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  1. As well, it's probably good practice to reformat your cards after a firmware update.
  2. How about putting each tx inside a small neoprene sleeve/pouch then storing it in the Lectro bag.
  3. First used (camera man owned) - FP32A, Micron Wireless with COS-11s, Ambient Boom with CMC4-MK41. First Purchased - FP33, Sennheiser Evolution G1 wireless with Trams, Ambient boom & CMC4-MK41. I replaced the FP33 with an SD302 as soon as it came out!
  4. Have you tried it with internal batteries or even just a different power lead? Just curious if it could be a power issue.
  5. You should see his aluminum TA connector boots!
  6. Corporate Head Office is in New Jersey! (I was surprised too!!)
  7. http://www.canford.co.uk/Products/30-610_CANARE-L-4E5C-CABLE-Black
  8. The wire from Audioroot is perfect size (4.4 mm) but I'm not sure how flexible it is (probably fine) Be sure to use the good connector (hr10-7p-4p) instead of the one that uses the brass ring clamp (hr10a-7p-4p). It is much easier to work with.
  9. When not using my SRb in a camera slot (AKA all the time) I just Velcro it to the camera. The problem is, the upper part of the receiver has screw holes that act like bumpers, making it so you can't get solid surface contact against the camera/battery body. It's also annoying having to always be ripping off Velcro every time I do end up using it in a slot. So... I downloaded Google's SketchUp, grabbed my micrometer and designed a simple "sleeve" for my cam hop. Then I found a website that pairs 3d printer owners with dorks like me so that I don't have to buy a printer and deal with all the headaches (that being said...I'm gonna buy one!). Cost me $20 (Canadian!) and I picked a service that was close to my house to save on delivery charges. Surprisingly, it fits perfectly, it's lightweight and feels durable. Now, all that I can think about are more projects!
  10. Occasionally, I used a thin "bead" of snot tapel/butyl/Joe's Sticky Stuff along the length of the hush lav. Usually works well on loose tops with little to no collar hem. Hides well (not much wrinkle/indent/fabric bunching)
  11. Depends... I've had good luck planting a CUB for one side of the table and booming the other side. Planting a 2nd CUB would have been better but it wasn't an option.
  12. If you are handy - buy a couple of the Remote Audio (Inspired Energy) battery packs (49 or 98wh) and solder up a pigtail with all of the connections that you need. Not the prettiest, but definitely the least expensive option and lightweight.
  13. I haven't used the EK300 in a long time, but I did just use my regular G2's to feed some dinky-cams. They actually sounded perfectly fine (way too good as a scratch track, IMO) I believe you have to turn off the pilot tone on the transmitter to get the EK300 to hear the signal, maybe it's on?
  14. http://ambient.de/en/product/itc5-inl/
  15. You need a special cable (padded) with a special connection (trrs) I believe.