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  1. Sonosax SX-R4+

    Thanks, send a request
  2. Sonosax SX-R4+

    Is there a sonosax user group somewhere?
  3. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    Do not use zaxcom for ifb unless the signal is amplified by a lot. Zaxnet range is not very good and IFB reliability is a number one priority. Clients hate drop outs and can care less how food it sounds.
  4. New DPA lavs?

    Don't remember honestly. 2009 maybe?
  5. New DPA lavs?

    There was a little problem before with the wire supplier they were using but I caught it and alerted them. Well one of the reasons I don't like sanken cos11s is the wire is so thick but i doubt it can get damaged .
  6. New DPA lavs?

    I love the "my" concealers and for the business I am in they are very important. But when I lost my first Mic I found the design flaw and contacted " to be fair" DPA USA " not Denmark". I really tried to argue and change their mind so more people don't get problems with their mics. It did not work. That was before I designed the slim and pushed them in to making it...
  7. New DPA lavs?

    You should be good then...
  8. New DPA lavs?

    A few years ago I had a little heated argument with DPA USA about the size of the concealer and how it wears out and breaks mics. Now days a lot of people presume that dpa mics are not very sturdy and strong. As somebody who have used dpa miniature mics almost exclusively for more then a decade I can attest that the main reason for breaking is a design flaw with the size of the concealer and Mic head plastic tubing. Since I made my concealer smaller I have had zero problems . Look at the picture bellow and pay attention to the 2 concealer sizes - mine and the original one - and you will see the obvious design flaw. If DPA extend the plastic tubing I will be happy to use bigger concelears which a better for attaching to fabric having more adhesive area and not showing the corners on fabric as much.
  9. New DPA lavs?

    The problem is if you use the mics with a dpa concealer. The edge of it is too long and goes over the plastic protection next to the head. It is a horrible design and something that I fought with dpa about. The fix for that is reducing the size of the concealer. I never use full size concealer because it distroys microphones. Look at the pictures bellow
  10. New DPA lavs?

    Like what?
  11. new low cost radiomic

    My wireless and booms operate 80Hz-15Hz . Don't need more then that.
  12. PAID 5.2 Just Released

    Works perfect on windows 10. I am happy with the program but the only thing I can really use is a smtp server implementation so I can directly email invoices to the email in the client DB. And user selectable DB backup folder
  13. Zaxcom TRXLA3 Line level cable wiring

    use the lemo that does not need the crimp. Better plug in my opinion because it is easily reparable
  14. PAID 5.2 Just Released

    Is paid development dead?
  15. Sonosax SX-R4+

    Bravo. It makes it very hard not to buy one very soon...