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  1. 7.57? I thought latest was 7.56, what improvements does 7.57 give and hoe do I get it??
  2. Yep I think this is a key point, if you are switching from bag to cart mode when using the same rec for both I'd go (did) for the control surface. Makes it a quick simple change, great for fast drama when you're doing car inserts and a bit of guerilla run n gun stuff. I've only recently gone to a full 2 rec set up and would contemplate an analogue board again now as there is a lot of things to love about them but that said I'm often using up all 12 sliders of my current system and that size analogue board would weigh and cost a ton. Sonosax or AD149 could sway me one day, great boards. Either option will do the job well and return the same rental. C.
  3. Cheers David, makes sense, the BG fans sometimes not an issue on this one as often GS BG or solid set, and when lots to move there is a fair reason for the BG noise. Wafting is always good but takes a good chunk of space and actors prob get distracted by the close proximity movement, guess that's why we never see it these days, nothing like a good waft though.
  4. In good repair, good note thank you, doing some comparison tests with a 18" mole after wrap, I think it's an old one and likely not in great shape. Already been told it has a noisy rheostat, presume new models wouldn't have this issue.
  5. I know this subject has been discussed before, and the best remedy is "silent ducted wind" but in the absence of that are the Mole Richardson e fans the quietest studio option when all is need is an ambient breeze on close up coverage? What are the differences in performance noise wise of the 18" / 20" / 24" models? The prod I'm on at the moment has a lot of studio exteriors that req ambient breeze and the FX dept use their own custom designed fans, I'm just not sure they're as quiet as they could be. Understand it's all relative but keen to hear other user reviews as I don't have much exp with the Mole R line of air movers. Cheers, C.
  6. anyone tried a mini cmit inside the zephyx?
  7. Hi Jeff, have you (or anyone) managed to test a minicmit in the zephyx, interested in that set up and looks like it would fit ok but curious if enough dead space to be effective. Also curious on the real world difference between short fur and long fur covers on the zephyx, do you have both? regards, Chris.
  8. I use eneloop pros in my 743 and 742 boom tx's, get a decent run time, pretty sure over 3 hrs but main thing as they rechargeable we just change them more than we need to when there's a break in shooting. Easy and saves a lot on lithiums. Got some zmt's and love them, the new boom versions look great too. I think range on the xlr version will still be fine, I use my 74's at 25mw as antenna always clear, no problem with range ever. Body packs at 50mw crap out first but that said range still good with them too, I rarely switch them to their higher power modes.
  9. I have 2 x 4017b and use them with zax 742.5 and a 743.5, first time with both the one with 742 gave me RF int, swapped mics over and then they were clean on both TRX's. Random and haven't tested further yet as they been ok.
  10. Class A stuff all round, dynamic range is impressively well handled. My set up would be 3 cubs, with a centre one set for the big vocals, or is it zax remote trx's? Quiet and nice acoustically treated cars such as this are a good start. Well done whoever did it.
  11. Fair enough question, was about to ask it myself. If in doubt leave it out doesn't really work with the latest series of zax trx's as the "dynamics" settings also relate to how never clip works also so would be interesting to see if many out there are using custom settings or just run with the factory defaults etc. C.
  12. If you want a long term career in sound save your $, do more work as an assistant, with that you'll learn 2 important things, 1) what gear is good and the best for starting out, and 2) how to actually do your job, the gear is so much the lesser part of the equation. And then when you are buying remember to check out used gear, most sound mixers keep their gear in very good condition and update when the big jobs come in. A good mic can be over 20 yrs old and still be a good mic, way better that a new rhode. A used SD442 / 744t / 416 / and a couple of 200 series lectros is a great first kit parts of which you may use for yrs. I still use my early lectros for comms, still haves lots of my original gear.
  13. Hard to say re quietness compared to mole e fan, they don't publish dB spec that I can find, thought this one might be better suited to duct use, of say 400mm. That said I have no real user experience of duct wind machines on set so any user reviews would be good. And fart jokes of course, they are always welcome, except in elevators. C.
  14. Looking into building a silent wind machine for a studio shoot and came across these online: http://www.fantech.com.au/FanRange.aspx?&MountingID=I&RangeID=2024 Anyone tried them? The 315mm version might be good on the end of 10m of ducting? (for when it's not possible to have the larger ext fan ducted thru studio door system). Regards, Chris.
  15. Probably old news but was checking out ebay and found this, used at Nasa, not a bad client eh.