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  1. Dalton Patterson

    Rates, rates, rates

    Before Snowboarding After Snowboarding
  2. Dalton Patterson

    Rates, rates, rates

    no, I was just thinking/wondering that was where he got his screen name from. +1 +1, I feel this Agreed 100%
  3. Dalton Patterson

    Rates, rates, rates

    Do you know of Mack Dawg Productions? ( TrueLife, Resistance, Technical Difficulties) That's a negative ghost rider. Don't do any of that stuff. You are hurting the mixing collective. It's not your job to accept less money because some random weekend warrior wants to get in on the action and will accept less than market rates. What did he say about a COI? Thats usually my go/no go on a job. Let him cobble together different mixers from the great planes to the Atlantic. Never go down, always up.
  4. Dalton Patterson

    Can you show me how to make low profile XLR to 3.5mm cables

    ifixit XLR basics Whoa! I am going to get the right angle 4pin HOSA for D/C for the 664. I have been looking for a right angle solution for some time!!! Thanks!~
  5. Dalton Patterson

    Microdot to Lectro TA5 failure

    Pick N' Pluck for the win! In conclusion, for all intents and purposes I will keep the connectors connected. Thank you both for your responses. I am unclear. Does the loss exist? However it that the loss is not practical loss ( i.e to be able to be shown on test equipment)? Are you suggesting I make a new mark every time I connect/disconnect the connector? That will add significant time to my workload over a long period of time keeping track of that process. In addition to physically taking on and off the connectors, I would also have to mark them with a line. I have heard of this process to keep track of the number of uses on components, but feel an alternative approach could be successful ( i.e. keep the antenna's connected at all times). I better have a house and be retired. Haha. I get the Idea, I am not going to worry about this issue any longer. I appreciate your time guys!@ D
  6. Dalton Patterson

    Mats/Carpets/Something for damping rain sounds ?

    gutterhelmet website It’s hard to believe that the sound which this little sucker makes can make you want to tear your eyeballs out. 1. Adjust the downspout angle. Many times, the simplest fix has to do with moving the bottom of the downspout further away from the house. You can use a longer clip or a spacer to accomplish this. That way, the water doesn’t fall straight down to the bottom elbow, but instead hits the side and trickles down. 2. Swap out the bottom part of the downspout. If you take off the metal elbow where your runoff water empties out and replace it with a similar piece that’s made of vinyl or plastic, the sound of the water may be muffled instead of echoing. 3. Insulate the downspout. One of the surest ways to dampen sound is to remove surface vibrations. This can be done by wrapping foam insulators around your downspout pipe (or using spray foam to do the same thing). 4. Use a scrubber sponge. For many people, the noise comes from the sound of the water dripping or trickling onto the bottom of the downspout elbow. Attaching or gluing an old scrubber sponge to the bottom inside of the downspout may absorb the dripping water more quietly. “MAKE IT STOPPP!!!” 5. Use a shingle. The same concept works if you happen to have a piece of roofing shingle left over from an earlier roof repair or replacement. Though you may have to cut the piece to fit the downspout, it could be stuffed into the opening without gluing it to the metal. 6. Use artificial turf. Some homeowners have found peace and quiet by cutting a square of artificial turf and placing it like you would a sponge or shingle. If you have this material somewhere in your landscaping, you probably have a few scraps lying around somewhere. 7. Use a foam downspout insert. Then again, there are products that are created especially for noisy downspouts. They tend to be made of soft, malleable foam than can easily be pushed into a downspout opening and clipped to the opening’s edge. 8. Use rope. This utilizes a different concept: getting water to move down an object that is situated inside the length of the downspout. Nylon rope works well if you caulk it to the top downspout opening and run it to the bottom opening. 9. Buy a downspout chain. This actually replaces some or all of a gutter by hanging down from a gutter downspout opening and letting the water trickle down the chain smoothly and quietly. But this may not be suitable for heavy rainfall climates. 10. Put a downspout chain inside the downspout. Think of this as a combination of #8 and #9. Instead of rope, drape a downspout chain inside the downspout — or make a homemade one using a plastic chain, cable ties, and long pieces of plastic (like the straight portions of plastic clothes hangers).
  7. Dalton Patterson

    Sony F5 - F55 - FS7 RF Spray problems.

    You have to schedule production for the seventh moon on the seventh month. unfortunate but true. I wish I could be of more help. The only advice I have is trouble shoot if possible, try to narrow down the RF spray source.
  8. Dalton Patterson

    Microdot to Lectro TA5 failure

    Me neither, at the time I heard it. I was skeptical but retained the information. Here is some info I managed to find that explains what I was referring to as "Insertion Loss". I am not 100% this is talking about the same thing. I am referring to the loss of plating on the contact of the physical pin itself decreasing over time and therefore decreasing your RF passing through the SMA connection. I think the accurate description would be copper losses. ----------------------------------- What is Insertion Loss and how is it specified? Dec 23, 2014 Insertion Loss, expressed in dB is defined as 10*log (Po/Pi) where Po= Power Out and Pi=Power In. There are 3 main causes of Insertion Loss: Reflected losses, Dielectric losses and Copper losses. Reflected losses are those losses caused by the VSWR of the connector. Dielectric losses are those losses caused by the power dissipated in the dielectric materials (Teflon, rexolite, delrin, etc.). Copper losses are those losses caused by the power dissipated due to the conducting surfaces of the connector. It is a function of the material and plating used. In general, the insertion loss of a connector is on the order of a few hundredths to a few tenths of a dB. As with VSWR, it can be specified as a “flat line limit” or as a function of frequency. A BNC connector is specified at .2 dB maximum when tested at 3 Ghz. For the SMA, the requirement is .06*SQRRT Frequency in GHz when tested at 6 Ghz. For example, at 4 Ghz, the requirement would be .06*2 or .12 dB max. Although the connectors are specified to operate over a wide frequency range, they are only specified for testing at particular frequency because the test procedure required to obtain accurate measurements of such small losses is a very precise, and time consuming process. Amphenol RF Link ----------------------------------- For anybody curious, this all started on my end because I used to take my antennas on and off in my wireless case until somebody told me that was a bad idea because you loose .00001db of RF each time. I replied, ohh. ok. Unsure as to the validity of the statement. However after further research. I tend to follow that way of thinking and now keep my antenna's and SMA connectors connected unless necessary to disconnect. I hope this helps. Stay cool in that Vegas heat @RadoStefanov!!! Best, Dalton
  9. Dalton Patterson

    Neil Young talks about analog vs. digital

    Whoa. +1
  10. I Op'd two weeks ago for intel's 50th anniversary. Intel has got some pretty cool stuff going on besides microprocessors.
  11. @IronFilm has the work around for shipping outside of USA. It's explained in his youtube video's. I forget which one, hopefully he will chime in here.
  12. Dalton Patterson

    Microdot to Lectro TA5 failure

    DPA for the win! I have had positive experiences with them as well. +1
  13. Something along these lines?
  14. I will help you out with this, at a reasonable rate. PM me. I understand why you want to go this route. Your requirements are very similar to a sound recordist, being that you show up and are a one man band. Kudos for even relating the two. What you need is a mini sound cart with everything strapped to it and ready to roll! I like to think about it like camping. Once you get way out there in the woods, there is no way to get your stuff if you forgot something so you have to bring everything you could possibly need with you. Mini dolly google search With something like this on the bottom. Shop around and find a good price below $100 This is a must have