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  1. LDstudios

    Nomad resets timecode, date, time, etc. on power down

    I've never used a Zaxcom recorder, but does it perhaps have an option in the menu for timecode modes? I experienced the exact same thing as mentioned in this thread with my SD 788, but it was simply a case a switching the timecode mode from free running (which would start at 00:00 every time I powered up the recorder) to 24 hour. Now it holds timecode when powered down.
  2. LDstudios

    Update on the upcoming Tentacle Sync-E

    Mid October the chap in the video seems to suggest.
  3. LDstudios

    Sonotrim: Positive or Negative Bias?

    Yeah, on the older ones there is a little moulded plastic indent on the back that will either have + sign or nothing to designate what bias it is. There is also an 'in-between' model as well. Older ones had the circle, newer ones have the red band... but the 'in-between' model requires you to open the connector and physically see how it is wired. I have some of both, but haven't actually used them yet side by side. I imagine just holding them together in your had will give and speaking while listening will give you a fair idea if they are in phase. Doing it will panning them hard left and right will help!
  4. LDstudios

    Bye-bye 600 MHz – Audio Technica Response

    When will 600MHz gear become illegal in the US?
  5. LDstudios

    Lectro Blocks for Australia

    The ACMA channel finder definitely echoes that! The only bits not available as "Good" are most of the range of block 25 and 26. There are little bits at the very bottom of 25 and very top of 26 that apparently work, but everything in-between is listed as "possible" with indoor use only recommended. That is certainly the case for the suburb of Sydney, but it seems it varies a lot across the greater metropolitan area. Even Newtown, which is only a few kilometres from the centre of town has a pretty different listing on ACMA. The "likely" in blocks 22 and 23 changes to "possible", and a bunch of block 24 changes from "good" to "likely". ACMA suggests there is less ranges available in Newtown than the CBD. North Sydney, a few kilometres in the opposite direction is entirely different again. It only lists channels 27, 34, 45 and 51 as good, which a whole bunch of 'likely', and a chunk of block 22 and all of 23 listed as 'possible'. I suppose it raises a pretty good case for wide band transmitters and receivers!
  6. LDstudios

    Lectro Blocks for Australia

    Thanks for the info Nate! What has been happening further south? Interference on 22 and 24?
  7. LDstudios

    Lectro Blocks for Australia

    Has there been any movement on this? ACMA's channel finder tool suggests that blocks 21 through 24 are pretty well unusable in Sydney (with apparent restrictions for indoor use in a bunch of block 25). What are people running currently? B26 for talent? B25/B21 for IFB, camera links?