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  1. Bringing 2 Wisycom MCR42 together

    I have a UPK mini and modifying the plans is not the problem. I just assumed that these plans are made in that way for a reason. I already went ahead and aligned both recievers and used the freqfinder that Constantin suggested to look for intermod problems. So far there weren´t any. But I only checked randomly. I was just a bit puzzled why Wisycom would have two different layouts in two Recievers for the same TV Channel. Especcially since they both run on the same firmware version. My guess is that one is just much older than the other and Wisycom came up with a better working list in between. But I would like to know for shure. Thats just the way I am
  2. Bringing 2 Wisycom MCR42 together

    that looks like a very powerfull tool. thanks for that.
  3. Bringing 2 Wisycom MCR42 together

    Hallo everyone, i got two different Wisycom SetUps consisting of A: Wisycom MCR42S + 2x MTP40S (470-700 MHz) B: Wisycom MCR42 + 2x MTP41 (566-798MHz) I want to use them together intermod free in the same Group/TV CHannel but noticed that their frequency plans slightly differ from oneanother (See pictures attached). How can that be and can I just go and change that frequency layout from one reciever to match it to the other without getting intermodulation problems? Thanks! B: A:
  4. #metoo and sexism in general

    What works best for me is to stay polite, calm and professional. This is part of my job and if I don´t make a fuzz out of it others won´t too. If the actor feels that I am just doing my job then most of the time they feel secure. If there is actually anybody nearby making stupid remarks I just send them away. With children I ask them first if they have done this before, then let them tell me where they put the mic the last time and then I explain every step of the way and ask before I do anything. If at any given pont I get the impression that a child or adult actor feels insecure about me placing a mic I ask a woman on set to do it for me. But that is very rarely the case.
  5. Headphone

    Generally not a bad idea. But before I get extra weight into my System an another thing in the chain that might brake down at some point I will keep searching for a Headphone that just more suits my needs. Has anyone used Ultrasone Headphones? The Pro-900i and the Performance 880 have been described as warm, so maybe that is worth a try?
  6. Headphone

    I bought the DT 1770 Pro myself now. Made a few tests with it and sadly it is not what I am looking for. Stereo Image is great but this headphone is not forgiving at all. Makes sense to call it a Mastering Headphone. I thought it might be a bit more like a DT990 Pro. There I always had the feeling everything sounded a bit better than it actually was. On Set I find it sometimes hard to concentrate on the actual sound if there is anything disturbing happening. Of course that is good for finding and eliminating the source of the disturbance, but I got my HD 26 for that. What I am looking for is a Headphone that lets me keep the focus on the sound and gives me a bit more comfort. I know that that might sound a bit strange but I have exceptionally good hearing especially in high frequencies. That can be a burden from time to time because it is exhausting and shifts my focus. Anyone got a suggestion?
  7. PSC RF Multi SR Six Pack

    UPDATE: Wisycom just started shipping the new PSC custom flanges. They work fine now.
  8. Headphone

    I am not talking about the DT 770 Pro, I am talking about the DT 1770 Pro. Got the DT770Pro myself but do not really like them. To me the HD26 is better in any way: comfy, better resolution and linearity, more depth and Stereo Image. I would like to know how the 1770 compares to that.
  9. Headphone

    Has anyone ever tried using the Bayerdynamic DT 1770 Pro for recording location sound? very expensive but interesting.
  10. Headphone

    Sennheiser HD-26 basically the same as the 25 but in a new design which is so smooth to your ears it feels like a pillow. Not joking! If you had a 26 on you will not want to buy a 25. For me these two are the best choice also because I do have pretty big ears which do not fit under DT48 for example without pain. The only bad thing about the Sennheiser is that they are too good especially in high frequencies. I tend to loose focus sometimes concentrating on background noise that I would not hear on a DT48, DT250 or any other DT. Most of the times these noises don´t even matter in the post. The Sennheiser are very clinical.
  11. Ursa Strap

    all the actors i have been working with like the URSA Straps best for most parts. They are soft and thin so even the costume department does not complain anymore. And the actors do not start sweating beneath as they did with the neopren or neopax. There are two situations where actros still prefer the neopax. First is the anklestrap because of the thicker material the neopax does not develop pressurepoints on the actors ankle. Some like that about the neopax. Second is when it is freezing outside and the actors are happy to have a waist belt that keeps them worm, especially the skinny once.
  12. PSC RF Multi SR Six Pack

    Just talked to my distributer here in Germany and Wisycom is working on the Problem and will have new PSC custom flanges within the next 6 weeks. They will not charge you an extra for the new one, you just have to send them your old.
  13. NEW: Audio Ltd - DDX1010

    I have done a side by side comparison of the audio 1010 the wisycom mtp40s and the audio wireless system. The 1010 was not the dual but the singel rx and the were all on sma antenna in bag. The 1010 was the best sounding one but the AW and the Wisy followed very close. Sadly the range of the 1010 compared to the other two is really bad which suprised me. I bought the Wisycom because the AW were too big for my taste and do not have a dual rx. Done two movies with the Wisycoms now and really started to love them. The miss a remote control feature on the tx but that is the only compromise i had to make (except the price oc).
  14. I am in Ireland right now on holiday making some ambient recordings and wind adjustments. I now use the rode dead kitten. Gives me good results. Better than the sony one it comes with. But still not enough for the difficult wind situations i found here. Right now I am trying out a combination of 3 things. I put the end of a women's tight under the dead kitten and taped it to the recorder so wind cannot go under it. If that is not enough i put an old windscreen from a rycote zepplin around the whole recorder including my hand (also keeps my hand worm ;). For heavy wind that helps aaaaaaa lot! Just got to hold still. But even the really heavy wind situations i get here on the irish mountains aren't a problem anymore. Really happy with that. For the handling noise i bought a rycote portable recorder suspension. But not the one rycote suggest for the D100 because its too hard. I have the one with the black suspension not the grey one. Helps a lot as well. hope i could help.
  15. I just bought a Sony PCM D100 a few weeks ago and I got to say I am pretty impressed by what it can do. I normally use a SD 664 with Sennheiser and Schoeps in AB, ORTF, XY and MS. For 5.1 productions I go for very far spaced omnis in AB at the moment. I asked myself the same question as you did and so I compared several smaller Systems for run and gun Ambience, for my holidays etc. I compared the Zoom H6, the Zoom H1, the Nagra SD and the Sony. The H6 and hte Nagra I sent back. The Sony and the H1 I kept for two reasons. The H1 has a very good noise floor for such a small recorder and fits in my jacket. Handling and Wind noise is a problem thought and of course the sound quality is not for professionals. But it is good for quick and dirty stuff and very cheap (i also compared the H1 to the iXY for iPhone, but these plug on mics are a waste of money). The H6 I sent back because it is too big for me and the overall sound quality is not as good as Nagra SD and D100. But the noise floor is pretty good and the H6 I have to admit! Still....not for me So it came down to the Nagra SD and the Sony. They are very similar and either side has its pro and cons. The Nagra has the best sound quality but is pretty expensive the Sonys noise floor is better though. And the Sonys sound quality is really good as well. Having said that: Non of those recorders compare to a stereo Set Up on my SD 664 in any criteria! BUT: There is a way to come close to that: I bought a Rode NT4 because it has a battery (So I can use it on the D100 stereo jack), is fairly cheap and it sounds very good. It is a XY Stereo Mic and I am really satisfied with the results. The SD 664 with Sennis is still better but not by much. I think that depending on what you wanne do having the 744t as main system, the D100 with NT4 (or another battery driven stereo mic) as smaller run and gun ambience set up and the D100 for quick and dirty ad hoc ambience is a very nice way of achieving your goals. On both the D100 and the NT4 you need to work on wind and handling noise though before you can get started. cheerz Urs