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  1. I got the rycote inv mount for my mini cmit also, great suspension design but when in use terrible wind noise when swinging making mount unusable. Something to do with the clamp mech affecting the chassis, not sure exactly but works fine in another more standard rycote mount (already pictured in this thread) If you have a mini cmit do not buy the inv mount!
  2. got one for my mini cmit, initially looked good, nice design, can take foam and even softie at a pinch. Found when using it it had an odd wind noise when doing normal swings, much worse and more pronounced than my cmit5U in cinela mount with same foam. Put mini cmit into another standard rycote clip mount and noise disappeared and swing noise matched cmit5u rig. I think the clamp mech at the back was doing something to the chassis resonance or something, bummer as otherwise good mount. C.
  3. LOTR yes, Hobbit no, a lot of that was production dialogue. Also the best dialogue performances are generally not ADR, it is used often to alter the performance or done to cover changes in story line or scene intent in post, just as much as it is done to cover for noisy backgrounds etc.
  4. most use the ambient quick tip over this way, I used them for a while and all good. C.
  5. hey mike, getting there and sfx do there best to help, it's a noisy gig!
  6. Hi, now inside with no wind machines but set has steam vents, these seem to me to be noisier than they need to be with each outlet being run from a separate small handbag type unit with a gun and trigger used to set level of output (via cable tie on the trigger so not very hi tech and adjustments always vary etc) Putting a small length of hose on the end of the gun nozzle gets the frequency and level of hiss down but I'm sure there must be quieter ways to create steam onset? we also get a lot of "spitting" on some of the rigs as vapour turns to water and runs back down the pipe. Any insight on other techniques much appreciated, losing CU dialogue to hissy steam vents, aarrrgh. Note these are not high pressure steam outlets, more the steam wafting out of drains kind of thing or being used to simulate small onset smoke fx without having to use smoke, food stall cookers etc. Thank you! Chris.
  7. using DNS2 on current project, it's a studio shoot that involves a lot of SFX noise makers, wind, vibrating sets etc. It's purely for editorial and onset benefit and subsequently a 2nd unit has been purchased for 2Uso they def find it useful. I use it for a 2nd noise reduced mix track and the second channel is routed to vid village / prod coms tho I leave that in bypass mode unless the set is really noisy, it's good for them to hear noises as they are as it helps in negotiating their use. I can see in future using the 8 channel version on projects like this so editorial has clean and NR versions of the iso tracks also, this is where a high track count rec like the deva 24 would be useful. For the most part the 2 channel unit will be all that's needed and I think will become common place on most drama carts and doco bags, and yes prod is paying extra for it.
  8. 7.57? I thought latest was 7.56, what improvements does 7.57 give and hoe do I get it??
  9. Yep I think this is a key point, if you are switching from bag to cart mode when using the same rec for both I'd go (did) for the control surface. Makes it a quick simple change, great for fast drama when you're doing car inserts and a bit of guerilla run n gun stuff. I've only recently gone to a full 2 rec set up and would contemplate an analogue board again now as there is a lot of things to love about them but that said I'm often using up all 12 sliders of my current system and that size analogue board would weigh and cost a ton. Sonosax or AD149 could sway me one day, great boards. Either option will do the job well and return the same rental. C.
  10. Cheers David, makes sense, the BG fans sometimes not an issue on this one as often GS BG or solid set, and when lots to move there is a fair reason for the BG noise. Wafting is always good but takes a good chunk of space and actors prob get distracted by the close proximity movement, guess that's why we never see it these days, nothing like a good waft though.
  11. In good repair, good note thank you, doing some comparison tests with a 18" mole after wrap, I think it's an old one and likely not in great shape. Already been told it has a noisy rheostat, presume new models wouldn't have this issue.
  12. I know this subject has been discussed before, and the best remedy is "silent ducted wind" but in the absence of that are the Mole Richardson e fans the quietest studio option when all is need is an ambient breeze on close up coverage? What are the differences in performance noise wise of the 18" / 20" / 24" models? The prod I'm on at the moment has a lot of studio exteriors that req ambient breeze and the FX dept use their own custom designed fans, I'm just not sure they're as quiet as they could be. Understand it's all relative but keen to hear other user reviews as I don't have much exp with the Mole R line of air movers. Cheers, C.
  13. anyone tried a mini cmit inside the zephyx?
  14. Hi Jeff, have you (or anyone) managed to test a minicmit in the zephyx, interested in that set up and looks like it would fit ok but curious if enough dead space to be effective. Also curious on the real world difference between short fur and long fur covers on the zephyx, do you have both? regards, Chris.
  15. I use eneloop pros in my 743 and 742 boom tx's, get a decent run time, pretty sure over 3 hrs but main thing as they rechargeable we just change them more than we need to when there's a break in shooting. Easy and saves a lot on lithiums. Got some zmt's and love them, the new boom versions look great too. I think range on the xlr version will still be fine, I use my 74's at 25mw as antenna always clear, no problem with range ever. Body packs at 50mw crap out first but that said range still good with them too, I rarely switch them to their higher power modes.