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  1. HD-25 removable cable

    After seeing @KGraham045's headphones here with a removable cable I wanted to do the same to my HD-25s. There isn't enough room in the headphone cup for a jack. A quick search online turned up someone that had already done this with a 3d printed jack holder and was kind enough to share the print file. A little printing, a little soldering, and: I forgot how fun it is working with Sennheiser's stainless steel cables…
  2. Show me your bag

    Printed the part and found a jack to fit, now I just have to do the soldering.
  3. Show me your bag

    Now I want to do that to my HD-25s. I'd have to design something to mount the jack but it should be doable. Someone already did this and posted files for the necessary parts- to the 3d printer!
  4. I'm mostly excited that this confirms that new functions can be added to existing units (cough cough MixPre 6 automixer).
  5. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Good point, I use a single M/S mic.
  6. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    What I do is use regular linking on channels 1-2 and a custom headphone preset to monitor 1-2 with M/S decoding. That way I listen to the decoded signal on site but the isos are recorded raw for the most flexibility in post.
  7. rescued from the dumpster

    A long time and several careers ago I worked at Masque Sound, a rental company in NJ that services Broadway and other markets. When the sound package from the original production of Cats came back a lot of "old" mics were sent to the dumpster. A coworker rescued several and I wound up with an RCA 74b in exchange for modifying his mixing console. Sent it off to Clarence Kane to be refurbed and had a Lundahl transformer installed. It's still one of my favorite VO mics.
  8. Ursa Pro Mini AES not working

    Sorry I missed the Q!
  9. Ursa Pro Mini AES not working

    The QRX200 manual says there's an "AES Output Sample Rate Adjust" setting, either "Normal" or 96KHz. I'd guess that Normal is 48K.
  10. New Mix Pre series as an interface

    I sent a feature request to SD about being able to choose whether the encoder controls the HP or stereo out. We'll see…
  11. Rycote Mic Protector case

    I'd love one for my Softie…
  12. Custom low profile right angle plugs - Seen this?

    I wouldn't say I enjoy it… I cheated and took the easy way out when I made my bag jumpers- I used Neutrik XLRs and just cut the boot off the retaining nut. The nut still closes the collet to secure the cable, and the overall length is about 1/2" shorter. That allows enough room for the cable to turn without being pressed up against the side of the bag. It's fine for my needs, and was way less work than cutting the threads off the shell.
  13. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Looks roughly like a 1/4" inner diameter. I really should buy those digital calipers…
  14. Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    From the "I can't believe it took me this long to think of this" department: Found a rubber grommet that fits the encoder shaft- now I can turn the encoder with one finger. There's enough clearance underneath to push the encoder in.
  15. If you're going to use a traditional RF mic system (not AVX, Rodelink, or other digital transmission) check out: http://whitespaces.spectrumbridge.com/whitespaces/home.aspx You put in the address of where you want to shoot and it will tell you what the whitespace and available frequencies are. Then you can make an informed decision about what frequencies to use. I've been away from RF for a long time, so I'm sure someone else would be better to advise you as to travel options. I know that I'm going to be in and around Portland 99.99% of the time, so I found whitespace frequencies here. If I have to go someplace my radios won't work I'll either rent (or beg/borrow!) locally.