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  1. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    camera dept does not know what 2.4 frequency they are transmitting on. use this list if they throw a preston channel number at you preston frequency list: channel MHz Channel MHz Channel MHz 0 2402 10 2424 20 2458 1 2404 11 2428 21 2460 2 2406 12 2432 22 2462 3 2408 13 2436 23 2464 4 2410 14 2440 24 2466 5 2412 15 2444 25 2468 6 2414 16 2448 26 2470 7 2416 17 2452 27 2472 8 2418 18 2454 28 2474 9 2420 19 2456 29 2476 when follow focus units have difficulty due to interference, the camera dept often jumps on to other channels randomly. I have had the camera dept knock out my zax ifb often, in a challenged environment
  2. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    prior to giving up on 2.4Ghz, I would run audio cable, to video village, and place my ifb100 on the monitor cart. I would place my other ifb100 to another side of set, on another frequency. the erx receivers were set in voting mode, to go between the two frequencies. this was not foolproof. there was often one or more people that would be left out. on one show, the director had been a dp and he would leave the village and be with the technocrane operator. being between the two ifb100 transmitters and having the spread spectrum transmissions from the telex comms of the crane crew interfering meant that he couldn't hear program material from either transmitter. as soon as you remote an ifb100, you are also giving up being able to remotely control the body pack transmitters....which is one of the very reasons to buy into the zax system
  3. on more than one occasion, we needed a local "partner" that was named as part of the project. do check: http://www.dubaifilmcommission.ae/filming-in-dubai/how-to-film-in-dubai
  4. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    larry, many thanks for your detailed response. I had entertained getting the lectro vhf ifb system, but the price for 2 transmitters and 20 receivers was high for a system that I could not audition. about a month after I purchased the sennheiser ifb system, the duet was announced....
  5. Looking Into Buying Zaxcom IFB

    I found that an ifb running 2.4Ghz is not a bag friendly solution. Needing to power, and use a booster to get sufficient "punch" is arduous. It was somewhat useful for me for cart use, for about a year. Then came the flury of other 2.4Ghz bandwidth hogs - telex headsets for technocrane crews (using spread spectrum transmission), wireless dmx boxes for lighting, preston iris control and preston follow focus units, Qtake video broadcasting and cellular internet hubs for the mucky mucks The perfect storm is on a three camera day when you have six preston units, and all of the above. As wonderful as the audio quality of the Zaxcom Erx units is, video village is willing to hear something, continuously than something better, intermittently. I did seek guidance from the mothership, and the response was "use another frequency". Wise words. I have been using Sennheiser ifb units this year, on another frequency.... band. No boosters and no interference, and I can transmit in stereo, if that need arises.
  6. the feature is mentioned in this advert. perhaps there is an online manual that mentions the part number of the circuit: http://en-ca.sennheiser.com/closed-headset-tv-radio-broadcast-hme-26
  7. Any solution for Files backup with Ipad?

    well, the production you are with will be using one of the companies in kenya to help with entry. two of the ones I have worked with, have workstations that can back-up your work, if it is onerous to travel with your laptop. when I click on the .wav file, using the transcend app mentioned in my previous email, it plays. did you need something more than that?
  8. New Zaxcom small transmitter - ZMT

    it would be nice to find something that is greater than 2 bays and less than 12....: http://www.lectrosonics.com/US/Categories-listing/product/529-chs12lb50.html
  9. just for clarification, it was the dreamliner's own lithium battery system, not something someone else carried on board, or shipped

    I got a response in october from the dpa product manager that a zax version of the slim was some time off, if they were going to do it at all. if this position has changed, that would be good news
  11. in the past, I have had the occasion to talk with the director and script about intelligibility, with little traction. pointing out that the audience won't have the script in front of them, sometimes gets them thinking
  12. Do you use this rubber paste in the USA?

    I am guessing it's a version of clear butyl, often seen on set. a commercial version that is available in many places that sell expendables is "joe's sticky stuff"
  13. Any solution for Files backup with Ipad?

    with my cantar, I use this thumbdrive with lightning to access my pdf sound reports and send them with my iphone. you need the transcend iOS app to browse files and help you send files: https://ca.transcend-info.com/apple/jetdrivego300 what might work for you is transcend's rda2 sd card reader with lightning connector: https://ca.transcend-info.com/apple/rda2 should allow you to pop in the sd card from the 688 and load the files on to your ipad. you will need the correct ios app to use with reader. if you decide to try it, please follow up here, so we know what does and does not work
  14. cart power opinions

    I was going to suggest the meon life pelican battery, but going to the remote audio website indicates some sort of delay: http://remoteaudio.com/products/power/life-box/
  15. eliminating multiple dongles with one adapter: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hyperdrive-thunderbolt-3-usb-c-hub-for-macbook-pro#/ it is annoying to have apple ignore power users
  16. Zaxcom Wireless and IFB Range

    hand held cell phones typically max out at 600mw. in rural areas, "bag" phones are sometimes used and can go up to 3 watts. http://motorola3watts.com/
  17. 4 Pin Hirose to USB Cable

    http://www.ebay.ca/itm/AUDIOROOT-eUSB-2XHRS4-DUAL-USB-power-output-cable-/322230932448?hash=item4b0675d3e0:g:BSUAAOSwawpXtFWw also: http://www.productionwiring.com/86-usb-power-cables
  18. Cintenna ratpack dimmers

    on a recent set, we were shooting with 3 cameras. each camera had a wireless focus unit, wireless aperture control, wireless dmx controller (not cintenna), wireless video feed from the qtake operator to various crew members watching on ipads. there are usually 2 or 3 crew members tethering their laptops to their cellphones. it is also common to have at least one cellular wifi hotspot for the video village crowd. the erx receivers somehow worked for quite some time. the breaking point came when the supertechnocrane crew set up with their telex headset system. it is a 2.4ghz channel hopping system that makes it hard to stay ahead of. the only way to make the situation workable was to remote the ifb100 to the monitor cart. by doing so, I gave up remote control over frequencies and gain. I have 20 erx's, for the moment. I don't see an easy fix. more devices all the time squeezing into an ever shrinking spectrum. preston systems published a paper on the grim picture in 2009 http://www.prestoncinema.com/Manuals/TheWirelessJungle.pdf
  19. Aaton Cantar X3 user feedback?

    hey brian, according to the location sound corp website, the weight with batts is 8.8lbs(4.01kg). without batts - 7.8lbs(3.55kg). I don't have an accurate scale to double check for you, but LSC is a dealer and would know. curiously, at a quick glance, I did not see the weight in the most recent manual: http://www.aaton.com/sites/default/files/pdf/DocCantarX3_V1.113.pdf
  20. Smallest 48v power supply

    you did not mention which wireless system you were planning to use the power supply with. I used an areitec pico48 with my zax wireless, before the 742 plug-on was available. lightweight, one 9volt battery.
  21. Zuca Boom op cart

    there is a rugged version of the zuca bag which would be handy outside. the wheels are larger and the seated surface is taller: https://www.zuca.com/control/category?category_id=10210
  22. Zaxcom TRXFB3

    my unit arrived last week and I am looking forward to using it. in my market, there is a 1st ad that likes to listen to the ifb all the time and often uses a "voice of god". eliminating one pack means one less unit clipped to his belt. my other application is using it with costumes or prosthetic devices that make it difficult for an actor to listen to cues from other actors. I can send that actor the lines from all the other actors in that scene. where size is not an issue, it is simply another transmitter that I can use. the only downside for sets that I have been working on is how many things are running on 2.4ghz. I have been working on sets with a lot of crane use, and I find the telex coms that the crane crew and grips working with them, interfere with my zax ifb units. getting complaints from video village is a huge drag since I have 20 ifb receivers....
  23. I used to buy blocks of coat check numbers from a stationery store to provide an arbritary but distinct number on the bloop slate. years later, psc made a bloop slate with numbers that lit up and could be advanced by clicking a button on top.
  24. I believe the list is $1995. will confirm when I get invoiced for mine.
  25. the trxfb would be larger than an trx lt. you can get a used trx900aa for $500, which would be more cost effective. mute switches for the trx900aa are still available.