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  1. I need some used sound equipment

    Diego, do you have an email address I can use? or a phone number? Can you post 4 or 5 pictures of the 442 here? Thanks
  2. I need some used sound equipment

    How crazy (Despite the differences on quality and brand) is to have production sound recorded to cameras mixing out with a SD 442 and use a consumer recorder like the H4N Pro for backups (Mixed 1/2 and 3/4)? SD442 has only 4 balanced outs that would go to each of those 4 mics to camera. Where or how could you have the H4N recording stereo mixed of each camera as backups (Which outputs in the 442)? Thanks! PS. When I say backups I mean in case something goes wrong in some of the cameras or both. Still didn't happen in many many years but a safety.
  3. I need some used sound equipment

    When shooting with 2 cameras (Planning on having your master sound in camera not so much on the external recorder), how do you generally connect up to 2 mics for each camera (Total of 4 mics), four independent tracks, and send 4 balanced tracks to both cameras using the F8?
  4. I need some used sound equipment

    thanks for the tip!
  5. I need some used sound equipment

    Thanks for your advise. I do prefer hardwire lavs for sit down interviews and they are as exposed as someone forgetting them when they stand up as the wireless are....transmitter end up under their chair or else. Best
  6. Thanks Jeff, it was probably in front of me and couldn't see it. Thanks!
  7. Hi Jeff, first thank you for your work on this site. I am signed in but I can't see the "sell/buy" page. Please let me know when you can. Thanks again Sebastian
  8. I need some used sound equipment

    Is there a link you can share for the sell/buy page? thanks
  9. I need some used sound equipment

    OK thanks! do you have a link of the sell/buy section?
  10. I need some used sound equipment

    oh. Thanks I am new to this site. Great site by the way. Best
  11. I need some used sound equipment

    I am looking to buy best deal of the following equipment: (Only need one of each) Zoom 8 or PreMix 6 with carrying bag / NP battery and adapter/charger Snake cable with return and if possible TC cable Denecke PS1 48vlst preamp for my shotgun 3 sections OK boom pole (I have the AT 8415) If money rains from heaven I will also buy a good hard wired lavalier microphone. Please let me know if you have any of these items or all, and what would be your best price. I am in New England but could pick up in NY or just use USPS. Thanks!