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    I’m a freelance video guy who wears many different hats. I have been working as a sound tech more and more and am building up a starter kit. So far the majority of my work has been in the corporate video realm, but I would like to do more scripted content and commercial work.

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  1. TristanChaika

    Boompole end exit to side exit conversion?

    You’re right. And I don’t know where I got Canada from. I may have gotten confused with another manufacturer I was looking at. I just spent a while online trying to double check if Auray itself had a headquarters separate from Gradus Group in NY, but had no luck. On another note, my mic finally arrived after the packaging got mangled by USPS and it disappeared from tracking for several days. Practicing at home with the mic connected, it sounds like with practice cable noise won’t really be an issue when I move smoothly as suggested.
  2. TristanChaika

    techniques for quieting internally cabled boompoles

    Great input guys! I definitely need to work on my dancing skills. One thing I liked about the pole I got is that the cable is pretty easy to remove for jobs where that would be more appropriate. I don’t know about spacers inside, I’ll have to look and do some googling. Here’s the link for Dave’s tutorial for anyone else interested.
  3. TristanChaika

    Boompole end exit to side exit conversion?

    That’s a good idea, thanks. I just saw a k-tek bottom that looked similar, maybe out of all the brands, one will fit. Just not sure of how easy it will be the find info on thread sizes and the like. I wish there was a brick and mortar place near me that had a variety of pro sound gear. I’ll need to do some googling.
  4. TristanChaika

    Boompole end exit to side exit conversion?

    Auray is a Canadian company. They make a lot of shock mounts and stuff that I have seen around. I figured they were just getting into boom poles. As far as I know the company is not going anywhere and b&H is still carrying their stuff. I’ve only used Rode and K-Tek poles previously, and had issues with both, so I thought I’d try out the Auray one. On sale for $250 (regularly $550), it seemed like a good deal, and the design seemed like it had thought put into it. I couldn’t get anything 12’ and carbon fiber anywhere near that price range. They make it very easy to remove the cable, so I figured if nothing else, I could take the cables out and go wireless. It still has a decent reach, and is lightweight. The knuckles seem nice, too. Anyway, still interested if anyone has conversion ideas. If not, I can live with right angle adapters for now.
  5. Hello from North Carolina! Not sure if this is the best category to post this question. I'm coming from a camera guy background, and getting more into audio recording. I recently bought my first boom pole, and it has an internal coiled cable. It's very convenient, but is obviously a double-edged sword because with fast movements I can sometimes hear the cable hitting the inner walls of the pole. I know practice and technique are the best way to prevent this, but I was also wondering if anyone had any tips or tricks regarding this, whether technique related, or something like sleeving the cable in something soft, or ?? I've been practicing without a mic up to this point, I should have an AT4053b delivered any day now, so I'm not sure how much of this sound transfers to the recording yet, but I'm sure some of it does. Thanks!
  6. Hi from North Carolina! I recently bought an Auray carbon fiber internally cabled 12' boom pole on B&H when it was a deal of the day for an amazing price. It seems like a pretty decent pole, despite having almost no reviews (anyone have any thoughts on it?). The one on sale had an end exit XLR, but I saw that Auray made a piece that you could replace the end and turn it into a side exit pole. However, after buying the pole and trying to find the conversion kit online, and emailing Auray, I realised that part was discontinued. I know you can use a right-angle XLR cable so that when resting the pole, the wire doesn't take as much abuse, but I was hoping someone knew of a more elegant solution, DIY or otherwise, preferably with some sort of rubber butt-cap. Thanks!