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  1. this is the plate my friend uses. I also use rubber straps in addition to the Velcro. 100% secure running and gunning. 2.75 in by 5 in 5.5in by 5in there is even a bigger plate but I don't know the dimensions.
  2. Different fader assignment is just a different way to control channels with fader knobs. 2 AES42 and the internal rx connected permanently with AES. using browser will make the machine control available to all kinds of devices.
  3. oh yes and lite bags. Somebody should start making good lite bags.
  4. I am talking about 1 aes42 that outputs 2 mics. I am not aware of anybody that makes one.
  5. As usual One unit Maxx2 with internal IE battery , 4 faders, 8 AES in, "different fader assignment" 3 dual wireless modules, 2 SD Cards - primary and mirror, wireless control module inside for use with tablets preferably through browser and not app. DPA AES42 preamp. Sennheiser or DPA dual AES42 preamp that takes 2 capsules in to one AES. Mini slate for GoPro.
  6. If it is not tight yes otherwise rock solid
  7. are you saying the actual Microsoft adapter is crackling? I am yet to see a faulty Microdot.
  8. What happened to the tech awards?
  9. Neumann/Sennheiser AES42 is really quiet. I have been using mkh8060 with mzd8000 and it works great
  10. There is a plate that mounts over the xlr that every self respecting Amira operator should own....
  11. Here is my review after a great day of work. I am going to start with the charger. I really like the Aluminum case with locking connector. I have had 4 IDX chargers fail in the past. The AudioRoot charger is small size and perfect for traveling.The strong aluminum case will withstand a lot of abuse. The LCD screen with charging percentage is great. It gives me clear indication on the charging state left compared to the IDX charger which leaves me almost clueless. The battery cup is small and locks the battery very firm. In my current setup I have the NP1 cup on the bottom of the bag. I had a few cups that were a little loose and a small bump on the bottom of my bag will disconnect the cup leads from the battery leads. With the AudioRoot cup it is impossible to get disconnected. The cup size helps with battery placement. The batteries are a lot smaller then Np-L7S “see the picture” but have a lot more power then the bigger IDX. I got 4+ hours with Nomad "recording 6 channels and zaxnet TX" 3 qrx200s, micplexer2 working in the heat pulling 1.142A and 22.16W . Beats my lightly used almost new IDX by 45mins to an hour... IDX are 14.8V, 4.6Ah, 68Wh AudioRoot are 14.4V , 6.2Ah 89Wh I don’t know how much electronics the battery has or how they managed to fit so much power and electronics in such a small space but I just love the fact that I have more power in my disposal. AudioRoot has a smaller 45Wh battery. Combined with the small distro the small battery will be a good power solution for qrx, mic pres and small mixers... The batteries have LCD power indication on top which is great if you have your Cup on the bottom and the lcd facing up. Speaking of battery charge indication the Distro is the most impressive piece of gear I have ever used and light years ahead of the competition… It is fitted in a strong aluminum box with an color OLED screen and Sunlight readable with 180° viewing angle . Other manifactures should take notice…This kind of screen is what we should have in all our gear! The screen shows “Real time of the battery’s status : remaining capacity (%), estimated running time left, battery voltage, current consumption, battery pack temperature and battery charge/discharge cycles count“. All this information is great but mainly the “estimated running time left“. It is very accurate. If I switch off 1 or 2 recievers the distro immediately recalculates the estimated time. I find myself looking differently at shooting situations when I have an estimated time and not voltage… It is just so much better. The screen is also blinking when the battery capacity falls below 10 %. Another cool feature. The Cicles info is very cool as well. Tells you how many charges have been done on the battery. The outputs are on the bottom « Where they are supposed to be » and save a lot of space. The first 4 outputs have Polyswitch 2.5A resettable fuses. This is very cool. I have not tested it yet but it should keep your distro ON even if you get a power short. I will test it tomorrow by short ing a cable and find out if it really works. I wish it had fuses on all 6 outputs. The On/Off switches on the top are just top notch design. You have to pull the switch UP to move it left or right. Even if you try to force the switch without pulling up it would never move. This protects from accidental switches. Great Design! The 2 switches gives more control over what you have on in the bag. I use one for recorder and one for wireless. The one minor complain I have is the distro is hardwired in to the cup. "EDIT" The hardwired distro only works with AudioRoot Batteries!!!! Now this my conclusion : I am glad that I made the plunge in to this unknown company. The AudioRoot products are just so much better then the rest in every aspect : Size, Durability, Design, Power and features. IDX had a good run. I never liked their charger. Their batteries are very old technology and since IDX holds a huge chunk of the market they did not need to innovate and upgrade their product. I will be selling all my IDX batteries and chargers to convert to AudioRoot. IMHO it is worth it. I will pick up a single charger , extra Cup to Hirose for backup and 2 more batteries. Bravo AudioRoots. Thank You for innovating each of the products that I now own. The attention to detail, design and usability is something to be admired. The prices are really competitive making converting a no brainer... A lot of people might not want to make such a drastic change to their power solution but even if you want to stick with your own you have to try the DISTRO. I am sure once you try it you will buy it. P.S. AudiRoot Right angle Hirose is nice and easy to assemble.
  12. After my recommendation battery eliminator store designed and started selling USB connected AA battery eliminators. 2AA "Utilizes our custom AA battery cells, one Active and one Dummy (shorted) to complete the circuit in your 2 AA cell battery tray. Connects to USB port on a phone charger, computer, or portable USB battery pack. Converts USB bus power (5.1 Volts) to 3 Volts DC. Maximum current is determined by the capabilities of your USB port. Phone chargers are often rated to 1 Amp maximum, while tablet chargers are often 2.1 Amps maximum." 3AA "Utilizes our custom AA battery cells, one Active and two Dummy (shorted) to complete the circuit in your 3 AA cell battery tray. Connects to USB port on a phone charger, computer, or portable USB battery pack. Converts USB bus power (5.1 Volts) to 4.5 Volts DC. Maximum current is determined by the capabilities of your USB port. Phone chargers are often rated to 1 Amp maximum, while tablet chargers are often 2.1 Amps maximum." http://www.batteryeliminatorstore.com/index.php?id_category=10&controller=category
  13. Apple's newest MacBook Pro is the first MacBook not recommended by Consumer Reports http://www.businessinsider.com/apple-macbook-pro-2016-consumer-reports-2016-12?r=UK&IR=T
  14. I use small 4 Panasonic Cell InspiredEnergy/Audiaroot batteries for my maxx and can not be happier. Same with the IE/AR chargers. Very happy that are silent. Quick Note: The recalibration charger has the fan on even when charging...
  15. Zaxcom Maxx
  16. I just had 8040 fail "not enough gain" and sennheiser repaired it right away. Great company.
  17. I have been testing the mini-papi for a month "i have no preamps on my OneUnit Nomod" and it is a fantastic piece of gear. sounds great...
  18. search this forum for mkh8060 problems. some early units had it.
  19. it is hard to beat AES tx to rx200 aes out or even 2 RX for 4 channel. I have been feeding Amira that way and saved ESPN, CBS sports, Showtime and FOX sports a lot of time by avoiding sync.. They are always happy to just ingest the footage and start cutting and happy to call me back.
  20. Apple graphic issues New MacBook Pro uses have complained about massive GPU related problems, mostly but not exclusively related to running Adobe Software or FileVault 2 disc encryption. The videos attached bewlo show two of the most common issues users have been experiencing: wrong colors, glitches and even GPU freezes. Up until recently it was unclear if the issues were hardware- or software related but a mail from VP of software engineering at Apple Craig Federighi, suggest, that it may be the latter
  21. In my first OneUnit prototype I had a hot swap " IE have a special card for that" and also charging while the batteries are inside the unit. But after a while I decided that there is no reason to carry the second battery extra weight. 5 hours is plenty for my use
  22. Zaxcom revolutionized the technology by utilizing the buffer...Think Prerecord . Using the same technology I imagine an analog or AES channel where you can select the latency of the modulation to be compensated in the recorder sampling. I spoke to Glenn about it.
  23. Nice. My old design before I took the distro out and just connected everything directly to simplify the setup. Another thing I did is triple split power cable from one output. Ideally I want to have solder connections instead of cables.
  24. I doubt the DNC can recover by the next election "Debbie wasserman Shultz nomination in 4 years 🙂" and judging by the last 2 weeks it looks like the dems have not learned a single lesson...