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  1. 14 hour day

    Hello LA and NYC brothers and sisters there's a rumor going around out in here in the rain starved desert about the IA signing off on some sort of 14 hour day rule. Is this for 600 only or is it another overly optimistic hearsay. Is it April already? Cheers and good luck for a prosperous year.
  2. iPhone 7 mic

    Has anyone tried any of the many external mics available for the iPhone 7 with the Lightning connector? I found a very simple audio recording app called VoiceRecorder. I like the Old School interface that looks like a cassette recorder. Do you have one that you use?
  3. MiniCMIT

    What wind screen/zepplin are you using with the MiniCMIT?
  4. Zaxcom ZHD

    Thanks very much for your reply, your blog was very helpful too, cheers
  5. Zaxcom ZHD

    I'm thinking of buying a couple of Zaxcom ZHD transmitters and a RX200 receiver. I would like to have the remote recording capability. Would anyone care to comment on their experience with this setup?
  6. Pictures from 2016 RAMPS/JWS NAB dinner?

    I know at least two of those people have names
  7. Prep for TV show

    Prep I would like to have 3 days prep for the mixer.Pickup and Load In, Production Meeting and a Prep day on Friday with all my crewI would like two days Prep for the Boomand one day for the Utility. Reply Sorry David, I don’t have all that prep in my budget and never have had on any show I have ever done. Especially 1st year TV.Here’s what I have:You - 2 days (1 Production Meeting and 1 load in)Andrejs + Rob - 1 day each (load in)All prep days are 10 hours. Does this sound right?
  8. Noisy clothing

    What wardrobe have you had trouble with making too much noise. Silk ties and dresses, starched shirts, stiff leather jackets and vests, down coats ...
  9. http://www.outsideonline.com/2035701/bernie-krause-audio-climate-change
  10. J-Corder Tale of the Tape

  11. Cos 11 repair

    Cos 11's take a beating. I have 3 that need repair; a bad connector, wire wind screen came off and a head pulled loose. What are your recommendations for places to send them in for repair?
  12. Lectrosonics IFB 1/8" connector

    I several complete Lectrosonics IFB blocks for separate feeds to director, boom and utility. I have consistent problems with the 1/8" headphone connector on the R1A. You can not take it apart in the field and service the connector. Outside here in New Mexico there is pretty much a constant wind filled with dirt and dust. It works into these connectors and makes them noisy and intermittent and fail. You have to send the receiver into to be repaired. The connector is a sealed panel mount and has to be replaced. Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution? With Respect
  13. Deva 32

    Can anyone speculate on the price?
  14. The ‘Star Wars’-Inspired History of the Iconic THX Audio Logo