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    Zoom F8n.

    I would like to rent from this house only from now on. Please tell us the name so I can start getting the Cantar at 633 prices.
  2. Dalton Patterson

    Question Re: Updating Firmware On Sound Devices Products -

    Great idea Mike. I like the idea of having an SD card pre loaded with previous firmware revisions. Less downtime.
  3. Dalton Patterson

    Question Re: Updating Firmware On Sound Devices Products -

    Yes. It is written to the internal drive on the Sound Devices machine to operate the system, ( OS ) as Mac likes to call it. No need to retain original file on SD card. It's 76 degrees and gorgeous outside here. Good day to you too!
  4. Dalton Patterson

    Zoom F8n.

    @Vincent R. Thanks man!
  5. Dalton Patterson

    Something is up with the HTTPS version of the site…

    "There are so many misunderstandings about vitamins, that it is well-known that much false information is present. One such VERY misunderstood vitamin is Vitamin C. Our government rates Vitamin C by the amount of Ascorbic Acid it contains. Well, let me enlighten you. Ascorbic Acid is merely a COMPONENT of the Vitamin C Complex." Hmm…Not bad info. More, BODY MIND SPIRIT GUIDE: Post Office Box 85413 | Westland, Michigan 48185 Phone: (734) 513-6137 | Hours: Mon – Fri 10:00 to 6:00 BODY MIND SPIRIT RADIO: 2505 S. Wayne Road | Westland, MI 48186 (open by appointment only) Phone: (734) 312-3211 | Hours: Mon – Fri 10:00 to 6:00 Feel free to contact them and see whats up.
  6. Dalton Patterson

    Zoom F8n.

    Links? Sources? Please? I believe it, but would like proof to confirm.
  7. Dalton Patterson

    Certified Genius: The Guitars of Chet Atkins

    Real artist making something out of nothing. Very Humble. Impressive.
  8. Dalton Patterson

    Advice for a novice

    Keep researching. You made the right step joining JWSOUND and posting.
  9. Dalton Patterson

    Schoeps CMC3u/CMC5 Amplifier Cleaning

    So much history. I cannot say for sure this was the exact mic used, I won't speculate. It is the real deal. No hotrod. @pverrando I have a 12T Power Schoeps with your name on it as soon as I get some extra cash. I've only heard positive things.
  10. More Schoeps Cleaning... This is an upgraded Duran amplifier. Critical listenting test-PASS
  11. Dalton Patterson

    Rechargeable battery management on location

  12. Dalton Patterson

    On My Radio

  13. Dalton Patterson

    Rechargeable battery management on location

    store link Or, The other option above, is available at most sporting goods stores. Here are some more pretty pictures!
  14. Dalton Patterson

    VER files bankruptcy under Chapter 11

    I got two PA's for the price of one just last week...
  15. Dalton Patterson

    Pelican and Amazon are at it again

    No Pelican cases, just coolers, drink ware and backpacks. Amazon Pelican one day deal! Get Em while you can!~!
  16. Dalton Patterson

    Rechargeable Batteries for TX

    Alright guys, I cannot take this any more… Sound devices issue is the rotation of the battery. the overlap of plastic on the battery itself has to be oriented in the correct way. Simply rotate clockwise the stuck battery tiny amount with a small magnet until the battery moves back and forth freely. It is not because the batteries are swelling from use. I thought that was the case with EBL and POWEREX, but after glueing a neodymium magnet to the end of a pencil and rotating the batts, they all come easily out. I just didn't want to reveal my secret, but your suffering is making me feel guilty.
  17. Dalton Patterson

    What case to get next

    If you purchase stuff at HF, fair warning. I have had conversations with production that include comment's like " HF is the Wal-Mart of tool" "HF tools break after one use" HF is just cheap low ball undercut products". I have purchased tools from HF and have not had good results. Some work, but the tools have to be babied and used carefully if you plan to keep them and not used damaged equipment. They work great for throw away tools. I use a set to take to carp work, that way if they get stolen or lost I don't care. FYI I got my HF tools free from a former job. Frankly it's not worth the investment in my book, I have tools from before I was born that still have an edge. I can say with confidence that every screwdriver from HF is garbage. Doubted that someone would say something like that to your face, but unfortuantely your perception is critical IMHO. No lifetime warranty from HF. I buy once, cry once. Hey @Rick Reineke, Your correct, @Alejandro Reyes if you only have a limited budget the HF apache case will work well. Better than tool boxes from the HW store. Sweet looking kit by the way… You need a daiso near you, or TAP plastics, they have all that kinda little tray stuff. Daiso organizer, this is price for 12 units. In the store they only cost .99!!! clear plastic case from TAP Plastics. Sorry everybody, I guess I hold bad feelings for HF. I miss Sears.
  18. Dalton Patterson

    well, this sure confused me

    I wonder if it was 400 CineBags. I would consider this a luxury bag.
  19. Cool, but we be in the US of A last time I checked. Hilarious.
  20. Dalton Patterson

    Broken gear on a shoot, production won't pay!

    Thanks David!
  21. Dalton Patterson

    How can boom ops be more diplomatic?

    I do this with high quality local beef jerky. I am going to add Snickers and Twix to the mix. Great pointers! Thanks ,
  22. Dalton Patterson

    The Long, Knotty, World-Spanning Story of String

    I always thought string, rope, and knots were cool. To be a rigger, takes a different attitude, passion and approach that I myself do not possess. Great Knots video!!!
  23. Internet is Forever Any information or picture you post on the Internet, stays on the Internet. If you don't want your future employer or children and grandchildren to see, think again and filter what you upload.
  24. Dalton Patterson

    Laurel v Yanni explained!

    🤔 🤯
  25. Dalton Patterson

    Looking for a non audio looking bag for my MixPre 3

    If I had my druthers.