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  1. Scriptation

    Digital Sides via iPad and/or...

    If it can do the exact same thing for free, go for it. The app has a bunch of other useful features, too.
  2. Scriptation

    Digital Sides via iPad and/or...

    If you use an iPad, Scriptation does all this for you. You can automatically highlight character lines and select individual highlight colors by tapping a button, and you can bookmark pages as well. Does that fit into your workflow?
  3. Scriptation

    Digital Sides via iPad and/or...

    Steven from Scriptation here. We received several requests from sound mixers to add more functionality to our actor highlighting feature, and we've done just that! You can now automatically highlight actor lines and choose from 16 different highlight colors. Check out a review of these new features in IATSE Local 695's quarterly Production Sound & Video!