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  1. Mattias Larsen

    Gain staging DPA Lav Into Sennheiser G3 Into MixPre 10T

    Oh really? I thought that if you calibrated with lets say a tone that is just hitting 0 on the TX, you could calibrate the RX af out and recorder gain (not fader) to hit just below that to get the optimal performance on the receiving end and then it was about getting the TX at the right level for the performer.
  2. Mattias Larsen

    Gain staging DPA Lav Into Sennheiser G3 Into MixPre 10T

    I have seen someone else say -20 on the ek100 reciever. I have used a range from -20 up to 0, but would too like to know the optimum setting.
  3. Mattias Larsen

    Zoom F8n.

    Now that is quite cool. I heard something about that the frontpanel was removable, but did not think of this. I would still prefer something a bit lighter for a stealthrig.
  4. Mattias Larsen

    Zoom F8n.

    Not every situation calls for a cart. A Deva 24 weights more than 5 mixpre3s and doesnt hide well under a jacket for stealth recording.
  5. Mattias Larsen

    Budget carbon fibre boom pole

    I am using a millibo something 901. 0,5kg 3m carbon boom pole for 80 euros or so. I did some greasing, added washers and a plastic chair feet cover to protect the end. The adjustments added around 5 euros, but brought the feel to be quite good. It flexes quite a bit and is no ambient, but is lightweight and cheap.
  6. Mattias Larsen

    Zoom F8n.

    But there is some truth to it. I currently use a combination of Sk2000/G3 and while they get the job done on the indie low budget productions I often work with, I have rented lectros a few times and they have so far been sounding a notch better and been way mot reliable. I dont own higher end wireless for the moment, not becouse it is not better, but becouse I can't afford it for the time being.
  7. Mattias Larsen

    Zoom F8n.

    Limiters and for me the actual sound of the recorder. I enjoy sound design and field recording as well, and to my ears SD sounds better without any additional EQ and the limiters gives me a bit more peace of mind. I frequently use a wireless keyboard for notes, tracknames If I was only doing location sound (without mixing) with purely wireless I would consider a zoom. In reality I did not get the F4 even before the mixpre was out for a few reasons, but one of them was a salty feeling from all their handheld recorders from them that has given up on me and friends. Unfortunately neither Zoom or SD is flawless and it seems that both companies does a pretty good job with FW updates. Zoom managed to have a FW update that made the tc bleed into the audio of the recordings and SD have had some unstable releases too (1.53 seems to work fine). If you record any MS, SD will give you more options as well. Ultimately it is all about compromises but that there are a lot of abused 10 year old SD recorders that still does the job should give you some confidence in the brand. (my friends TC out on the F4 recently started to act up)
  8. Mattias Larsen

    Delivering files from multiple recorders

    I just got BWFmerge after trying the demo before a production and figuring we could use mine and a colleagues recorder instead of renting a bigger recorder with more inputs. The merging seem to work very fine, but I cannot figure how to get the naming right. Right now it renames for example: SCENE 11-001.wav, SCENE 002.wav, SCENE 003.wav to SCENE 11.wav, SCENE 11_new1.wav, SCENE 11_new2.wav. The take information is still correctly embedded (checked with waveagent) but I would simply like to keep the names, is there a setting that allows me to do this?
  9. Mattias Larsen

    Zoom F8n.

    BH did a comparison inbetween a 688 and a F8. Listen and judge for yourself. I feel like they wanted to pitch that the F8 sounded as good as the 6 series (and I really wanted it to when I heard the test as I could not afford a SD recorder when the mixpre was not out yet, but I would be lying to myself if I did not think the zoom sounded a bit more brittle in the upper midrange so I held of getting the f4). Curtis Judd did a comparison later on when the mixpre series came out, inbetween mixpre6/633/f8 and to my ears f8 had once again a more midrangy sound. The best bass response was probably the 633 and to me the mixpre6 was on par with the 633 with slightly less bass and felt almost more natural. So for me, I prefer the preamps on 6, 7 and mixpre series compared to the zoom. This is ofcourse my own opinion, but it is one of the main reasons I picked a mixpre6 over an f4, which in other respects makes more sense. Interesting to see automix on the new f8 and better hp amp sounds like a good addition!
  10. Mattias Larsen

    Advice for a novice

    Depending on the framing ofcourse, but I would maybe go for a card if the talents are close to each other and you can get close and the room is very live. Mkh40 would for example be worth considering (or oktava mk012/ Audix scx1 on a budget) Skip the shotguns in the setting you are talking about most likely.
  11. Mattias Larsen

    Advice for a novice

    Many different ideas of mics here. All of them might be good, but there are some variables to take into account. Things that you can ask yourself in deciding which mic or mics are the best can be: How is the framing like? How close are the talking persons eachother? Outside or intoors? Stationary or moving?
  12. Mattias Larsen

    What you you recommend to power the MixPre 3

    I prefer the Lmount sled over an usb battery since it feels much more secure.
  13. Mattias Larsen

    RED Android Phone

    Not a fan... Hopefully
  14. Mattias Larsen

    Sennheiser G3 Faulty display?

    Thank you for the quick replies with your experiences! Sounds like it is worth getting a new screen then @Derek H Not sure. First two days were outside in a sunny area (but the unit worked fine). A colleague did the rest of the shoot mainly indoors so I don't think there were any extremes there really.