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    I'm Sound mixer since 1999. I began as boom operator in films and TV series.

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  1. AlbertoGarciaAltez

    Beyerdinamic 1350

  2. AlbertoGarciaAltez

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    A small +- as cantarem, 14/16 faders( less for a 16 track recorder i don't understand) just faders the rotary gain pots, trasnport, solo, metadata etc are on the SX-R4+ , or through the app, i don't need them duplicated. And a second with 16 faders, pots, transport, metadata etc. As cantares or zaxcom mix16. But the importan thing is, now please , please. As we say in Spain: La necesitamos para ayer (we need it for yesterday.
  3. AlbertoGarciaAltez

    Beyerdinamic 1350

    Beyerdinamic 1350 vs Sennheiser hd25
  4. AlbertoGarciaAltez

    Lavalier outer jacket repair

    Bondic. www.notaglue.com
  5. AlbertoGarciaAltez

    eela audio

    I owned one , 4 chanels. I think my old busines partner sitll has it. Good press, very good límiter.
  6. AlbertoGarciaAltez


    Audio Ltd? 100% digital, mini sd you can record while transmiting if you are un Europ. Have 12v,48v and analog límiter, wide range, a remote phone app. https://audioltd.com
  7. AlbertoGarciaAltez

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    The mix limiter on th SX-R4+ I didn't use the Cantar x3. But when i tried at the spanish dealer, i found mic pres exactly the same as Cantar x2. The big diference , for me: Dynamic range, much more SX-R4+ than X3. SX-R4+ little bit brigthnees, Cantar its a little dark,for me. Both are very good, the best ones. Thanks
  8. AlbertoGarciaAltez

    Weird rf-like noise coming from 8060...

    I have one with the same noise, but just when i unpacked. I sent it to the spanish sat (garantee) they change the capsule, but still with a click noise when i move the microphon. Sennheiser sent me a new one. Goodluck!
  9. AlbertoGarciaAltez

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    Hello, thanks! I had a Cantar x2 , but when i was upgrade to x3, i didn't like it. I think it's overprice, here in Spain a normal produccion pays for gear about 900€ weekly, the whole gear(mics, radiomics, ifb, tc lockits.........) . The Digital imputs in the R4+/AD8, the micpre, limiter, the size, weight, convince me more. I started with the SX-S: Mix to line inputs5 / 6 and the direct outputs to the line level R4+, the extra radios to the line level recorder inputs. Now all the micros directly to the recorder inputs, mic input for boom, line level for radios. Radios are analog ,when i have digital ones then will going trhough Aes inputs. Micpres are more noisless, than the SX-S, but same warm, and sound.The limiter is smother, and more natural than the SX-S. Thanks!! Sorry for my English...
  10. AlbertoGarciaAltez

    Sonosax SX-R4+

    As a SX-R4+ & AD-8 user: just love it. Radio Stefanov, don't really know how it works, or you don't have one in your hands, other wise don't say things like that. SD slot: Easy acces to sd, and always see led indicator, ,blink when standby or fixe when record. I find it usefull. Things i miss in the SX-R4+: Fader control surface 16 fader. Keyboard for notes. Talkback section. 16 track horizontal view. File tag with scene, shot, take, insted a file number.
  11. AlbertoGarciaAltez

    SONOSAX SX-R4+ control

    I really miss a control surface. Please develop as soon as possible. I think with 14 faders 120mm long, transport, solo,EQ(filters) would be enought. I miss a keybord to write notes etc. There is another issue, the file tag should be the scen, shot, and take, because editors when open the file see: sx 001, instead of scen....
  12. AlbertoGarciaAltez

    SONOSAX SX-R4+ control

    I'been worked with other control surfaces , and i think that the most important think is have a good Liner fader (long, smooth, and wide enough) a quick access to imput gain, solo, transport controls, Eq, limiters, slate, and com.