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    Hi my name is Joppe, worked as sound designer and got a passion for designing all sorts of audio related stuff.
  1. Np-50 Bulk Charger

    if people have any question or requests/idea's please let me know. ill try to answer them if i can i thought of adding a few holes with threads in the side panels so you would be able to flush mount it in a battery charge case. do be aware that most heat will emit from the underside of the modules. (the reason why the modules are lifted up above the surface compared to the PSU housing)
  2. Np-50 Bulk Charger

    Thanks Larry , for the complement !! Glad you like it it took quite some nights scratching my head looking at it with a beverage:) Yes they are dual chip chargers 2 mirrored circuits on one pcb. And situated under the middle column .
  3. Np-50 Bulk Charger

    Hi Constantin. Well the price is going to be somewhere in the region of the lectro divided by 2 (i knew it existed, indeed) A exact price i cant give you as of yet since i just delivered my prototype to a sound guy ( literally sitting in the train now on my way home) and since i cant predict the additional cost that might occur.( hope none) Also everything is made and assembled by me so i might need to tweak some production processes. So I don't want to make exact promises, I might not be able to keep. About battery detection, It happens every now and then if a battery is very close to the set value. ( 95-97%) If you used the battery for instance in a transmitter this should not be a problem (depending for how long of course) the 95 percent gives you 1.2 times more charges out of a battery without to much loss and without change of overcharging it , since that has a 1% error. Then again if it won't start charging, battery is at the desired value or really close, something that should not impact capacity in term of far less minutes on your transmitter. Sometimes leaving it will drop the voltage below the threshold and it will fill the remaining mV it was balancing on. So in short . If a np50 is empty or used it will charge. If you used it for 5 minutes or not used at all it it might think it is full. ( actually is minus the threshold) About usb. Well I could if really needed be it that voltages will be slightly lower because I want to have as less heat as possible. Since the np50 will be charged at max 4.18-20 I want as less overshoot as possible. Since it is all so compact I am also restricted by heat dispersion. I can make a fast charge version. But not in this package. The lids? I am not exactly sure what they look like and why use them ? Ill try to look them up when I'm home ! Thanks for the interest !
  4. Hi was wondering if there was anyone interested in a bulk charger for np-50 batteries, i still want it to have some time on the set (in action) before i want to sell any. but an idea about what kind of interest can be expected would be nice. for all i know everyone has something similar already. or no one uses that much of these batteries. or well countless reasons why not. But this is my project little about me and my project how, why and some specs and some pictures. Little about me ? Hi, My name is Joppe and live in the Netherlands, i did mostly audio post production in the past and some audio recording on set (not much). But my interest after a while started to drift away again to making stuff with my hands, mostly audio related gear like exotic loudspeaker designs, but some furniture or weird request every once in a while to. I really enjoy problem solving and creating physical stuff, although sometimes i just wished i never started anyhow, i talked to my friends and ex colleagues (sound recordist) regularly and came aware of the fact that there is not actually a affordable bulk charger for NP50's. They all have either Zaxcom or Lectrosonics transmitters and both use NP-50, and you use a hefty amount a day (depending on how many transmitters of course). So i thought i would give it a go, and of course it all spiraled out of control (as usual) and now there are a gazillion prototypes and parts everywhere (mostly in the bin) and there is no way back so......... i introduce ................ The................... NP50 Charger. What else do i need to call it , im not so good with names.(if you got any please do tell) NP50 Charger The NP-50 charger is a hand made slow (overnight) charger bay that will be available in a 6, 12, 18 slot version. It saves some precious space on the road and works all around the world, it works in all power conditions 230/50Hz or 110/60 Hz. (do let me know which is your prefered voltage) The charger is a Constant Current, Constant Voltage charger and will handle your batteries with care.It can charge all batteries simultaneous at a moderate current limited at ~400mA. All batteries are charged in between 3-4.5 hours depending on capacity of the battery. On request i can add some extra spacers to make it more ergonomical but the intention was small form factor so it is not standard. Any wishes ? Just ask !, Thats the beauty of a small company. Features - Charge 6,12 or 18 NP-50's Simultaneous. - Swiss made gold plated spring loaded battery contacts, that wont scratch up the battery contacts and insures lowest resistance possible. - (rather) Small form factor (HxWxL) 5x14,5x20 cm for a 12 slot, add another ~3 cm for 18 slot version. - Internal Industrial oversized power suply from well known brand. - All passive cooling. No fan noise to keep you awake at night. - Custom amount of slots, i stated 6, 12, 18 but if you would like to have a 14 or 8 slot thats fine with me. Power suply specifications Power 75 Watt Input range: 85~264 Vac Certificering: CE Cooling : Passive Protection : Short cicuit Overload Overvoltage Charger specification for each module (2 slots) Max current each module : 800mA-1000mA Charge rate each slot : ~400mA Charge percentage : ~96-97 % increases life of the battery up to 1.1 times Overheat protection : Charger will cycle down charge current if module reaches above 65 degrees Celsius. Normal working temperature at room temperature 6 slot : Max ~44 degrees Celsius Normal working temperature at room temperature 12 slot : Max ~46 degrees Celsius Normal working temperature at room temperature : Max ~48 degrees Celsius Dimensions 6 slots : (HxWxL) 5x14,5x17 cm Dimensions 12 slots : (HxWxL) 5x14,5x20 cm Dimensions 18 slots : (HxWxL) 5x14,5x23 cm
  5. Hi there !

    Hi i am new to the forum my name is Joppe and live in the Netherlands. I did not see an introduction section (or i am not looking closely ) so i just smack it in here if thats ok ? I am 35 years old and usually did post production for television in the Netherlands. It was fun at start but became well..... work, partial my own fault doing mediocre stuff was fine with me (but it does get boring) so i had more time to do other stuff.... my bet. Set work i did not like much... to much stress for me, i would be worried for days if i thought of everything, and if i got everything covered. So thumbs up for those that do I was on the forum for a while now reading and being passive (hard for me) but i thought lets give it a change and introduce myself. I am not so much interested in recording sound myself or doing post production anymore (although i am still into sound in general), but i sort of fall back to my old habits of making stuff, and where to start better then in the audio department ! in my free time i make a lot of weird exotic speakers and such, but for work it should be a bit more useful then that. So my first project on request of some friends from the academy i studied sound at (sound department), a NP50 bulk charger. I am to the end of my bench testing period and i wondered if there might be some interest here as well for such a product ? i am gone give it now to a guy working on set, his feedback might be useful. here's one picture but i leave the rest for the section department dealers and manufactures i guess ,before i end up being in trouble at my first post haha. (by all means move it if it is inappropriate) Well see you around and if anyone has ideas for future projects or whatever everything is welcome , since thats the stuff i really like to do ! Kind regards, Joppe