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  1. if you want to control the electrons, you need special methods. and that means you have to get to me. heh.
  2. 999 now...
  3. says 999 now.
  4. excellent resource for any kind of coax cable build, any connector, any length...
  5. yes, but take care to find the right position, or else the grub screw wont hit the crimp...
  6. Six Pin Lemos are fairly easy to solder. You will need a thin tip, a magnifying device will help. best thing to use to isolate a particular pin from the other ones is Kapton tape which can resist heat up to 400 degrees centigrade.
  7. from where Mike?
  8. No. There is no winning with STUPIDITY. And each time one of us goes out and records useless or close to useless sound - we are adding to this. At some point - all of us should say - NO. even at the cost of replacement. -vin
  9. So do I. The ONLY time i used it outdoors was in the VERY quiet space in a valley up in the Himalayas. And that too not all the time...
  10. wisycoms should work anywhere with over 200 mHz...
  11. !!!
  12. < It's a lot of money!!! > <Also do you want to share your favorite limiter settings and pre-attenuation settings for dialogue?> No. (cause there ain't any such thing) :)