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  1. I'm new to the forum, this is my first post!

    Ten four, Thanks man! Sent from my HTC6525LVW using Tapatalk
  2. I'm new to the forum, this is my first post!

    First day on set, the DP had me like... http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/591f8ea7bff7f/9a57e19947fd72156cf41579f136b2d4.mp4
  3. Show me your bag

    UR5's are awesome. I'm using mostly UR1, I was told UR1 sounds better than UR1M. I only use the UR1M when I have to for wardrobe. But IDK, I haven't personally done critical analysis to compare both. The UR5 saved my hinnie last week with the auto scan. Took 1 min to scan/find/set correct freq.
  4. Hot pins?

    People pay good money for old quarters that have that coloration.
  5. Hot pins?

    That's just oxidation. Not heat. If that was heat, it would have melted the insulation on leads to pins 1-3. Same kinda coloration happens to collectable coins. Your maybe thinking about annealing (used to strengthen rifle brass). You could try some contact cleaner and some Cpap smear swabs ( little brush on a stick) and scrub it. Try a wood qtip for extra strength if needed. Stay away from steel wool, and sand paper, try to solve the issue chemically.
  6. Show me your bag

  7. Taping mics to chest

    You guys are dropping some serious knowledge and lessons learned the hard way. I'm just shocked and totally excited to find this forum! Thank you! I felt like I was completely alone except for my mentor. I can't get over how well you guys speak my language. [emoji327] [emoji440]
  8. Your first sound setup or kit ever

    Zoom H4, schoeps CMC T-power with Cardioid cap, old aluminium boom, mdr-7506's. It sounded better than I expected.
  9. Hi all, I just wanted to introduce myself, and say how glad I am go have found this forum. I am a sound mixer/boom op/sound engineer. So far the info here has been incredible. I look forward to more posts and interesting stories. Celeste loves camera bags!