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  1. Advice on sound kit R4+/SD/Zax/Zoom

    At this point i am graduating uni at the end of the year, the climate around here is you hire a freelance soundie to cover your needs. I have worked on as many sets as i can get my hands on over the last 3 years and think i have a fair understanding of what i will be walking into. The sound community is extremely small and the education for it is even smaller. I expect to be doing a lot of indi shorts/features/corporate stuff or to be honest anything that will pay their sound guy.
  2. Advice on sound kit R4+/SD/Zax/Zoom

    Heyo fellas Looking for advice on my first sound kit to own, rather than using rented equipment or uni equipment. I have been currently using a variety of recorder/mixers, basically anything i can get my hands on to get uni work done and indi shoots (Zoom f8/744t/CantarX2). Looking for opinions as in my currently level its hard to find a variety of Pros to chat to in my state. My needs will more than likely be run and gun Booming/recording/mixing on my own with the rare chance to find a set with the gracious unicorn that is the paid boom operator. I have currently been tossing between a Zaxcom Maxx, Sonosax R4+ or Zoom f8. +shotgun mic (ntg3) +2x wireless(cheaper sennheiser if Zax or R4+. Lectro if i go Zoom f8) kinda stumped on where to go. Cheers for any advice that i can get.