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  1. Marry takes on 664

    Yes, ProTools.
  2. When the DP goes really wide

    IDK, I just got the pic from the IATSE website picture archives. That sounds like allot of fun. Hardwired? or on Radio's???? Thats gotta be at least a hundred feet of XLR. Thank you for sharing, I would like to hear more as your time permits.
  3. SONY MDR-7506

    I can't stop laughing.
  4. SONY MDR-7506

    Thanks for all the great responses people!! Now accepting all old Sony MDR-7506's. Please PM me your junked Sony MDR-7506's for sale link on eBay. I'll pay shipping. The hair thin green, red, and copper cables are painted. The soldering iron can actually melt the thin wires. I was always fascinated with headphones. I feel the Sony MDR-7506 is a living relic amongst the Beats/Bose cans. This was the last of an era that produced quality products for a budget. Now quality directly relates to the item costing more. Very few distinguish between quality and marketing. Is the Sony MDR-7506 the Technic MKII SL1200 turntable of the sound recording world? When Technics discontinued the SL1200 the resale price went through the roof. For reference, I got two 2xSL1200+Vestax+flightcases+cofin-case for $300 in 2003. Last I checked, one SL1200 goes for $400-$1000 depending on condition. Also, remember the classic Yamaha NS-10 story. Originally crap, inexpensive bookshelf speakers that ended up standard in any legitimate recording studio to date.
  5. Time Code to Red Epic W

    Get a Tupperware tub and fill it with TC cables. CLC makes great little heavy cloth zipper bags too. Build a kit as you go. If you didn't have the cable at all, it would have been one thing, but it sucks to have needed it and not had it with you. Don't beat yourself up to badly. But realize your your own pilot, it's always your fault ( captain goes down with the ship). Have you heard of a "Go Bag", or "Bug Out Bag", or "First Aid Backpack". In the sound world I am officially naming it the Justin Case, after @John Blankenship. It is basically an emergency bag that every school classroom has. In the bag there is everything needed for an emergency. Most days the bag just sits on the wall, but one time the power went out and my classmates and myself ate the Chewy bars out of the bag ( no snack machine power). I know it sucks to carry extra weight and load extra cases, but thats what it takes to be a good pilot that doesn't crash. I try to carry everything I have in my inventory as a rule of thumb. Its not profitable. Nobody does anything to streamline connectivity, quite the opposite. Marketing is seldom honest. Shout out to Columbia MO! Go Tigers!
  6. Analog Rack Gear-Waves L2

    Talk about a brick wall of limiters! Out with the old and in with the Multimaximizer!

    Happy Birthday Jeff!
  8. Reflection Audio OM1 Pre-Amplifier

    Semi-complete OM1 Battery box circuitry.
  9. SONY MDR-7506

  10. Reflection Audio OM1 Pre-Amplifier

    This is one naked viché resistor volume control for the OM1. I worked on the OM1 2014/2015. Please PM any questions. I miss this work.
  11. SONY MDR-7506

    I ended up cutting off a bit more than half of the curly cord. It really helped clean up my bag not having 5 feet of headphone cable dangling from me. I think the 3.5mm female jack on the ear cup is cool, but I wouldn't use it. I don't see any advantage, other than being able to use any aux cable as your headphone input.
  12. Schoeps MK41 capsule cleaning

    But of course! It's in the white ceramic dish on the right, just the tip is showing. The tiny gold spring is also in this dish. @John Blankenship I forgot to mention this tiny gold wire. It's literally a little semi-bent L gold metal wire.
  13. Schoeps MK41 capsule cleaning

    Underside of the gold donut/contact side down in third picture. I promise they are there, just can't see em. I didn't touch them. I occasionally use MG zero residue contact cleaner for these contacts. It was my pleasure meeting you in Vegas at Firefly.