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  1. Recording 160dB?

    I also think it's weird to record interior sounds in such a situation, but anyway I would try the Beyer Dynamic M88TG, great mike! Goes up to 150dB by the specs.
  2. Venue and L Series

    Hi Guys! Is there any news about Lectrosonics making new receptors blocs for the Venue System in the same concept as the new L series systems? This would be great I believe! Thanks Tony Muricy Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
  3. On Location Surround Recording Techniques?

    I love to spread wireless lavs around me in a forest - try some 5 or 6 wireless some 10 to 20 meters away from each other, around you, this sounds amazing!
  4. Aquapac

    So, What do we do if we need to submerge to tx underwater? I'm going to shoot a doc about a big waves surfer, in places like Jaws, or Pipeline, and I'm researching how to record the surfist while he rides the waves. I thought about having two aquapacks around a Zaxcom ZFR100 recorder, but for sure they'll be crushed under huge waves, so would they work in such a situation? Thanks
  5. Timecode Buddy

    Hi Folks! Do you know how precise is the SD788T + CL Wifi + IPad/IPhone with SD software showing real time tc on the screen? Thanks
  6. Boom operators - Cool photos

    Heavy long boom with MKH 70 - Boom man Caio Penna, feature "Aos Ventos Que Virão", by Hermano Penna, shot in Sergipe, Brazil.
  7. To all friends and fellows soundmen, Pixinguinha (the brazilian composer of this song called Carinhoso, which means kindly, gently, fondling)" for you all! The initial lyrics say - "My heart, I dont know why, beat so so happy, when I see you! My best wishes of a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IhqXDQkWpQ Tony Muricy
  8. Any advice on how to kill an echo in a large room?

    I always use lavalier mikes in such situations, togheter with a directional mike - supercardioid or similar, no long interference tube - in a boom pole out of the frame, but closest as possible. The close position of the lavalier in the talent usually "dries" the reverberant sound more than enough, and later in the rerecording sessions you can blend lavaliers and directional mikes tracks and achieve a right balance of direct and reverberant sound. In a very big room it is almost impossible to use enough sound absorbing material to really make a big difference, and usually there's not enough time or production money to really do it well... I almost never use sound absorbing materials to correct reverb times in rooms at all. If you can't use a lavalier at all, negociate with the director and DP close up dialog shots, or have a "sound only" extra take with a close directional mike for the talents. Tony Muricy
  9. Best Sound Bag for 788?

    I have the Camrade sound bag for my SD 788T, which i find veery bad - it presses all wrong places and plugs in the recorder, and has no space where it should have. Which better sound bag would you suggest for the 788T? Thanks Tony Muricy
  10. SD 788 whishlist

    Just for the record - I like to monitor my 788T usually at +8 dB in headphones level, with a Sony MDR 7506. Tony
  11. SD 788 whishlist

    Hey Senator I know this is not a recomended practice, especially for my ears health, i know, but I did got used in all these years to monitor my sound at loud levels, so I can hear background sounds very well, and I can hear sound problems before everybody else will, and that gives me some safety margin to deal with it. This way I do miss my Nagra times when I was sure I was hearing real recorded distortion, not the headphone amp's one! And anyway, Senator, until now I'm still on the job!! Thanks Tony
  12. Nice Pic!

    Yes Chris, definitively a good thing, to have a directional light AND both hands free! Cheers Tony
  13. Wrong post

    Cool, Jeff, thanks!
  14. SD 788 whishlist

    I wish the 788T had a more powerfull headphone amplifier, that would not distort sound in my headphones, before the headphones thenselves or my ears would complain! I know there's a red light led showing when the 788 headphone amp distorts, but it is very annoying having to check a take because I'm not really sure if the distortion is real or caused by the headphone amp! I also wish that the 788T channels / level leds were labeled 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8! I hate the L, R, A, B, C, D, E, F, G labeling! Sometimes in a rush situation it is really confusing! Tony Muricy Tony Muricy