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  1. northwire now owned by LEMO makes excellent cable for DC.... and timecode...
  3. Oh, no neckstrain. I just turned my iMac 90 degrees on its side... heh....
  4. + 111
  5. i'd like a ear transplant with yours Zach...
  6. and then there are some actors with whom i'd like an "In XXX" mic.... heh...
  7. this is going so fast to nowhere...
  8. *Class 2 Laser Product – Do not stare into beam – Do not aim at aircraft Hahahha....
  9. I found these cheapest at ALLIED ELECTRONICS...
  10. interesting... TARA_F_SERIES_CD-1079619.pdf
  11. were there any photos meant to be in your last post?
  12. I finally saw this film... Dear Jeff, I just want to tell you how amazing the film sounds.... And as one can easily see, it was not an easy-peasy film at all in terms of the scenes and logistics involved... (not to say ANY film is ALL easy for us, of course) How can you retire!!! -vin
  13. hihi = hehe heh...
  14. Mike, how do you charge the battery? What is the capacity you are using? 10Ah?
  15. Second that. the WRC is the place where one needs representation in the first place - in the first place setup where they purportedly decide on spectrum (re-)allocation...