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  1. Zaxcom Maxx + RX200 dropping signal

    Just got my rig back from Zaxcom and thought I'd post an update in case anyone was curious. Apparently it was a power supply issue in the Maxx because here's what they put on the invoice. "installed 1.2V coil modification on power supply section of DSP board" It fixed the issue and I'm back up and running. I'm thankful for the Zaxcom crew rushing to get it to me before a couple of shoots.
  2. Zaxcom Maxx + RX200 dropping signal

    Thanks Richard. That's good to know. I appreciate the troubleshooting. I think I'll be sending it back to Zaxcom on tuesday to get the transmitter upgraded.
  3. Zaxcom Maxx + RX200 dropping signal

    Hey Jack, Thanks for responding. I tried skipping the distro unit and just going straight from the battery. I did have a QRX200 that was being powered from the distro but I pulled it out and tried just running power to the Maxx and it has the same issue. I wondered if it was some sort of weird ground issue. I got ahold of someone at Zaxcom and they said there's a chance I'll need to send in the Maxx for a transmitter upgrade since my Maxx is an early serial number. Luckily the shoot monday is just locked down interviews so I'll be able to plug in. Thanks again Jack! I'll post an update as to if upgrading the transmitter resolves the issue.
  4. Hey everyone, This is my first post on this forum so hopefully this is the right place to post this. If not, let me know. I'm excited to have found this online community and I've already learned a ton from reading through the forum. I'm having a weird issue with my Zaxcom Maxx and RX200 and wondered if anyone had any thoughts on how to resolve the issue. Here's what's going on. Zaxcom Maxx with built in transmitter (Block 23) sending audio and timecode to a brand new RX200. It locks signal and works perfectly as long as the Maxx is being powered by the power supply or internal AA batteries but as soon as I plug in an external battery distribution system it drops signal constantly (every couple of seconds). I've tried a Remote Audio BDS with NP1 system that powers our Nomad system perfectly, and my new Audioroot esmart battery system. Both systems cause the RX200 to instantly drop signal; unplug it and it locks back in. Waiting on a call back from Zaxcom but I've got a shoot Monday so I thought I'd see if anyone had any ideas.