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    I work in sound for film and broadcast. Music lover living in metro Detroit. 🏳️‍🌈 He/him/his.

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  1. Daniel Ignacio

    Micing an old car for effects: a Ford Model T.

    Privately owned actually, but I love that museum. Thanks for the tip about the firewall. I think I’ll clamp my MKH 50 pointing at the firewall and stick one of the COS-11Ds over the rear exhaust. Been browsing Model T videos, wish I had an extra 416 and blimp to capture that lovely exhaust note more fully.
  2. I’m working on a period drama next week, and the director wants me to mic a 1920s Ford Model T. No dialogue, but he wants the sounds of the car as it’s driven around with a single-camera rig on it. At my disposal: two COS-11Ds on Lectrosonics LTs (I’ve got Rycote Overcovers for it) and my MKH 50 (which I would only use inside the car, if I even use it). It’s my first time rigging a car for effects, and I’m already finding general advice (here and elsewhere) for that. But I’m wondering if there’s anything different I could or should do for a car of this era. Here’s some reference photos of 1920s Ford Model T’s: Photo by Bill Burris Photo by sv1ambo Photo by Andrew Bone
  3. Daniel Ignacio

    LT/LR vs SRc

    The SRc is a dual channel receiver, which is probably best if you have two transmitters.
  4. Internet Archive to the rescue: https://web.archive.org/web/20140111205058/http://soundrolling.com/soundblog/timecode/list-of-timecode-audio-ins-for-popular-cameras/
  5. Daniel Ignacio

    Sound Report Writer app

    Re-bought it to give it another chance – I understand how to customize file names, but my specific problem is that scene numbers don’t have the option to have leading zeroes. I could add in my own leading zeroes, but that would mess up incrementation. (Ex. 009 → 0010) There’s also no way to remove the Segment and Timecode fields, which I never/conditionally use. I’ll see if I can get a hold of the developer. I’ll forgo the file name functionality for now. Still pretty rough around the edges for $20 software with little ongoing support for it, that’s my other main complaint.
  6. Daniel Ignacio

    Sound Report Writer app

    $300 one-time/$9.99 monthly to get the Sound Dept add-on, though. And the bulk of that price pays for other add-ons that I won’t need. Any iOS or Android devs reading – I’m willing to pay $50 for a polished, full-featured sound report app. Until I upgrade, sound reportage is a little difficult on the Zoom F4.
  7. Daniel Ignacio

    Sound Report Writer app

    Just bought the app since it was apparently updated earlier today. Works on iOS 11.4. Only speaking for myself: Found it pretty underwhelming after using it for 30 minutes. It has pretty limited options for file naming schemes, and it doesn’t support mine. The app’s UI is pretty rough, and I also can’t seem to get rid of the timecode field from the reports. I can imagine it working for some people, but I requested a refund. Anyone know some good alternatives?
  8. There are plentiful, but I’m curious which filmmaking forums (and Facebook Groups) other mixers find interesting. I love filmmaking’s collaboration between departments and I often wonder what everyone else is doing on set. Grips especially – what they do looks like magic to me. I recently found the forum hosted by Roger Deakins himself. Hoping his lighting and composition boards will inform my boom operating, even at least a little bit.
  9. Daniel Ignacio

    Rechargeable Batteries for TX

    Yep, already noticing wear on a few batteries. I was hoping that I could somehow loosen the grip on them, but this plastic hardly has any give. The tabs that keep in batteries are oddly sharp-edged. Thanks for the warning Rado.
  10. Daniel Ignacio

    Rechargeable Batteries for TX

    Had free time between gigs, and my partner was game for a day trip, so we ended up driving down to Indianapolis and stopping by their IKEA store. It was the nearest one that stocks LADDAs. Got 48 of them. Not really a substantial post, and I recognize that Detroit to Indianapolis is a comically long drive for an IKEA visit. Though I’m pleased that I still saved $80~ over the Eneloop Pros, even when factoring in gas money – those savings can go towards another Powerex charger.
  11. Daniel Ignacio

    Sound is no longer respected on set?

    Welp, I’m stealing this good idea!
  12. Daniel Ignacio

    bluetooth sound box

    Wirecutter has researched hundreds of reasonably-priced portable Bluetooth speakers. But I don’t think anything is going to top the DemerBox for production use, that thing is impressive.
  13. Daniel Ignacio

    Oscar Sound Tech-lavs Re-visited.

    I’m seeing $150 USD when terminated for Lectros, from Pro-Sound in New York.
  14. Daniel Ignacio

    Oscar Sound Tech-lavs Re-visited.

    Hope it’s okay to resurrect this old thread – how are OST-801/OST-802 users finding the mic these days, when in use? Was considering Trams as my first lavs until now. Also, anyone know where to find audio samples of the mic online?
  15. Love the stories posted here. Amen to Philip’s response. The best film professor at the school I attended is, on paper, an industry has-been. But he’s anything but a burnout when it comes to his passion about filmmaking and teaching. He’s prolific at getting core concepts to stick in the minds of his students, to the point where it mattered little that our underfunded department’s equipment was older than many students. People made good work. Best of all, he really loves his students and his passion for film rubs off on everyone he’s taught. Perhaps the notion that “those who can’t do, teach” is true, but I think it’s completely irrelevant when there are people learning.