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  1. Net Neutrality

    Congress and lawsuits still have power to reverse the decision, not to mention lobbyists from the internet giants. You can still call your representatives and donate to Free Press’s FCC lawsuit fund.
  2. Portabrace “Silent” audio bags.

    For the AO-1SILENT, but not the AO-1.5.
  3. Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2017

    I called Dave – it’s pretty good.
  4. Here’s that: All I know: Be very selective about work offers from people you don’t know. Word of mouth gets a lot of work, so having a good attitude on-set is as important as the recordings. As this forum and other mixers have taught me, always defend your rate from clients who try to lower it to where it’s completely unsustainable for your career and living. Price your kit rate based on what the rental houses and other mixers in your market are charging. I’m in the same beginning stages as you, and I’m slowly learning it takes a lot of patience in addition to good work ethic to survive. We’ll get there!
  5. Rental and vendors near Michigan/in the Midwest.

    Case closed.
  6. I’m not in your area, but $250 CAD (~$200 USD) for labor and kit is pretty low even in my small market. In an expensive city like Toronto that’s definitely not good. They’re offering that much and expecting three sets of wireless and timecode?
  7. I’m based in metro Detroit and (surprise, surprise) I haven’t found many rental houses nor vendors close to me. The only production sound rental house on my radar is @gformicola’s Second City Sound in Chicago, but I’m hoping there are more similarly reputable places, for both faster delivery and having a place to try out equipment. Don’t want to fly out to New York just to try out boom poles at Gotham, but I suppose I will if I have to! A quick search turned up a few more general equipment rental houses with bits of professional sound gear — Cleveland Camera Rental, Ohio HD Video, Zacuto, 2nd Cine. Any more places to rent and buy sound equipment in the Midwest?
  8. Marantz PMD-706 Six Channel DSLR Recorder

    Looking through the manual as a DR-70D user – very slight improvements over the DR-70D. Without hearing the preamps yet, I’d say the SD card slot on the side is best part, and the menu system, mix track, and gang control abilities also look nice. Good to see knobs designed for better leverage when fine-tuning. Only thing I dislike is the headphone out and volume control – when this is in a bag, they’re on the furthest part of the right panel. Wondering why they included encryption. For clients who don’t pay?
  9. Portabrace “Silent” audio bags.

    Still a pretty low price for an aluminum frame, room for six receivers, and a thought-out design. My smaller Sachtler SN607 is $35 USD more expensive.
  10. Portabrace “Silent” audio bags.

    Just came across these new Portabrace bags. The AO-1SILENT (“lightweight” model) and AO-1.5SILENT look the same from the front, plus here’s the latter from the top: Video demo: Images from their newsletter announcement: PR copy excerpt:
  11. Show me your bag

    As someone starting out whose primary is a Tascam, I’m surprised to hear of a 633 owner being happy with a 701D. How’s the timecode on that thing treating you?
  12. #metoo and sexism in general

    Decided when I started out that if children needed to be wired, I would have their caretaker do it with me directing them. The risk of a misunderstanding alone makes me uncomfortable. When I first meet them, I tell actors they can apply the lav themselves with my guidance if they strongly prefer it. I usually wire at set or near makeup in plain sight, but I’ll start bringing along wardrobe or a PA to be present.
  13. How to hide a Sennheiser ME 2 on talent

    It’s both! Very cheap Audio-Technica lavs, which seem to not have a lot of reach either. It’s a university – gotta work with what they give us. At least the mixer is cool! Forgot that it has the ability to save presets/shows, which will be handy. Buying used G3s with COS-11s is high up on my list of priorities. I’m struggling to find work without lavs in my kit as it is.
  14. How to hide a Sennheiser ME 2 on talent

    Meant “excessive”… my word usage was strange. Someone – a course instructor or fellow student – has set the PreSonus StudioLive mixer we’re using to apply a crazy amount of compression, to the point where it sounds awfully unnatural. Not to mention, amounts of gating, EQing, and limiting that I suspect are inappropriate. Nobody knows how to apply a correct amount, including me, since I only get so much time to experiment with the mixer before we start taping. I would turn all the processing off, but then the lack of any compression or gating would introduce a bunch of noise from the studio and self-noise from our lavs and/or wireless. I’m watching a clip right now from one of our productions. The lav is clipped to the host’s upper breast area, on the side that his head is turned toward. Yet, the noise overpowers the voice and his voice sounds stuffy. I hardly have a full grasp on basic audio processing, but I think all I need is some alone time with the board to get it where it needs to be. It doesn’t help that the film program here has disappointing offerings for learning audio (only one [unfriendly] audio professor in the entire university!), though I hope my ESPN internship will teach me something. Bah, self-reflecting.
  15. How to hide a Sennheiser ME 2 on talent

    Indeed, but never expected anything larger than a COS-11 or B6 to hide well in such a small area. At least, from the average T-shirt collars I see, like this one: Slightly unrelated, I encounter a lot of off-axis issues with collar mounting at my school’s student television. Haven’t yet found a good place for the lav where levels stay consistent enough, even accounting for head turning for the anchors. (Their over-zealous compressor is also partially to blame for the bad sound.) Tried the collar and the sternum. The breast area is up next.