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  1. Frode L Hvatum

    Lectronics antennae for Zaxcom QRX200

    John. Sorry, I see now that was unclear. I actuallly could go about two metres further before the TRXs dropping out with the Lectronics antennas. Larry: Fantastic answer! Some of it is a bit over my head, since I do not have any theoretical knowledge of how radio transmission/reception works but I think I get the gist of it. Thanks!
  2. Frode L Hvatum

    Lectronics antennae for Zaxcom QRX200

    Thank you all who helped me understand this better! Seems like I should have researched more before I got them... As always. ;-) John: I see your point, but in my defense I did point out that I got a couple of metres more in range in the first post.
  3. Frode L Hvatum

    Lectronics antennae for Zaxcom QRX200

    Thanks for your reply!. Ok. I understand that the placement of the receiver and transmitter will affect the signal level. But this does not tell me what I´m doing wrong with the Lectronics antennas. Or if they simply work as intended, and I misunderstood what I was getting. I thought for sure they would boost the coverage compared to the antennas that come with the QRX200. If they don´t then I don´t really understand the point of these antennas. Becuase they sure make the bag more unwieldy.
  4. Frode L Hvatum

    Lectronics antennae for Zaxcom QRX200

    Bump... Anyone have some sage advice for me?
  5. Frode L Hvatum

    Zaxcom ERX cable

    Thanks for the help! Weird. I can hear a faint whisper of the timecode, but nothing else. I tried with another minijack to phono and phono to xlr cable + phono to bnc. Worked perfectly. So the ERX is ok. So I made one from scratch and that one works perfectly. There must be a break in the cable or plug I was using.
  6. Frode L Hvatum

    Zaxcom ERX cable

    Great thread! I am however struggling with the xlr. minijack tip goes to BNC tip minijack ring goes to xlr 2 minijack sleeve goes to ban sleeve, xlr 1 and 3 Am I doing it right? (I know, there is no phantom protection.)
  7. Frode L Hvatum

    Lectronics antennae for Zaxcom QRX200

    Sorry for the late reply. Martin: I got two cables BNC to SMA. Seems to be working fine. Karl: I am talking about the SNA600 which has BNC Glenn: The antennas have adjustable length and we tuned/adjusted the length to the area of frequencies we are using.
  8. Frode L Hvatum

    Lectronics antennae for Zaxcom QRX200

    Hi folks. New to the board here. Looking forward to alle I can learn here. I live in Oslo in Norway. I use exclusively Zaxcom for lavs, and the Nomad or a 633 for recorder. We have a couple of Lectronics antennas for a Zaxcom QRX200, and after comparing them to the standard antennas we get 1 pixel(!) better reception. I have to say I´m seriously underwhelmed. Are we doing something wrong, or is that as expected? The standard antennas give pretty good coverage, by all means, but sometimes you just wish for a few meters more when an actor is moving a away on a wide shot. (I know we can set the trxs to record, but this thread is about wireless range...) Anybody have a tip on what is wrong? ...edited electronics to Lectronics (Safari autocorrected it)...