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    Hi, I'm Adrian Lees, I am a freelance Sound designer, Audio Editor, Foley Artist and Field recordist. I graduated from Staffordshire University in the U.K in 2016 with a degree in Music Technology. I started off my journey delving into music production - remixing songs and composing my own music; I was instantly motivated to pursue a career in sound and music and was driven to learn more.

    During my time at university I studied modules such as 'Sound Design for Film and TV' and 'Sound Design for Video Games'. These piqued my interest to become a sound designer and excited me for the career possibilities ahead. Now, as a freelance - sound designer, I would like to help indie game developers and film makers acquire great sound for their content.

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  1. Adielees

    Trade Shows and Expos

    I'm hoping to attend some trade shows and or expos. I've been searching the web looking for UK trade shows and expos for Field recording equipment and seminars and whatnot, but I've been unable to find any. Could someone point me in the right direction. Thanks Adie
  2. Adielees

    Field Recording Equipment Case

    No it's not your right. Thanks for the help, much appreciated.
  3. Adielees

    Field Recording Equipment Case

    Hi, I am looking to purchase a storage case to fit all my gear in to take with me when going on field recording trips. At the moment I only have a small metal flight case which holds my XLR's, couple mics, hand held recorder and spare batteries, memory cards etc. I am am looking to get a case to fit all of this plus my Rode Blimp and extra gear I may purchase in the future. Its the blimp that really takes up most of the space. Thanks Adie Lees