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  1. Zoom F8n.

    Looks like Zoom has introduced a sequel to the F8 at NAB. Only info so far is from this post from Production Sound Solutions on Instagram: And this unconfirmed report from MacintoshEddie on reddit:
  2. Cinela has relaunched the LEO windscreen.

    From Cinela’s website, shown in order – LEO-20, LEO-22, LEO-25, LEO-20-MS, LEO-FUR: Cinela emphasizes that the new LEO windscreens are built with “unbreakable” material. They also note the LEO-20 is built for mics including the Schoeps CMC, the LEO-22 for Neumann KMA and KMD series, and the LEO-25 for Sennheiser MKH50. The LEO-20-MS is specifically made for a mid-side pairing of a Schoeps CMC and CCM8. Trew Audio appears to be the exclusive United States dealer for the windscreens (except the LEO-22), which are available right now for $169 USD. Their newsletter says the windscreen fur is included while supplies last.
  3. Show me your bag

    I’m also pretty curious myself.
  4. Portabrace “Silent” audio bags.

    There’s a video of one of the Silent bags up on YouTube. Not very flattering:
  5. From video credits: Production sound Sound Directors: Guillaume de la Villéon (@Guillaume V?), Henri d’Armancourt (@HenZ) Additional Boom Operator: Craig Littleton Lead RF Coordinator: Gary Vhaling (@Gary V) RF Assistant: Doug Pearson RF Utility: Lovely Hammet Additional Sound Engineer: John E. Walker (@John E. Walker?) Equipment: Socal Rentals, Hollywood Sound Systems, Clair Brothers, Audio Masterpiece (Gary Vhaling) Post sound Mix: Guillaume de la Villéon, Henri d’Armancourt Mastering: Chab Mastering (Antoine Chabert)
  6. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Can’t get over how cute this setup looks.
  7. Hirose-powered Mac Mini.

    Good points!
  8. Help support this site

    You actually still need SSL on that web page, as Donorbox explains. My filmmaking group also uses Donorbox embeds and I myself had to set up SSL on our website. CloudFlare is an easy way to get SSL – Donorbox also has their own tutorial for connecting CloudFlare and Weebly. Digression: SSL on here would be neat too, for secure logins!
  9. Hirose-powered Mac Mini.

    Thanks for the link. Curious what would make this a better solution for some people over a laptop.
  10. Stumbled upon this during my perusing of Gotham Sound’s used section: a Mac Mini modded by Gotham with Hirose power input. Interested how this came about and what kind of workflow it fit into.
  11. David Letterman new show

    Might also cut down on wind noise
  12. David Letterman new show

    A frame from the scene in question: Letterman’s beard doesn’t reach his sternum, which is a good place for a lav. I’d have to guess they used a lav mounted in that area with wind protection fur. I wouldn’t rule out a skilled boom op, perhaps with a CS-3 or 416.
  13. Accounting Software- alternative to PAID?

    I use Wave for invoicing, which sounds pretty similar to Jon’s suggestion. No complaints.
  14. TentacleSync E review

    Over here: Looks like the thread continued for a bit explaining that you didn’t need Sync Studio to use Tentacle’s timecode, though I read “lack of Windows support” and stopped right there.
  15. TentacleSync E review

    Thanks for clearing that up, never saw the Timecode Tool until now.