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  1. DHuard

    Canon C100 timecode synch

    I think I can answer my own question..... The C100 does not accept external time code. http://soundrolling.com/timecode/list-timecode-popular-cameras/
  2. I am working with a new camera next week... Does anyone have any experience doing a timecode synch with a C100?? What cable is needed? I will be using a SD633 a TIG Q28 to synch Thank you !
  3. excellent links... I have been watching all of those videos and learning more each day. Thank you
  4. Excellent. Thank you for your replies. I do more run and gun stuff but when I do more static shoots having a direct feed to the camera seems to be a better option since it “should” be better than a wireless signal ??!! I have the 633, regarding what is routed to the output.... if I want the mix going out what should I have it set to I’m fairly new to the 633. Thabk you
  5. Question.... when I do a direct feed via a snake from the mixer to the camera, what is actually recorded to the camera ? Is it the mix or are any iso tracks recorded ??