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  1. I carry my cables, batteries and smaller pouches in a large assault pack from Varusteleka. It will also fit some extra clothes, straps and a first aid kit. Add a couple of bongo ties and you can strap a boom pretty comfortably on the side, not to mention the PALS-expandability: https://www.varusteleka.com/en/product/sarma-large-assault-pack/57016 The recorder stays in its own bag and I carry my mics in a knockoff Pelican.
  2. Ilari Sivil

    Advice for a novice

    I know local mixers who use the 416 regularly as their first choice outside. I own one an I use it whenever I need something with an interference tube, but it's my only shotgun for now. If I had a 4017B or a CMIT 5U, the 416 would probably get used a lot less. I'd still carry it, though, because having one means having none.
  3. Ilari Sivil

    DPA Slim or 4060/61?

    Now that the Slims have been out in the world for a bit longer, how do people feel about them compared to the regular 4060s? Do they match with the "fat" ones well? I'm considering getting a couple of mics soon-ish, and I'm thinking about the option of getting 1 slim and 1 regular, could be good especially since the price is the same.
  4. Ilari Sivil

    Deity Microphones going Wireless

    I'd like something that would work well as a camera hop or an IFB. Small, light and with a headphone amp on the receiver in addition to the actually line level output. Also, two actual SMA-antennae on the receiver, preferrably with a hinge so the receiver can be used horizontally or vertically without reception suffering for it.
  5. Ilari Sivil

    Car as "wild lines" booth

    I agree with rcoronado and John Blankenship, wild lines recorded outside are likely to match better. I have post experience with a scene taking place next to what amounts to a waterfall which sounds like constant, heavy white noise. Having the wild lines recorded close to the waterfall, but farther away than the actual location in picture was sounded great. In my limited experience, a car can work for voiceover-type content, but I would hate to try matching stuff recorded in a car to stuff that's recorded outside. Even when you can't hear the boxy acoustics of the car, there's a clearly different quality to the sound that's frustratingly hard to pin down for the right kind of processing to make a car match outdoor recordings, but there might be something I don't know. You could also try having a fig.8 on hand for closeups and point the null towards the surf.
  6. Ilari Sivil

    Securing connections to Inspired Energy / Hi-Q / eSMART batteries.

    I'm currently using the higher capacity NP-1s from Hawk-Woods. They don't weigh much more than the smart ones, but don't cost as much and have the same capacity. Might be worth looking into if you're already invested into NP-1s and don't feel the need for the smart capabilities.
  7. Ilari Sivil

    The "Best client/producer/agency quotes" thread

    This could actually be helpful, if it went out to others as well. This is really basic stuff, but it indicates that production wants sound to be good and that steps towards it should be taken and that they're thinking about it and at least somewhat informed.
  8. Ilari Sivil

    The "Best client/producer/agency quotes" thread

    This could actually be helpful, if it went out to others as well. This is really basic stuff, but it indicates that production wants sound to be good and that steps towards it should be taken and that they're thinking about it and at least somewhat informed.
  9. Ilari Sivil

    Rechargeable battery management on location

    This is precisely what I do. I have a couple of battery cases with lids, I've marked the other end of them with a strip of tape and use them similarly. For NP1s, I tend to just check their own level indicator LEDs.
  10. Ilari Sivil

    Ultrasound, IoT and wireless

    I've had infrasound from handling noise compromise the dynamics of a recording. Probably everyone has. Engaging the HPF helps, as you mentioned. I'm not sure if using an LPF to get rid of ultrasound would be a good idea, though, since it might bite into the hearable top end around 16-20kHz if if the level of the unwanted signal is high enough, unless the filter slope is steeper. Doesn't having a steeper filter slope increase the risk of self-oscillation, though? That's my experience with synthesizers at least, and on cheaper recorders I've seen some pretty obvious lines on the spectrogram at the Nyquist-frequency from the steep antialiasing filter. With modern tech, an automatically setting notch could be possible, perhaps? It would probably be a lot simpler to just skip the compander and have digital transmission.
  11. Ilari Sivil

    Ultrasound, IoT and wireless

    https://www.wired.com/story/ultrasonic-signals-wild-west-of-wireless-tech/ I've been thinking about ultrasound a lot lately. Thanks to information on the forum, I've found out that some companders on analog wireless devices may choke out the signal you actually want when dealing with ultrasound due to HF boosts in the system. The noise from an induction stove or an ultrasound motion detector are known examples. Apparently ultrasound is becoming more commonly used in IoT-devices for wake-up signals and inter-device communication in household stuff, so I'm quite curious about the future as well as the present state of things. How many ultrasound related problems actually come up these days? What types of common sources are there, and how could they be dealt with?
  12. Ilari Sivil

    How can boom ops be more diplomatic?

    In my humble opinion, it's easier to work around an asshole when you don't become one yourself. Other people on set are more likely to be on your side, so it will be easier to sort of bypass the assholishness by not working directly with the asshole in question. Also, being humble doesn't mean you need to take crap from people. There are limits, and if you don't get "difficult" that often, it can be more effective when you do.
  13. Ilari Sivil

    How can boom ops be more diplomatic?

    I'll have to remember this one. I keep telling people that a boom op is effectively the same as the 1st AC anyway. To add to this, a soft moment can be cut around just as the boom can be cut around, but it's never going to work if the take is blown by the talent getting distracted by the audible "BOOM!". I have limited experience as a boom op, but I've learned it's pretty useful to keep an eye and an ear on the 1st AC and the 2nd AC, especially if the DP is not being communicative. Keeping good relations with them will help you know which lens is on the camera at all times. One difficult player does not make it any less of a team sport. I've boomed a few days when the DP would hardly talk to me and it's turned out to be a decent survival strategy. As for diplomacy, I think knowing what you're asking for is important, as is remaining humble. The rest is contextual, I think.
  14. Ilari Sivil

    Hirose-powered Mac Mini.

    What change happened with the 2014 Mac Mini that made it unsuitable? They switched from a quad-core processor to a dualcore processor and the performance dropped, understandably. Check out the GeekBench scores if you want verification: https://browser.geekbench.com/v4/cpu/search?q=mac+mini The innards should still be OK for RAM and HD upgrades, but the 2014 performs significantly worse in multicore tasks and insignificantly better in single-core tasks.
  15. Ilari Sivil

    Boom rigged to fisher dolly

    Since we're talking about hospitals, a thing to consider is nursing schools as locations for narrative work. At least in Finland, they have a lot of the necessary equipment and the right look to be believable, but since they are training environments without actual patient care taking place, they can be much more flexible and controllable. As for RF in an actual hospital environment, an SMWB or an Audio Ltd A10 could be super useful as well as Zaxcom gear. A DR10 could be nice as a backup solution, especially if one already has lavs wired for G3s.