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    I work in production sound for film and broadcast. Music lover in metro Detroit. 🏳️‍🌈 He/him.

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  1. The Summer 2018 issue of 695’s quarterly is now available!
  2. Daniel Ignacio

    So, antenna issues with 941

    From Gotham Sound’s video on Block 941 – a 941 transmitter antenna versus typical antenna:
  3. Daniel Ignacio

    CAS Quarterly: Summer 2018

    The Summer 2018 issue of the CAS Quarterly has been released online, featuring Michael B. “Koffy” Koff’s production sound work on Venom. Available via PDF or interactive. An archive of past issues is also available.
  4. Daniel Ignacio

    Block 941

    Anyone know if IATSE Local 695’s walkthrough of the application process is still good? The note at the top says it’s out of date due to “recent changes in the FCC's license approval procedures,” though Gotham Sound still recommends following it. I’m trying out the online application, and fortunately it’s much better designed and more reliable now than described in the walkthrough.
  5. Daniel Ignacio

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    Gosh that sounds lovely. I don’t usually like how Sanken shotguns sound (the low-end is overemphasized to my ears), but I’ll keep an open mind for this one. Wondering how far along Rycote is with developing the shock mount for it.
  6. Daniel Ignacio

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    Now I’m even more curious. I like using my MKH 50 indoors and out, but wanted at least a little more distance.
  7. Daniel Ignacio

    Block 941

    Gotham Sound just posted a good summary about Block 941 – benefits, limitations, and precautions:
  8. Daniel Ignacio

    The "Best client/producer/agency quotes" thread

    An EP at video village calls me over. “Hey Dan, my Comtek isn’t working! What’s wrong with it?” “Can I see it?” “…Oh, it’s off.” Everyone within 10 feet laughed.
  9. Daniel Ignacio

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Timecode question for the MixPre-3: I recently recommended the MP3 to a videographer, and he needs to input timecode from a Denecke SB-T, which outputs via BNC. Would this BNC-to-⅛ inch cable from Timecode Systems work? Just making 100% sure.
  10. Daniel Ignacio

    cycling to work

    Thought y’all would be interested in this:
  11. Daniel Ignacio

    Chicago rental shops

    Second City Sound opens on Monday at 10 AM, while AbelCine opens at 09 AM. Both at Cinespace. Haven’t heard of any shops open on the weekend though.
  12. Daniel Ignacio

    Sound Report Writer app

    Used it for five days on a phone clamped to my bag, and I’ve grown to tolerate it. 2nd AC liked that he could glance at my phone to check his slate. Still can’t find a way to remove the timecode entry fields in the take editing screen (I know you can remove the timecode column in the PDFs, but that’s not what I’m talking about). I still think there’s so much about the app that could be better designed. I’m no app developer, but I made a quick mockup of how I’d like the take edit screen. Everything’s condensed so less scrolling is required on my smaller iPhone 5S, and more information is in view at any given time. Plus, dark colors to reduce light pollution and distractions for actors on dark sets. The track names functionality already works quite well, so I wouldn’t change that part. Whoops, forgot to include the file name field!
  13. Daniel Ignacio

    Micing an old car for effects: a Ford Model T.

    Thanks! I’m planning to open a dialogue with post sound, though if the director or editor would help connect us. The clamp is from Stage Ninja. It makes creaking sounds when adjusted, which concerned me, but it held its form while on the car. Good plant micing solution.
  14. Daniel Ignacio

    Do you really work alone on a fiction feature film?

    Recent shoot was a one-week fiction short film with feature-level production, and even that was hell to do alone. Almost all of my recordings sounded great, but timecode issues went unsolved, I didn’t have time to coordinate wild tracks, made metadata mistakes, couldn’t ride the faders for IFBs… And that’s all after pushing myself to 110% of my physical/mental capacity. Can’t imagine doing a feature alone.
  15. Daniel Ignacio

    Micing an old car for effects: a Ford Model T.

    I only found out from the director that he wanted the car miced two days before it happened, so I had no time to prepare anything super special, unfortunately. Mobilemike, we were travelling at less than 15 MPH/25 KPH, so the a Rycote Overcover sufficed. The Immoral Mr Teas: Post sound wasn’t even brought onto the project at this point! Ah, indie filmmaking. In the end, my MKH 50 clamped pointing at the firewall yielded fantastic results, after I trimmed it down properly. Meanwhile, I messed up with the COS-11D on the exhaust due to the time constraints (only two takes) and my inexperience – I only gain staged for the car when idling, so the driving audio hits the limiters and sounds 75% unusable. Had to drop the bag in the car and let it roll, without much time to adjust. Very unhappy at myself about that. All in all, I think post sound will love the MKH 50 firewall audio, and find at least some use of the COS-11D exhaust audio.