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  1. vale

    Zaxcom Fusion Preamps and Known Issues.

    Hi Mattia, I've used my Fusion 12 for almost 10 years without any significant issues. Touch screen was never a problem in my experience and indeed I prefer it over Maxx/Nomad pots and buttons. Fusion is a wonderful machine, imho.
  2. vale

    Deva 24

  3. vale

    NEW: Zaxcom RX-12R - Rack Mount

    Just bumped into the RX12R user guide. I'm not understanding the choice of having the modules analog outputs divided between XLRs and DB25 connectors: if I understand correctly, A side of the receivers will be outputted from the XLRs, B side from the DB25. It seems a little bit strange to me. Moreover, I'm not really understanding the AES output functions of the second DB25 connector (anyway, it is not available at the moment due to the AES combiner board that is not currently available). Moreover, I'm not able to understand how a Stereo Transmitter could be outputted (by analog or digital), and by which connectors, since it seems to me that only 2 channels could be outputted from a single module, not 4 as required in this case. Just thinking...
  4. vale

    Deva 24 seminar

    I never thought about this by this perspective. Now it makes more sense to me too. Thanks.
  5. vale

    Deva 24 seminar

    I would have preferred to have way less analog inputs (or as a user option 4, 8, 12, 16), so less preamplifiers, to maybe have a lower cost of the machine. In the last years, I'm using Zaxcom wireless and I'm going everything digital in the recorder (Fusion in my case, at the moment), so I'm not seeing when I'll be supposed to use 16 analog inputs on a set. On other thing, to me it's still strange and funny that RX12 connector and Digital Inputs connector on the DEVA24 are on the opposite side of usb and outputs connectors in the RX12. So the cables need to go from right rX12 to left deva24, looking at the screens. Just saying.
  6. vale

    Delivering files from multiple recorders

    I really don't know why as well, but it happened that we were asked to provide ALE reports (i.e. for a couple of Netflix project last month). We told them that all the metadata were written on the audiofiles and on our digital sound reports but they still wanted the ALE report. So, since you're starting from scratch, I was asking. Thanks anyway, I will try the demo. V.
  7. vale

    Cart building day!!!

    Beautiful! May I ask you how the front cover (the blue one with the handle) works? It slides down or you simply remove it, or something else? Thanks, Vale.
  8. IMHO, it is more "incomplete" than abandoned. It is a wonderful machine and I'm using my Fusion12 for years now, but it has several bugs that never came to a solution. Just to make an example, we have a "wireless" button that never had a function.
  9. 7.57 was removed at some point because was non affordable, if I'm not wrong. So, the recommended version still remains 7.56 Many things should have been improved on Deva/Fusion firmware but unfortunately this will never happen.
  10. vale

    new plugOn TRX from Zaxcom

    As far as I understand, the XLR version doesn't have NeverClip too.
  11. At this link (ENG. Version), down in the page you can download a deep interview I made to Steven Morrow about his job on "La La Land", for our association of italian sound technicians (A.I.T.S.). Hope you could like it (and forgive me if there are some mistakes in the text, my english is not so perfect). Vale.
  12. vale

    Collapsing tracks

    I'll always try to record the same actor on the same track. So, if actor #2 is not present in a take, I record an empty track instead of having actor #3 collapsing 1 track up.
  13. vale

    Super CMIT and wireless phase issues

    Thanks Matthias, this was exactly what I was trying to say, but in appropriate words.