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  1. Sonosax SX-R4+

    Hi Alberto, Thanks again. I am a Sonosax man for film sound recording, i used a Cantar X2 a long time ago and it sounded very good but i prefer the Sonosax. Maybe because I am so used to it and how it behaves. All subtle differences but i do want very good mic pre's because i am listening all day and i find the really good mic amps make my day less fatiguing which also means i make better decisions. Thank you again for the reply. Lisala ( soon to be SXR4+ owner )
  2. Sonosax SX-R4+

    Hi Alberto Thanks for explaining your setup. I also have an SXS8 and and do intend to have a similar setup with the SXR4+(still using SXR4 atm). Is the limiter you mention being "smoother, and more natural" the output limiter on the SXR4+ ? One more question how do you find the mic pre on the SXR4+ compared to the Cantar X3 ? Thanks for your insight. Regards
  3. Sonosax SX-R4+

    I have been thinking along similar lines. I would like a half height unit like the ad8 but with only 4 faders and 4 mic amps, so like an ad4. I would also like 4 line inputs and 4 outputs on the same unit and a talkback mic as with the 8 fader only unit. I am waiting to see if sonosax will implement the ethernet port on the SXR4+ . If they do then i would not want to be in the position to have to choose between either the output expander or a dante etc/ethernet port. I can see the possibility of using the SXR4+ as afront end for a computer great for offloading rushes to the editor on set and also to be able to do multitracking playback. Obviously i would still need the extra outputs for all round general use. I still use analogue radio mics and an analogue sxs8 mixer. My ideal is to use all these with the high headroom sonosax AD converters.
  4. Blackmagic Smartview mounting solutions

    Alistair - I hope you don't mind but I've copied your ingenious solution. I had the boom holder cup and lockable bracket from backstage which i wasn't using so this couldn't be better. One day with enough sleep i might actually come up with my own ideas. Lisala
  5. RIP Rudy Van Gelder

    He engineered many of my favourite LP's - RIP (Side note - I didn't realize Rein Narma worked at Gotham ) Lisala
  6. Sonosax SX-R4+

    Hi Apologies i thought i had deleted the quote, long day on set. I was actually going to say i have complete faith in Sonosax. I have been using their products for years and this is just part of the development time. The fact that they immediately alerted the problems and now have a fix is testament to this and to Sonosax as a company. I am quite happy to wait for the fine tuning because my existing sonosax setup sxr4 and sxs8 is working absolutely fine with no problems. I would say to Plush just be patient for the required features. I personnaly never early adopt because the firmware development is inevitable when the real world makes contact with any product in our business. This is and has been true for many companies making professional audio products, I do find it a bit strange that sonosax is being singled out when sound devices has definitely had big problems which they have also resolved. Thanks are due to those braver than me and to Sonosax for having an open dialogue with their sxr4+ experience on this forum. Lisala
  7. Sonosax SX-R4+

  8. How much did 2 16-track recorders cost in 1969 ?

    Respect to you Wally Heiders studio produced some of my favourite ever recordings. Here in Europe I beleive the Telefunken M10 machines were so expensive that Abbey road could not afford them, they had to settle for Studer C37's 😳 Lisala
  9. Doc rate from uk

    https://www.bectu.org.uk/advice-resources/rates/sound-rates then ask for kit rates but generally as VAS said. Please feel free to pay more - the last docu I worked I got £750 a day basic rate ( 11hrs ) without kit. Also given the massive currency fluctuations please convert to € as appropriate. Lisala
  10. Thanks for the tip - kmr81 is my favourite shotgun but I have had the whine problem before a few times In the wet which happens a lot here in the UK.
  11. very mobile, lightweight setup for soundblankets

    Thats great - I use mic stand for blankets but generally folded or hanging over the bar in a t shape - this is much better
  12. Comtek M72 transmitter cable

    Thanks for the help everyone - The one I need repairing is too old for comtek I sent them the serial number and that's what they said. I will check with audio services Canada - the pr72's have made me more profit than a lot of my other kit so it may be worth while - thanks again Lisala
  13. Comtek M72 transmitter cable

    Thanks John - the trouble is I'm in the UK and can only use some of the '7-' frequencies around 174mhz and slightly above - most of the ones i see for sale are around 75mhz not much good for me. Lisala
  14. Comtek M72 transmitter cable

    Does anyone know anywhere that can still service/upgrade the m72 transmitters ? Ive got a broken one which i need fixed and upgraded to BNC aerial (option 7). Ive tried Comtek and while very helpful they said the products are too old for them to service. Lisala
  15. Zaxcom and AudioLTD digital wireless - the future

    Thanks for the review Rado. How about the sound quality - any differences between the two systems ? thks Lisala