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  1. Presently, I have a Lectro SRc A1 and two block 20 SMQVs as well as a block 25 SRb and two block 25 SMQVs. I’m sending in all the block 25s to have them reblocked, along with a superslot upgrade. I’m looking for suggestions on whether I should get them reblocked to 19 or 20. (I want to eventually put both receivers in an SL-6). If I reblock them to 20, I’ll basically have four block 20 wireless that I can switch in and out, but If reblock them to 19, all of them will function with the SRc, but only the block 19 SMQVs will function with the SRb. However, I could conceivably have more options for finding good frequencies(I also have some G3s acting as hops in the block 20 range). Obviously both will function, but are there any suggestions out there based on experience? Am I just being silly and should I just go block 20 all the way? This is in the Portland/Seattle area. Thanks for any suggestions!
  2. Reblocking question / Looking for suggestions

    This is the best solution I could hope for. I think I like this place! Thanks!