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  1. Sounddevices mix pre 10 no line out ?

    For a lot of people, this could be a non-issue if they're using a wireless hop to the camera(s). The MixPres are definitely not mixers, though.
  2. Favorite Plug-Ins for Post

    The FabFilter stuff is really, really good. Pro-Q 2 is my go-to EQ, and I've been totally blown away by how powerful Pro-R is at matching production reverb.
  3. Beer

    I don't usually photograph bottles of beer, but for some reason I needed to take a snap of this one. Normal Duvel is pretty good as well, but the Citra version is divine. Citra is one of my favorite hops in any case. Word of warning though, it's a strong one and since it's so tasty, you'll get pretty drunk pretty fast if you don't take your time with it and savour the taste.

    Happy birthday! Thanks for all you've shared with the community, especially the site!
  5. Best ENG boom pole

    It's great for tight spots in a narrative, but for me, it would be too short to be the only pole for a job. Might be because I like to have a bit of leverage in addition to reach. I might go for the 585, I had to use the 560 as my only pole on a narrative and it was a bit on the short side as well. Can't go wrong with Ambient in any case, they're great poles! I got to try a 6-section pole that I think was a VDB, it had a soft red stopper on the operating end, really nice for documentary work with a light mic. Wouldn't have trusted the knuckles with something heavier, though. They felt like they would not hold a 416, for example.
  6. Withholding Audio Files

    If they're the kind of people who don't care enough to pay for the work, they'll most certainly use low-res .mp3s in the final product.
  7. 3-pin Lemo for DPA 4061

    In my morning grogginess, I accidentally went for the wrong number. I meant the 4061s. Editing now. That should work, if the cable diameter is the same. Sennheiser's part catalog has two versions for their different lavs, probably due to the cable diameter. ( http://spares.sennheiser.co.uk/wireless-3000-5000-series/lemo-connectors ) I don't have Sennheiser lavs or DPA 4061s readily available, so it would be really nice if someone could check if they match.
  8. 3-pin Lemo for DPA 4061

    I'm looking at what could be a good deal on some 4061s that are hardwired to Sennheiser TRS, and I'd like to redo them in Senn/AudioLtd/Wisy/Lectro SSM-compatible 3-pin Lemo. From what I've researched a bit, one would need the right connector to get the right cable diameter for the strain relief to work properly. Any clues on the right connector and a European source?
  9. Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    Then again, since we're getting more tiny and light options in the market, the pressure to develop working solutions increases significantly. It's likely that there will be more people using these tiny and light mics, and some of them may come up with something that works. Someone might even start a new business.
  10. Viviana or Ursa?

    The online behaviour I've seen from the people at Viviana makes me not want to spend my money on their product, even though the product seems totally viable.
  11. Molle Radio Pouch for QRX/Micplexer

    I've got one of these: http://en.tasmaniantiger.info/shop/tactical-equipment/tt-tac-pouch-2-radio/ I've used it to fit an MM1 and I've also used it for water bottles. Very adjustable, but since it's only on one channel of MOLLE it needs to ride close to whatever it's attached on for balance. I might get another one, I've liked it.
  12. How to wire a hairy talent

    Great to hear! So now there's another use for coban in my kit, I usually keep it around for ad-hoc transmitter belt type use, in case I don't have the size I need or if I don't have enough of them. Thanks for reporting back!
  13. Bling your kit

    I'd love to see a Neutrik-made low profile XLR connector! The right-angle connectors they make right now aren't the greatest for booming use, since they may rattle a bit unless you adjust the angle slightly, not to mention how heavy they seem.
  14. Bling your kit

    When I cough up the money for some MK41's, I might as well get them in a nice colour. How about chrome plated concealers? Purple cables with gold connectors?
  15. Bling your kit

    Apparently you could order Schoeps mics in any colour...