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  1. Expeted result indoors. While cmit5 is very good indoors it will never work better then the usual supercardioid and cardiod mics
  2. Indoors?
  3. With a softie???
  4. Rycote softie is sensitive to the lightest wind. Bubble Bee layer softies are a lot better... Cinela do not adapt and say a mount works for a microphone unless is 100% perfect. it is just the genius mind at work. I tested 6 different cmit5 mounts which had such a subtle difference But I use and mount mics that are not authorized all the time. Sorry I have 4017b. Go to a sound shop that carries cinela and start trying...
  5. They bought Lightweave back in the day. If they buy and destroy Cinela it would be deveststing... Please let's not give them scarry ideas... I am really terrified considering rycote has done it before.
  6. By saw I meant phisically in my hands and tested... Noting is better then Cinela and a bubble bee layer softie. Rycote promotes some products through mixers and then when the masses get their hands on it it turns to be garbage. I use the first Invision and they are pretty ok. But all other new attempts are failing. When rycote purchased the competition and closed them down they turned in to a monopoly. You can't expect a monopoly to put a good product out because they don't really have to. Rycote products are still being pushed on the market and people are still buying them which is fine by me. But don't expect me to get excited by products like this invision lite mount, cyclone or the latest softie because I tried them and they are all worst then previous rycotes and not even close to cinela and bubblebee
  7. This mount is unpractical ans noisy
  8. Now when I saw the mount I can say it is a terrible design and noisy.
  9. Does it work ok with softies?
  10. Group Buy???
  11. 90 feet range line of sight? what about through walls? I love the transmitter battery use: 6 hours with 2 alkaline...
  12. Me too...
  13. I see a certain network channel use block 27 and 28 in vegas. 700mHz is still not deployed here so I would not worry about 600mHz.
  14. RX 200 only outputs 1.5V . THe canon might have needed a little more. might be the center pin of the TC bnc on the camera
  15. They have not even rolled VoLTE 700mHz in my city yet...