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    Currently working as a boom operator and sound mixer in the Chicago land area, and I'm always looking for a new opportunity.
  1. Viviana or Ursa?

    Earlier this afternoon I saw the Gotham sound presentation of the Viviana Straps. Like the URSA straps, they have come in beige and black, they are thin and don't heat up like my current Neo Packs. They also both contain a non allergenic polyurethane for extra grip so the pack stays in place and won't slide off from sweat. For the price of $36 US, it's a done deal for me, I also like that it contains a two additional pouches for the excess wires. Who's used these, and what does everyone think of them? Would you prefer these over the URSA's? If you haven't made a decision yet, please take look at Gotham Sound review video here.
  2. Wireless Mic and Recorder

    Does anyone know if the AATON Cantar Mini comes with a world clock for timecode?
  3. United States Frequencies

    Hello there S4Sound, I found this video a few days ago that contains all the info you need to know about frequency 600. This should give a better idea about what's going on in the States. It also has a pdf of the presentation itself I hope this helps.
  4. Mics on women

    Hey Ryan Peds, have you ever heard of hide-a-mic microphone concealers? They are really great for when you're using a COS-11 mic. They they come with a hook or a holder you can attach to a bra. They run you about 16 dollars US on eBay or Amazon. Here's a video I found on YouTube video for you to check out. Good luck on your next shoot!
  5. Ideas for equipment

    Thnks David I'll look into this one.
  6. Zoom F1 recorder

    I wonder if you can use some lavs wired for sennheiser on this little unit.
  7. Ideas for equipment

    That's a pretty sweet deal! I remember that video, funny how it never occurred to me to take this approach. Thanks David I'll keep this in mind! Hey Ryan, This is true when I purchased my Zoom F8 I got through a company called Zzounds, they have a pay as you go plan interest free. Currently as it stands If am to get this next film the weekend of the 2nd-the 4th of February I would have finished paying it off. My hope is to finance a the wireless and some laves so that I can at least start getting better jobs without having to rent or borrow so much gear. Thanks for your advice!
  8. Ideas for equipment

    Hey anzel2002, Stories like this are fascinating to me, what kind of gear was it? What did you end up purchasing afterwords? Hey Vas, I remember exactly whose youtube channel I was watching but I remember hearing that corporate jobs can purchase certain items for you if you can accept them as payment. I haven't any luck getting these jobs, but on a good note I'm getting close to paying off my paying my audio recorder. My next step is to buy a new or used wireless system, options are Lectrosonics or Zaxcom.
  9. Ideas for equipment

    Some time around the September of last year, I was approached by someone on Facebook to work on there feature doing sound. So I asked the potential client what was his budget, he responded $10,000 US. So I had the brilliant idea of charging him the cost of my current audio recorder the Zoom F8 in exchange for my services. Having mentioned money, he immediately went on to saying that this was a shoe string budget and that no one from the crew was getting paid. After respectfully declining, I decided to sell my one and only audio recorder which was the Zoom H4N, and bought my F8 on credit, which I'm still paying to this day. I wanted know if anyone on this platform has ever received equipment as payment from their clients, in exchange for ones services. If so, what would be the best way to go about this method? Thanks!
  10. Show me your bag

    She's a beauty!
  11. Paypal payment options

    Thanks David I'll keep that in mind, does this go for the same on the production sound mixer equipment swap off of Facebook?
  12. Has anyone here used Paypal credit to buy any of your equipment on this site or any other one. I'm looking for options to buy my wireless receivers and transmitters sooner rather than later. Any insight anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated.
  13. TalentCell External batteries

    From which are you talking about? Please keep in mind I do not place my battery in my bag yet. It's surprisingly pretty light not even a pound. I bought it off of Amazon, the battery itself was about $30 US and the 4 Pin Hi-Rose cable was about $40 I think. I received it Monday morning.
  14. TalentCell External batteries

    I recently bought a TalentCell external battery to power my Zoom F8. I have yet to use it on the field, and it is current still charging. Here is what my current set up looks like at the moment. My battery runs up to 6000 mah, and the voltage power stands at about 12.6 volts when fully charged. With this in mind it run up to 8 hours worth of battery life. However, I saw an image earlier for this other setup, I would like anyones insight as to what it is I'm missing, If I can get the battery to go a little longer that wound be great. Thanks for your insight!
  15. DPA 4060-BM

    Hey There VAS, Thanks for clarifying, I'm going to check some reviews and videos for the DPA 4071 before making a final decision. As for the 4060, it sounded pretty decent to my ears. I also liked that I can either wire them for the Sennheiser and Lectrosonics once I upgrade. I'm looking forward to other opinions, once again thanks for your response! Best! Alejandro