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  1. Maybe Randy Thom?
  2. blue = zaxcom
  3. HA! That completely depends on HOW the LtRt was created. I will only say this much now on this thread to avoid creating any more confusion, and more importantly a sudden void in the middle of all that is going on here. the Center -- in an LR space is a GHOST center. created from equal amplitude, zero phase signals going to both L and R speakers.
  4. Constantin, my friend, hope you are well! Feels like AGES since we met, but it is just about a year or so. I have no idea since i have still not used these connectors. I just feel that you should go through the LEMO docs and it will give you a much better idea. Yet, if you want me to - i will ask my local Indian LEMO rep, who is a SUPERB person for more info on this. At some point of time i too will need this information. warmest regards -vin
  5. visited their factory 2015 September...
  6. it has a floppy drive!!!
  7. of course, in which case, the 144 mA will do fine...
  8. 8 positions at 45 degrees each...
  9. Microdots are manually put on connectors at the DPA factory. It is an elaborate procedure. Albeit that the connectors are thoroughly tested, they may break in the field.
  10. if you want to control the electrons, you need special methods. and that means you have to get to me. heh.
  11. 999 now...
  12. says 999 now.