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  1. Betso slate WTCS-1

    Got mine last week. SOFAR LOVE IT!. Using it paired to a tcx-2 transmitting continuously jammed from my 688. slightly smaller and more refined than old faithful ts-c. Comes in a hard storage case as does the tcx-2. How it holds up ...Time will tell...
  2. RE BR : What mixer is best for this to I/O into the mac?
  3. Interesting, anyone have any experience using a QL1 for cart work?
  4. Hi, just wondering if there is any kind of consensus on industry trends toward fully digital mixers for location mixing?
  5. LA Sound Mixers Summer Mixer July 23 1-6 PM

    Thanks for organizing this event, sounds like fun! unfortunately I will be on location and not able to attend, hopefully next time.