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    Sound mixing, boom operating, sound design, feature length films, television and documentary
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    Currently working as a boom operator in the Chicago land area, and I'm always looking for a new opportunity.
  1. Logo Creation

    I was looking into creating a company logo for my upcoming website but can't seem to find the right tools. As my logo I plan to use an image of a random nagra audio recorder spelling out the initials of my name and the service I provide. I've looked into several google searches and all I found things pertaining to photography and video but nothing having to do with our profession. Any information you can provide me with will be very helpful, thanks in advance!
  2. Staff Me Up

    Thanks buddy! BTW cool pic!
  3. Staff Me Up

    Has anyone here ever used Staff Me Up to search for projects, if so how reliable is it and are their any other resources I can use to find more work?