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  1. Advice On Record & Playback Setup in Nomad 10

    Many thanks to all for your useful replies and info. Primarily, the importance of my query was to verify if any TC issues could arise, or whether possible system restarts might be needed. I appreciate now that I could have described my initial query scenario more succinctly, so thanks again to all for taking their time in ‘interpreting’ what I needed to investigate. Finally, I apologise too all (Constantin included :-)) for my initial error in addressing this forum as being a Zaxcom forum.
  2. Hi all, I am looking to take the step and switch to the Zaxcom Nomad 10 with associated wireless peripherals. I wondered if any Nomad 10 users might be able to help me by suggesting how I would config Nomad 10 config (internal memory settings) that would allow for instantaneous switching between record mode and playback mode - from where the director first calls “Cut”, and then calls for “Playback, please”. Specifically, I need to know how best to approach such potential routing configs, used with Nomad10 when switching between recording (line inouts, mics, etc.), followed by playback (to loudspeaker on set). I am not certain but would this sort of A->B, B-> A switching introduce any problems with TC sources, system restarts, etc ? I hope that I am explaining myself sufficiently with my above Record/ Playback scenario. Many thanks in advance ad I look forward to hearing your thoughts in this. Thanks,