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  1. ZMT3 & PowerRoll

    Can you try on a newer 2.5 2.6 ? I don't have a way to measure now. When I tried was on trx2.5 and there was no difference between 25mW and 50mW. I even spoke to the mothership about it...
  2. ZMT3 & PowerRoll

    I mesuered it away from the transmitter. I don't know how you see a difference but there was never one on any of my transmitters. Sent from my LG-US700 using Tapatalk
  3. ZMT3 & PowerRoll

    I have measured. Sent from my LG-US700 using Tapatalk
  4. ZMT3 & PowerRoll

    axcom have not had a 25mW I believe ever. Sent from my LG-US700 using Tapatalk
  5. NAB 2018 Products update

    Ambient PowerLockit. Great concept . Great idea. Born in a bar in Vdara few years ago. (: This is not something for us sound guys. I dont see myself asking a DP to add this to his camera. Also buying all the breakout cables for different cameras will be costly. Lets hope camera people embrace it.
  6. NAB 2018 Products update

    Haha...nothing on the near future horizon.
  7. NAB 2018 Products update

    Honestly this NAB was all about the rummors of all the secret / inrealeased products. Mmmmmmmm
  8. NAB 2018 Products update

    Here in the USA I see AB used on cameras 99% of the time. VLock on lights and AB on camera is the norm. Just saw they have Gold mount option as well. Redacted.
  9. Zaxcom RX12 review and comparison

    I spend a week with the Zaxcom RX12 + 3 modules last week and put it against my OneUnit micplexerII + 3 qrx200s over the weekend. Here are my findings summarized: Size and ergonomic design Bigger then Nomad so harder to bag in a nomad setup. The modules handles stick out even further making it even bigger. Heavier. Fan is on the bottom making it unpractical to lay on the bottom of a bag. It has Sma antennas instead of BNC which makes it harder and timely to swap between antenna systems. RX12 AES is on the opposite side of Nomad AES TA5 connectors instead of DB15. The RX12 should have Zaxnet integrated for a few reasons: Users could use it with maxx or other third party recorders. And if QIFB is integrated the same way as QRX235 we would actually be able to see the transmitters gain which has been my major complaint about Nomad Zaxnet and IFB200. I understand if no piece of gear was able to show an exact TRX gain but if the qrx235 can do it everything else should. Knowing the gain of the transmitters is very important to me. And I dont buy the idea that Zaxnet can not be put in to Maxx or RX12. I have removed QIFB from a QRX and I know how big it is... Power switch is on the side the same way as Nomad power switch and you have to reach down the bag to access it. I prefer the Maxx power switch on the top. If maxx has it must be possible. I would actually pay to get the Maxx style power switch on my Nomod. There is no Power Indicator on the screen leaving the user in the dark about how much battery is left. In the Era of SMBus Smart Batteries I guess only sonosax are current with todays technology. The RX12 power consummation is not to far away from 3 qrx200s with micplexer. It needs a little more juice and runs less time but it is not as bad as I expected. I tested it with Inspire-Energy 100Wh battery. Switching off modules will reduce power drain. I a few people asked me online if that is the case and it is. Since there is only one kind of RX12 having the modules is not very practical to break down wireless between other setups. If there was an cheaper RX2 RX4 RX6 RX8 and RX10 it might make more sense. IMHO having bunch of QRXs is way more practical compared to 1 or 2 RX12s RF Performance. All test were done with the sound cart outside and test subject walking away and getting inside buildings walking between people and hiding behind a metal paint booth. The RX12 measured RF noise even when the antennas are not connected. I have no idea way. Even if the Nomad is Off there is 39-42 units of noise. As far as Single Mode and dual modethe RX12 performs "OK" with whip antennas and "GOOD" with external antenna away from the bag. As any other Zaxcom wireless the whips pick up noise from the receiver they are connected. I have expressed my opinion about Zaxcom receivers and whip antennas on many occasions. Raising the antennas even few inches always improves reception. XR modulation deals with noise a lot better then previous modulations but still “remoting” the antennas gives me a lot more range and peace of mind. With Elevated Zaxcom sharkfins RX12 is comparable to OneUnit and starts cutting off 10-15 yards before the OneUnit. I must confess since I designed the OneUnit and put the micplexer away from the qrxs inside the Nomad on top of the Mirror card my wireless performance have been a lot better and stable then before. All things considered great Idea me and others have asked for but a product that feels a little rushed to the market without putting to much effort to make a perfect product. Most downsides and limitations are manageable "dual mode needs to be retested" . Don't know if this is the case with the unit I was testing or all around issue. Maybe other users can share their dual mode experience Thanks
  10. Show me your bag

    Man I am working on something similar... Mine is with TA3 like AKG k240
  11. Ambient ACN-LS users?

    Any field expreriance with the Ambient ACN-LS? I am seriously considering it...
  12. TentacleSync E review

    Back in 2015, when I reviewed the first "crowd funded" tentacle sync, there was very little not to like about it. I was stating that after such a strong first product I am very excited to see how the tentacle syncs will evolve. I spent almost a month with the new 2nd generation tentacle sync E jam boxes and like the predecessors they do once again impress with innovation. The Tentacle Sync E carries over the same great features as the classic version: Small and light. Very Light. Allows for easier and more secure mounting on a camera and Camera Operators smiles. Rock Solid variable level Time Code that keeps approximate RTC even if shutdown and restarted The variable TC level is great for jamming picky cameras "RED" (: Internal microphone More useful than I expected especially with Red Integrated Velcro Cool Impressive 35 hours run and fast charging battery system Better and more convenient than battery charging and changing AA and AAA So, what has changed? A lot. Tentacle went all out on the improvements The Internal Microphone quality is improved which is always welcome for a scratch track. Battery is now replaceable and tentacle will have battery kits for sale. Back in 2015 I noted that locking connector is really something that I cannot live without. The new E Unit Tentacle delivers very ingenious and elegant plastic clamp locking solution. I was intentionally but unsuccessfully trying to disconnect it and I even let the jam box hanging a whole day by a 1-inch short bnc to mini trs cable. I feel like the natural evolution in the future tentacle sync will be a small jam box that just plugs directly in to the bnc without mounting (: The most impressive improvement is the low energy Bluetooth and the software behind it. It gives full control and monitoring over each individual unit and even alerts if a cable has been disconnected "which actually did alert me once when an AC disconnected the Tentacle when a camera was changed from on a tripod to a jib." I did not really appreciate how useful the software is before I actually used it. I was working a commercial and there were a few people who wanted to take notes. I just had them install the software on their own phones and VOALA. I wish there were 2 version of the software: one for setup and one for viewing only so people don’t try to mess with the setup. And it would cool if the viewing one can have a note adding that exports to pdf. But most of all being able to just monitor the sync status of the whole set remotely without having to go to each camera and manually comparing time code from the unreliable camera screen is a luxury I believe no other jam box on the market provides such a simple monitoring solution. "Ambient ACN and TCS BIink need special hardware and seam a lot more complicated." I wish this can be added to recorders in the future in some kind of universal Low Energy Bluetooth protocol so I don’t have to use a phone and look unprofessional while doing it. What about the support? I found a bug in the android app showing the wrong time code in the devices menu even though everything was in sync. It looked like a NTSC issue "most of the world don’t use NTSC so a small oversight". I contacted Max and 2 days later the google play store had the fixed app update. In conclusion: There are so many things going for the tentacle sync apart from price and idiot proof operation but honestly there are few very important qualities: Weight and size. We live in times where strong and light plastics and small electronics are technologically available but a lot of field production sound manufactures make everything build like a tank. It does not have to be like that anymore. Regardless if it is in the bag or on a camera gear needs to be small, light. And also in tentaclesyncE case use modern innovative technology while keeping it simple for the end user. With such a track record I am looking forward to a great 3rd generation product. note: the ambient ACN is similar but it needs the big masterlockit to BE ABLE TO MONITOR TIME CODE and it is just not as simple as Tentacle sync. I am not familiar with the TimeCodeSystem gear but it seams it needs special hardware and a lot more complicated.
  13. TentacleSync E review

    Are you checking the time code on the phone? What kind? There was a bug with American frame rates. You know the world does not really do all those strange frame rates...
  14. TentacleSync E review

    What frame rate? Is it matching on both devices. How do you power up the tentacle ? There are two different ways depending on how you want to use it. Where are you reading the difference? IPhone? Android?
  15. Zaxcom ZMT3 Battery Life

    ratting on questionable manufacturers batteries is questionable. Only Panasonic manufacture good batteries.
  16. TentacleSync E review

    Latest version? Wow. Apple sucks...
  17. TentacleSync E review

    Just try to install the latest version. I run it on surface3 which has atom cpu and Intel video.
  18. TentacleSync E review

    BTW Resolve runs on atom cpu tablets so it should run on any mac.
  19. TentacleSync E review

    Hey hey now. I don't hate osX . I dislike Apple hardware. (:
  20. TentacleSync E review

    Video toolshed fcpauxtc is $250. I own it. If you buy a tentacle syncE they give you a free osx or Windows sync software
  21. TentacleSync E review

    Yes but the size and price is totally different . also acn is not as simple. Give me that redit link if you can.
  22. TentacleSync E review

    I am guessing you are talking about LTC time code on an audio track. . Yes I am talking about the syncing software. tentacle time code tool for windows. Also some video editors work with ltc.
  23. TentacleSync E review

    What problems? Every editor can work with time code. Also you can use the Tentacle TimeCode Tool on windows.
  24. Effect of new tax bill on freelance soundies?

    Unfortunately I have to retire and silentlly invest in this las Vegas production sound corporation.