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  1. Hirose-powered Mac Mini.

    Good points!
  2. Help support this site

    You actually still need SSL on that web page, as Donorbox explains. My filmmaking group also uses Donorbox embeds and I myself had to set up SSL on our website. CloudFlare is an easy way to get SSL – Donorbox also has their own tutorial for connecting CloudFlare and Weebly. Digression: SSL on here would be neat too, for secure logins!
  3. Hirose-powered Mac Mini.

    Thanks for the link. Curious what would make this a better solution for some people over a laptop.
  4. Stumbled upon this during my perusing of Gotham Sound’s used section: a Mac Mini modded by Gotham with Hirose power input. Interested how this came about and what kind of workflow it fit into.
  5. David Letterman new show

    Might also cut down on wind noise
  6. David Letterman new show

    A frame from the scene in question: Letterman’s beard doesn’t reach his sternum, which is a good place for a lav. I’d have to guess they used a lav mounted in that area with wind protection fur. I wouldn’t rule out a skilled boom op, perhaps with a CS-3 or 416.
  7. Accounting Software- alternative to PAID?

    I use Wave for invoicing, which sounds pretty similar to Jon’s suggestion. No complaints.
  8. TentacleSync E review

    Over here: Looks like the thread continued for a bit explaining that you didn’t need Sync Studio to use Tentacle’s timecode, though I read “lack of Windows support” and stopped right there.
  9. TentacleSync E review

    Thanks for clearing that up, never saw the Timecode Tool until now.
  10. TentacleSync E review

    Are you talking about the setup software? I was talking about the syncing software itself. I’m probably misinformed, but I thought you specifically needed that software to be able to sync.
  11. TentacleSync E review

    As someone in the LocationSound community on reddit pointed out, Tentacle hasn’t released a Windows version of Tentacle Sync Studio. Have you encountered any issues with editors who run on Windows, or has that not been a concern?
  12. Best Position of Shotgun Mic in Blimp

    I could be wrong, but my logic has been that the interference tube slots should face left and right, since most noise would be coming from the sides when the mic is angled. In that position, the top of the mic just faces the sky/ceiling and the bottom faces the mount.
  13. 2018

    Happy new year to you too, Crew.
  14. Possible Betso TCX-2+ issue?

    Sorry to confuse, I meant to use the word “interfere” in its more general definition.
  15. Possible Betso TCX-2+ issue?

    I’m not the author of the video, but I’d try posting a comment on the video.