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    Currently hooked with audio system works so I'm here to gain some knowledge.
  1. What Car Do You Drive?

    Thank you, Ryan I'll look into that. I've read some good comments about Bakflip either, glad yours is well secured. I'm eyeing on Access tri fold as well, they said it is sturdy enough that you can walk on top of it.
  2. What Car Do You Drive?

    Hey all! I know it's an old topic but this somehow relates to my question. I currently got a truck to haul my stuff and I'm looking for a good tonneau cover that keeps the water out. I sometimes haul tall stuff so that 1-pc hard cover is not an option. Which one you got? I recently considering a van, my neighbor got this MPV and it got good space.
  3. Low-End Saramonic Wireless

    Well the local guy here didn't go for Saramonic due to poor control. Look for other options.
  4. Low-End Saramonic Wireless

    Heard over about this Saramonic wireless from a local guy here. I'll see if he got one. Have you seen some reviews about this?
  5. Video Chat Full; Michael P. Clark

    No sorry, I didn't mean it.
  6. Video Chat Full; Michael P. Clark

    I haven't paid much attention to his works until I saw that vid.
  7. Video Chat Full; Michael P. Clark

    Heard a lot about this guy, surprised how good he is.