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    RIP Don Wetzel (Loon Audio). I received a call this morning from one of his friends today that Don passed away the morning of July 10 from complications brought on from diabetic conditions.
  2. DUGAN for the 633!! Firmware update 4.50!!

    Automix is far from a self serve kiosk at McDonalds.
  3. What frequencies work in Peru?

    They all work
  4. Show me your bag

    Nice n clean
  5. Show me your bag

    That along with maybe thinking about joining in on the superSlot standard and get that SRX to be dual channel.
  6. Show me your bag

    But did you have the "trifecta" Original idea for the boom mount from Scott Farr, they're MOLLE fast clips easily found on Amazon. Dipole mounting idea was taking off the mounting blocks and fastening to the edge of the bag using simple clips, or the MOLLE straps on the front of the bag. Overall clean looking, but also very RF clean even with the TX antenna so close to the SNA600.
  7. Show me your bag

    So far they're playing nice. As you can see from the rx displays there's no rf blips on any of them and the TX are on.
  8. Show me your bag

    Go big, or go home
  9. Show me your bag

    Go big, or go home
  10. User Bits should have the date?
  11. New Zaxcom Products

    I wouldn't even try comparing SL6 design to RX12 design. There's two completely different schools of thought going on there, one isn't needing or waiting on special adapters to integrate all parts, one actually fully integrates and becomes a slave to a master controller, one uses a standard to allow receiver choices, the price point is astronomically different, simplicity differences...many many factors.
  12. New Zaxcom Products

    Oops, busted
  13. New Endian FreqFinder

    That worked, thanks!
  14. New Endian FreqFinder

    Just updated and my TV station location add on seems to be gone. There's no city location to even click on at the lower left corner now.
  15. New Zaxcom Products

    ERX BNC mod