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  1. Do you keep them (or something similar) at hand in your kit or generally, always within reach? Wear them at concerts regardless of sticking out in a crowd?
  2. a small rubber band that loops around both knobs?? it might be helpful to get a tone generator that has an output that is a reliable amount of db to test the input of each unit and see how innacurate, or not, the meters are. i have been told that any xlr split lowers db by -6, generally. the output of the audioroot should be delivering solid line level but perhaps the 5 pin out is chopping off -6 or more. a member who is more knowledgeable should jump in and clarify. what exactly is generating the rest of the difference can be sorted out one way or another. because of instances like this i was, at one point, seriously considering buying an RDL PT-AMG2: for instances such as this but i never did. now i want one again just to play around with.
  3. VER

    the rental prices are subsidized and/or offset by the other business they do. if you get requests via email to do work with any rental house's equipment (other than extra equipment you are budgeting and billing for) that you send a well prepared response that you can copy and paste into any email reply (strong bullet points) that states the very good reasons you will only work with your own equipment. it will save time/money rather than getting into a back and forth about it. if they want to argue about it say goodbye to them. and learn to live without them and their jobs.
  4. hello mfrs if there is rado approved radomax, radomad or a radomadmax on the horizon sign me up for one. i enjoy reading his opinions on design and functionality of equipment.
  6. nobody has changed the basic structure of the government since the u.s. constitution was ratified in 1788. there seems to be no conspiracy at hand in this election. maybe the best explanation of what occurred in this election is here:
  7. you are incorrect about the usa being a democracy. the usa is a federal republic and a representative democracy. a democracy and a representative democracy are not the same thing.
  8. Lol we needed The Senator to instigate, moderate and antagonize on this thread.
  9. I don't know about the concrete mob, but the state and the city do purchase a lot of concrete for road and sidewalk rebuilding.
  10. Silver, the long serving State Assembly Speaker, was a Democrat and the Garner incident happened under the watch of Socialist Progressive Liberal Democrat Mayor de Blasio, who campaigned vigorously about about police abuse of power issues and promised change in policing procedures. I do not see a connection from these instances that point to the Republican President Elect that indicate his involvement in corruption and abuse of power.
  11. what, specifically, is going to happen in the realm of mind boggling system abuse and corruption?
  12. i think so too. people are still at it with them though, i know a soundie in brooklyn who does music of his own as well as recording, mixing and mastering for other people and he says he uses the 388 often enough to keep it maintained and running.
  13. there was a mixing board closer to the window but for framing purposes i left it out. from what i can tell they use it as a reception and lounge area, the proprietor does more video editing than audio recording now and those facilities are in other rooms down a hallway.
  14. yes, that's a tascam 388 on the left in the back no, this is not my home studio. this photo was taken through a storefront window in upper manhattan.