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  1. IMHO, it is more "incomplete" than abandoned. It is a wonderful machine and I'm using my Fusion12 for years now, but it has several bugs that never came to a solution. Just to make an example, we have a "wireless" button that never had a function.
  2. 7.57 was removed at some point because was non affordable, if I'm not wrong. So, the recommended version still remains 7.56 Many things should have been improved on Deva/Fusion firmware but unfortunately this will never happen.
  3. As far as I understand, the XLR version doesn't have NeverClip too.
  4. At this link (ENG. Version), down in the page you can download a deep interview I made to Steven Morrow about his job on "La La Land", for our association of italian sound technicians (A.I.T.S.). Hope you could like it (and forgive me if there are some mistakes in the text, my english is not so perfect). Vale.
  5. I'll always try to record the same actor on the same track. So, if actor #2 is not present in a take, I record an empty track instead of having actor #3 collapsing 1 track up.
  6. Thanks Matthias, this was exactly what I was trying to say, but in appropriate words.
  7. The thing I was trying to say, remembering (I hope correctly) the words of Helmut Wittek, is that "the phasing with wireless mics" we're talking about with the SuperCmit is not depending only by the usual factory delays we have with new digital systems, or by the different time the sound arrives to Boom and lavs. For what I've understood from his words, you can place a person speaking steady in a point with a lav and a Boom over him (everything locked), and you still will not be able to have the two mics in a correct phase. Even playing with the delay on the channel.
  8. Some months ago I had the opportunity to attend a meeting with Helmut Wittek, talking about Schoeps microphones. If I remember and understood correctly, he said that the Supercmit processor acts on 4 different frequency ranges, separately. That is the reason (I guess he said) he doesn't recommend it to be combined with wireless mics, because it could have different latency at different frequencies, so it should be difficult to phase it correctly. He told us this mic was not properly intended for our use, but mostly for sports etc. This is what I think I understood, but if someone can correct me please chime in.
  9. Just out of curiosity, why available recording time in the MicroSd is affected by the chosen modulation? And then, why Mono/ Stereo give less recording time than XR/ ZHD? Attached is a screenshot from the LA3 user manual. Vale.
  10. Any news about this product? is there a price indication? will it have a Zaxnet antenna like Nomad has?
  11. It seems a great recorder indeed, the natural evolution of the Deva/Fusion recorder. I was just thinking I'd have preferred the digital inputs on the right side, to match the RX12 outputs.
  12. I've had the flap used to pull the battery broken on two of that batteries. IMHO, it should be a problem to take the battery off your slot without that flap. Maybe Inspired energy has to find a more efficient solution.
  13. So, if (for example) no solution will be found to get the QRX200 able to receive two of these new transmitter, the only way to use them is just one TX for QRX, right? So basically: 1) if I want to use two TXs (dual mode) I'll have to use the old XR modulation; 2) if I want to use the new modulation, it is better (cheaper) to me to buy the RX200 instead of the QRX200.... I hope I've understand well...
  14. Thank you Josè, I remember I've seen 3 or 4 pictures somewhere some months ago, but I was not recalling the link. So, I'll wait them to advertise their new product.