battery bud, and now can switch between two sources seamlessly with NO powering down. My power input is a 4 pin XLR with A source on pin 4 and B on pin 3. I then made made dual battery connectors that connect via 4pinXLR, for NP1, D-TAP, Anton Bauer and IDX battery connectors. Scott at Redding Audio provided me with the same switch that battery bud uses. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2044716442897.2105739.1393978139&type=3
  9. beretta

    SMVQ & SMV clicking noise

    Yes, I have definetly heard this before on my SMDa's. I never found a solution till now. Thanks for bringng it up. Using sankens as well. I tried switching mics, freqs, antennas, but for some reason never thought of batts.
  10. beretta

    Recording audio direct to SONY PMW-F3

    Sorry to bring this up again. But it seems as though some editor friends of mine say that when I set tone at -20 on the F3, the peaks land around -16, -14, -12 which is low for a dBfs scale. Editors would prefer audio peaks for this particular camera to be at the most -6. At line level I have to crank the external audio pots on the F3 all the ways to even reach -10. When I set tone at -10, peaks fall in the -8, -6 range. Is this safe? On these cameras with dBFs scales, what are folks setting tone level at? Should we just listen to the camera and note when it starts clipping and back off from there?
  11. beretta

    Lectrosonics New Product Announcement

    Larry, When I send it in for an upgrade can I change the block as well?
  12. beretta


    I am currently using a LANC LOGGER in convert mode where it converts SONY LANC (29ND) to LTC . Camera is in record run. So far it works great, I have recorder to set to auto record whenever the TC rolls. WHEN the camera is NOT recording however, the LANC LOGGER stops the timecode signal. As in there is no TC code signal at all. On REAL cameras it will continue outputting TC signal with the last frame it recorded. Is there a way to configure the LANC LOGGER to continue sending TC signal of the last frame, even though the camera is not? I sent this message to Ambient as well.
  13. Where can I rent a Ambient LANC Logger ALL601 in california?
  14. Block 21 in LA, is it just ok or excellent?
  15. beretta

    Evaluating Neumann KM185 vs Schoeps CMC6/MK41

    So what about the best type of boom for dialogue in loud music clubs? I personally like lavs in loud environments compared to my 416, but I do not have much experience with other booms. Thoughts?