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    I was working as a boom operator for 8 years and now moving over to work as a location sound recordist
  1. Audio Ltd. EN2 or Audio Wireless

    They are normaly running at 6 without any distortion. The pumping obviously happens when using my Sennheiser MKH60 via the TX2020.
  2. Zoom F8

    Yeah. That´s the easiest way of course. But I don´t have the money right now. And 3 channels aren´t enough.
  3. Zoom F8

    Does anyone have problems with the pre roll? When I switch to external Timecode the pre record function stops working. When back to internal TC it works. I there a way to solve this issue?
  4. Audio Ltd. EN2 or Audio Wireless

    Thanks. I know that the 2020 system is a good system. But what bothers me is when there is background noise at the location, and a louder signal is kicking in, the background noise is pushed down like the whole system compresses. And not only the background noise but rather the self noise. I have there 2020 in the range from 740- 760 an this happens at all.
  5. I want to upgrade my wireless from my Audio Ltd. 2020. In my list are Audio Ltd. EN2 and Audio Wireless AW-1SE32 They are at a similar price. Can anyone make a suggestion?
  6. Lectrosonic UCR110 + UM110 Frequency Question

    Yeah. I have the frequency table. Today I did a measure with my new RF Explorer and the maximum is 870.
  7. Lectrosonic UCR110 + UM110 Frequency Question

    I don't know . I 've got the information directly from Lectrosonic.
  8. Lectrosonic UCR110 + UM110 Frequency Question

    Block 33 goes from 844,800 MHz to 870,400MHz
  9. Hi. I have the Lectrosonic UCR110 + UM110 in Block 33. I also have the according frequency chart which ranges to 861.900 at coarse A and fine B. I was curious and set them both to coarse F and fine F and they are working. Does they go higher up in frequency or does they stop at 861.900 ?