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    3d printed XLR caps, RX mount, and mic cases

    Thank you very much! I'm gonna have to hit up a printer soon!
  2. I've recorded ISOs on inputs 7-12. Can't remember how to arm them though, it's been ages since I used them.
  3. Ilari Sivil

    3d printed XLR caps, RX mount, and mic cases

    The low profile XLRs look nice! How are you dealing with strain relief? When you say friction fit, do you mean you're not threading the caps in but just pushing them in?
  4. Ilari Sivil

    HiQ battery > Magsafe 2

    I've understood it's relatively easy to tear out the regulator board from a cigarette lighter charger and solder in a different connector. I think I saw a tutorial online somewhere to do this for 5V USB power. You might need to hack up a new enclosure, though. An easy solution could be to use the hole for the tip of the cigarette lighter jack as a cable exit and solder the Hirose/dc-jack on the cable, so you could just plug the assembly into your power distribution with one connection.
  5. Ilari Sivil

    Do you really work alone on a fiction feature film?

    Make that the world.
  6. Ilari Sivil

    Sony F5 - F55 - FS7 RF Spray problems.

    What brand of video transmitters are in use? I haven't had RF-issues with said cameras, but I haven't been at this for very long, so I'm curious. I've mostly seen Teradek.
  7. Ilari Sivil

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    I'm getting a bit more interested in this mic. How does it sound compared to let's say an MKH-50 or an Oktava MK-012? If the side/rear rejection is good, this could be a very formidable contender for reality/documentary type work.
  8. Ilari Sivil

    MKH40 outdoor - rycote baseball vs babyball

    I've had success with a Baby Ball Gag with Oktava MK012s which are really sensitive to the wind. The BBG is very effective with the fur on, it also helps if you make sure that the capsule itself is positioned in the middle of the ball gag. Taping off the switches should also help, as advised on this video:
  9. Ilari Sivil

    Keeping current and abreast of new techniques

    Motor Only Sync is what I've heard. My favorite one is "MitOut Sound" pronounced with a heavy german accent.
  10. Here's what Sennheiser says about wiring a line input for a G3. I think you should also tie pin3 on the TA3 to sleeve/shield. I've just been using the L/R outputs with Sennheiser's line input cables. When I've wired XLR to TA3 adapters, I've just done them number-to-number, as simply as possible and everything has worked as intended, so I consider TA3 wiring equivalent to XLR. The safe bet would be to find an XLRf to TRSm cable by Sennheiser and see how they do it, then just do the same thing with a TA3 instead of an XLR on the other end.
  11. That's usually done if you want to use it as a camera hop to be certain that the levels of the material at the camera will match your metering on your recorder. For lavs, you have to gainstage based on who is talking and where. Personally, I prefer using mic level inputs with G3s on Sound Devices recorders. If it seems too hot, you can take the level down a bit at the receiver, I consider the transmitter settings more significant. If the level needs a bit of a boost at the recorder, you'll hardly introduce any noise into the system by increasing the preamp gain a little.
  12. Ilari Sivil


    Remember that to use this one, you're giving up an input or two. You might even want something like a MixPre3 slaved via timecode rec run. Then again, it could make sense not to even record it, just use it as a tool to pick your battles. Stick the output into your camera return on a 6-series mixer for quick A/B:ing, for example. Personally, I don't think I'd get one. I prefer the tried and true oldschool methods of getting rid of noise. Everything good starts from at least a half-decent recording, and everything great needs a good recording to begin with. I totally get using the DNS for providing better dailies or for better clarity on IFBs. Is latency ever an issue, though?
  13. Ilari Sivil

    Cedar DNS 2 Digital I/O

    So you'd need TA5M to XLR3F with AES-compliant cable? That seems like a rare one, I'd guess you'd need to make a special order or make it yourself.
  14. Ilari Sivil

    LT/LR vs SRc

    The SRC would probably be better for this purpose. Even with the L-mount battery sled, it's probably going to be lighter than having two LRs (with 4 AAs) on your camera, and you only need to mount one thing on your rig. You camera people are always going on about not wanting too many things or too much weight on your shoulder.
  15. Ilari Sivil

    It's the Little Things...

    Pre-cut strips of Mepitac in a zip-lock bag. I'm saving a lot of time and space this way.
  16. Ilari Sivil

    HN-7506 or something else

    Could it be possible to buy similar cans with HD-25 drivers? I'm personally not a fan of the 7506 sound, but I'd love to have more isolation from time to time.
  17. Ilari Sivil

    K-Tek Airo boom pole mods?

    Calipers. An essential tool for anyone interested in modifying, fixing and building stuff. Not expensive either. Definitely get a measuring tape as well!
  18. I'm back from a couple of weeks of reality mixing with a rental kit that had only VT-500's as lavs. Did well enough with Overcovers Advanced with the new, improved Stickies, but I didn't run into anything particularly difficult. Having a couple of Overcovers with the hair cut shorter helped in some cases, it's a nice, fast, low-profile package with wind protection. If I need to do more work with side-address lavs I'd also like to have Ursa Soft Circles on hand. Apparently Voice Technologies make a concealer, the dimensions might be compatible with other side-address lavs as well, but it seems pretty thick and large. It's probably compatible with soft circles and Overcovers with the O-shaped stickies. I'm not sure if this is a trait common to all side-address lavs, but at least the VT-500's seem more sensitive to wind noise than other lavs that I've come across. It seems like the diaphgram is more exposed to wind since it's facing outwards from the body instead of up (or down) like usual. The Overcovers really pulled their weight, since it's been pretty windy where I've been working.
  19. Ilari Sivil

    Ultrasound, IoT and wireless

    https://www.wired.com/story/ultrasonic-signals-wild-west-of-wireless-tech/ I've been thinking about ultrasound a lot lately. Thanks to information on the forum, I've found out that some companders on analog wireless devices may choke out the signal you actually want when dealing with ultrasound due to HF boosts in the system. The noise from an induction stove or an ultrasound motion detector are known examples. Apparently ultrasound is becoming more commonly used in IoT-devices for wake-up signals and inter-device communication in household stuff, so I'm quite curious about the future as well as the present state of things. How many ultrasound related problems actually come up these days? What types of common sources are there, and how could they be dealt with?
  20. Ilari Sivil

    50% EU import duties on US recording equipment !!

    Audio Limited is also going to be in the EU for at least a while, thankfully. Their transmitters probably qualify as portable recorders. If Zoom ups their game, they could be more viable in the EU, but I consider this unlikely. Still, I really like Sound Devices recorders. I wonder if American wireless gear is going to be affected? Zaxcom transmitters are also portable recorders. Thankfully dealers will probably have some stock for a while, so I consider it unlikely that everything American-made would suddenly become a lot more expensive. I really don't want to go into my personal views about Trump's policies. This has been a polite forum as far as I've been concerned and I'd like it to remain that way. It's a shame that someone's losing their manners over a pretty much innocuous comment, shame on them.
  21. I carry my cables, batteries and smaller pouches in a large assault pack from Varusteleka. It will also fit some extra clothes, straps and a first aid kit. Add a couple of bongo ties and you can strap a boom pretty comfortably on the side, not to mention the PALS-expandability: https://www.varusteleka.com/en/product/sarma-large-assault-pack/57016 The recorder stays in its own bag and I carry my mics in a knockoff Pelican.
  22. Ilari Sivil

    Advice for a novice

    I know local mixers who use the 416 regularly as their first choice outside. I own one an I use it whenever I need something with an interference tube, but it's my only shotgun for now. If I had a 4017B or a CMIT 5U, the 416 would probably get used a lot less. I'd still carry it, though, because having one means having none.
  23. Ilari Sivil

    DPA Slim or 4060/61?

    Now that the Slims have been out in the world for a bit longer, how do people feel about them compared to the regular 4060s? Do they match with the "fat" ones well? I'm considering getting a couple of mics soon-ish, and I'm thinking about the option of getting 1 slim and 1 regular, could be good especially since the price is the same.
  24. Ilari Sivil

    Deity Microphones going Wireless

    I'd like something that would work well as a camera hop or an IFB. Small, light and with a headphone amp on the receiver in addition to the actually line level output. Also, two actual SMA-antennae on the receiver, preferrably with a hinge so the receiver can be used horizontally or vertically without reception suffering for it.
  25. Ilari Sivil

    Car as "wild lines" booth

    I agree with rcoronado and John Blankenship, wild lines recorded outside are likely to match better. I have post experience with a scene taking place next to what amounts to a waterfall which sounds like constant, heavy white noise. Having the wild lines recorded close to the waterfall, but farther away than the actual location in picture was sounded great. In my limited experience, a car can work for voiceover-type content, but I would hate to try matching stuff recorded in a car to stuff that's recorded outside. Even when you can't hear the boxy acoustics of the car, there's a clearly different quality to the sound that's frustratingly hard to pin down for the right kind of processing to make a car match outdoor recordings, but there might be something I don't know. You could also try having a fig.8 on hand for closeups and point the null towards the surf.