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    Sony UWP-D11 kit mic creates noise when used with G3?

    Ah, that's good to know but wish I'd known that before I bought the Sony system, heck! Thanks mate.
  2. Hi guys! First time posting, hope to learn a lot on this forum :) I have a Sony UWP-d11 system and a Sennheiser G3, both still with their kit microphones as I haven't been able to afford to replace them with anything better. I recently tried using the kit mic that comes with the Sony system with the G3 transmitter, and it made a very bizarre noise, like an old modem. It took me a while to figure out that I was using the wrong mic, however this seems really bizarre to me; I assumed they're both fairly stock standard condenser lavalier microphones without much difference? This isn't even really a problem, because the G3 worked fine again when used with the me-2 capsule; I'm just curious as to what was causing this noise? Thanks a lot!