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  1. I see a certain network channel use block 27 and 28 in vegas. 700mHz is still not deployed here so I would not worry about 600mHz.
  2. RX 200 only outputs 1.5V . THe canon might have needed a little more. might be the center pin of the TC bnc on the camera
  3. They have not even rolled VoLTE 700mHz in my city yet...
  4. when was that? do you have more information?
  5. Installed the beta last month and it kept crashing on start.
  6. I would love a Zaxcom hand held as well. I have been asking for a small TX for stick mics and am happy Zaxcom made one.But shape is in my opinion wrong. I am designing a cylindrical shell that can house a zmt. A cylindrical shell will look a lot better on the stick mic.
  7. the shure is impressive . 2ms delay...
  8. Still no locking connector.
  9. i don't see why not with an adapter. I agree. Zaxcom reported range and actual range differ. my 742 runs for 12+ hours with ext usb.
  10. I wish the form factor was cylindrical but other then that it is great especially for stick mic use. I will judge the battery life when I get one. (: I wish there was a trx742 version that works for more then a 1.5 hours on rechargbles...
  11. I worked with 2 minis that only worked with 3V ERX
  12. have not heard the samples yet but want to mention that lectro has noise filter
  13. post a sample
  14. zaxcom

    try another cable. I assume the cable is faulty...
  15. zaxcom

    what John said. Re recording not implemented by zaxcom You can not change individual TX power state automatically but you can change for all TX power roll only goes down to 50mW and ZMT max power is 75 so this is normal also "assuming Remote audio did not make a faulty cable" did you select stereo modulation in the transmitter menu?