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  1. have you run the battery all the way yet?
  2. You should use the AES cone. And also power the 742 from 5V 10000mah battery with battery eliminators.
  3. Looks great. wish it had more aes3 inputs.
  4. You are right. Maxx is a great idea but poor implementation...
  5. Thanks
  6. Not going to happen... Great Job SD. As usual...
  7. thank you. I would love to have a one zeppelin AES42 solution stereo mkh8040 solution...
  8. Wow... This is great. Any idea where I can special order the dual AES42 adapter? Thanks
  9. Cables are fine. Also I have tried to burn erx1tcds with phantom power and they are fine. I don't buy the phantom power being blamed for what I believe to be a trs board connector failure. All 5 of my erxs had cold solder on the plug and the design of the erx is not very sturdy around the trs
  10. Zax I wish but no.
  11. no mk1s they are rock solid 99% of the time but I have encountered a few with that issue.
  12. The rx200 can only feed 1.5V TC. Alco some C300 does not like Zaxcom timecode. I have had situations where the XLRs from erx have to be plugged in for the time code to work.
  13. Something very important about antenna distribution amps. If there is no filter the front end of the recievers can get overloaded by digital walkies and other RF polluters. Filters are a must have!
  14. The MOZEGEAR Papi sounds great. I have been using it for maybe 2 months and am astonished how good it sounds. The battery version will be a great addition. There is a microUSB port that it does not work to power the device from Nomad USB or 5V battery.
  15. after party is at crown and anchor down the street. Crown & Anchor 1350 E Tropicana Ave Las Vegas, NV 89119
  16. (:
  17. Aes42 in xlr to xlr No setup on mic No adjusting
  18. Is it going to be big enough?
  19. 8060 is just as good in rf humidity as 416. And it does not have the screw failure.
  20. No How much?
  21. what lower latency?
  22. Spoke to Gelnn yesterday about the TC option and he said it will be selectable in menu. Since I switched to DPA microdot I love 3pin Lemo
  23. 8060 is better in doors by a lot...
  24. Zaxcom are getting very good fitting more power in to smaller electronics. I would love to see a bigger Zaxcom transmitter which battery life is on par with smqv. maybe 2 of those Fuji batteries?