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  1. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    I've been reading posts on this forum for quite some time and have made some very informed (I feel) purchases based on what I've read here (i.e. MKH-50). I've always enjoyed the varying opinions that are accompanied by the reasons and experience of the poster, not just some ignorant statements that are also prone to this forum. And unlike most neophyte posters to this forum, I also realize that many of the questions asked here are subjective and do not have a definitive answer. So, after the lead in. Why is it that, dare I say many, of the posters to this thread have expressed interest in, if not claiming to be buying a MixPre when it ships, yet I've seen several of the usual suspects (a phrase popular on this forum) totally disparaging the Zoom Products; F4 and F8 respectively? I believe the terms "cheap Chinese garbage", "toys", "not serious gear", etc have been bandied about. However, the moment SD announces a similar product, the fawning begins. Now, to be fair, I've already preordered mine, and I have my reasons. One being I don't own a 633. However, is this just fanboy hype, or is there reason to think lesser of the Zoom products? Odd that SD listed dbV instead of dbu, which if my calculations are correct, puts it at the same input noise level as the Zooms. And don't get me wrong, I know SD is industry standard. I'd just like to know for myself and others why a feature rich product like the Zoom F4 (which includes TC, two sd cards, more inputs, XLR outs, etc) is disparaged, while the SD at same price point is lauded? p.s. Knowing some of the personalities here, I'm already prepared for the snarky comments that will ensue. And just to cover one more area: "it depends". Now that we have that covered, any serious response would be appreciated.