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  1. I have a shoot coming up where there will be several scenes in a bar with actors miming instruments. I'll have a playback system on stage with them so the actors will be able to accurately 'play along' to their parts. For some of those scenes though, there will be some speaking parts with the principal actors who will be sitting at a table in the bar (a little ways away from the stage where the 'musicians' will be). My plan was to have the music playing at the lowest possible volume - just enough for the musicians to play along to but hopefully not loud enough for there to be any significant bleed into my boom mic. Of course, I'm trying to avoid phasing issues in post when we mix in the bar scene music. I'm on the newer end of location sound and haven't been in this scenario before. Curious if anyone has any advice or has something to add. Thanks.
  2. Timecode question

    Hi everyone. This is my first post to JW and I'm somewhat new to the location audio world. In December I'm doing my first feature film and the DP wants to use timecode which I've never used before. He is providing a Tentacle Sync and a Denecke Smart Slate which we'll be syncing to a SD 744T. The camera is an Alexa mini. I have a workflow in mind but I wanted to run it by some pros to see if I'm forgetting something. Make sure 744, slate and Tentacle are all using the same frame rate as the Alexa Use freerun mode on the 744 Using a 5 pin LEMO to 3.5mm TRS, jam the Tentacle to the 744 Attach the Tentacle to the Alexa mini using a 3.5mm TRS to the Alexa's 5 pin LEMO (and leave attached) Lastly, jam the slate to the 744 with the same 5 pin LEMO to 3.5mm but using a 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter (slate takes 1/4" I believe) Any thoughts or advice appreciated.