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  1. i have pro 650s from way back. Bulky a little heavy but comfy but very easy on my ears. 7506 has always sounded harsh to me, but everyone's ears are different. It takes a while to get used to perceiving directional orientation. .
  2. I think the reality of the market you are in is a worldwide phenomena and G8 countries are just as full of foolish cheapskates as the rest.
  3. from the get go, if i receive a call like that my standard rehearsed ad lib is: are you sure you want me to work with that crap?... you have everything to gain by introducing that into the discussion. you and i are prepared to elaborate on the subject. the producer side, usually not prepared. on the other hand, losing a potential headache is not a bad thing at all. if you care more about the end result/quality of sound and supplying a hassle and crisis free shoot than the producers do it's not a good match.
  4. Time to step up to the plate for your fellow crew members. Pick up Fudgie The Whale from your nearest Carvel store (if you can actually find one anymore) and I guarantee you'll be a big hero, at least for the moment!!,-74.0807972,11.25z
  5. maybe the right way to phrase it is: real producers. honestly i thinks the mix pres will eventually outsell the zoom f series because people in the zoom market will not invest in enough really good wireless and mics to plug into it. they want cheaper but find it hard to balance or quantify/qualify cheap vs adequate vs sub par vs decent vs great. quite often they are the people who buy twice/cry twice, several times with different items!! lol. at least with the mixpre 3 they would, with a little research and due diligence in regard to making smart purchases, understand what a 'great basic kit' really is for their intended purposes. if they don't they keep buying and crying and ultimately get nauseous when they finally succumb to having to hire a sound guy or girl who wants nothing to do with operating the equipment they have already purchased in error.
  6. they won't be thinking for very long--they're going to jump on it.
  7. jerry carroll, the pitchman, is still at large. lots of nyc local tv commercials were hilariously funky. i really miss it. they proved that new yorkers had a lot of taste, but no class, just about everyone found them cheesy, somewhat repulsive in production value and concept, but universally loved.
  8. if i remember correctly the antar brothers, owners, took the company public and made an ipo, but misrepresented the financials and subsequently, after the stock tanked, they were investigated by the sec, then fled the country, were extradited back, prosecuted and jailed.
  9. in any event, for those who have never seen one of these masterpieces, jw sound presents:
  10. love those commercials. is your first spot on youtube?
  11. Professional Audio Built in production quality sound recording URSA Mini Pro has a high quality microphone and professional audio recorder built right in so you don’t have to carry around extra sound equipment! Use the built in stereo microphone to record natural location sound or connect professional microphones using the two XLR wide dynamic range mic inputs. The XLR connections have 48V of switchable phantom power so you can plug in everything from shot gun to wireless clip on mics for capturing every detail of the performance. You can quickly adjust levels using the external knobs and monitor audio using the onscreen audio meters.
  12. the only thing missing is a sign:
  13. Do you have a kill switch on the car? If they can't break in they can alternatively steal the vehicle and drive it someplace and dismantle the cage and the car.
  14. this quoted scenario is playing out a lot here in nyc and the jersey suburbs. very high and in some cases very unequal property taxes. and tough commutes even if you do live in one of the four outer boroughs. quality of life and quality of family life are supremely important issues that are linked directly to dual income earners with children. is there ever a do-able ideal situation or is always bite the bullet and make do?? as far as making do is concerned i would recommend setting time aside--weekly--to calmly and rationally discuss finances--avoiding flashpoint acrimony is key. the most common arguments between spouses are about money. having a long and short term game plan that both camps are in agreement with and keeping up to date with, helps avoid the flashpoint scenario that happens in those instances when it became necessary to discuss an issue. discussing the money thing makes dealing with it routine, just another thing to do and makes joint decisions less stressful. not easier, sometimes, just less stressful.
  15. Dear Diary: I sure hope MozeGear releases a battery version of the MiniPapi soon.