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  1. She's alive again! I was reading up a lot on the web - enough to get slightly confused of what to do. I let the battery rest 2 days, I put it in the freezer over night and some other esoteric stuff. I was hesitant to jump start/jolt it back to live by connecting it to a fully charged Np-1 - I'm aware of the explosive qualities of Lithium batteries - but that's what I did in the end. I taped two short pieces of solid electrical wire to one NP-1 and then touched the contacts with those cable endings of the dead one for about 5 sec after which I put it quickly into the charger. The charging light came on immediately and now, a few hours later the battery is fully charged. Thank you everybody for chiming in, the 'un-tripping the fuse' did the trick.
  2. I managed to totally empty one of my Li-Ion NP-1 batteries and now my charger (IDX) doesn't even make an attempt to charge it. Is there a chance or a way to re-animate my comatose battery? Tricks, techniques, voodoo ceremonies? tx !
  3. kl

    Nagra technician

    thanks for all this info !!!
  4. kl

    Nagra technician

    Great news, thank you Ryan (and José). Forrest did a great job on the one I unfortunately sold a few years ago.I think he had a space at Wilcox at the time.
  5. Looking for leads! Pretty much all Nagras on eBay or from wherever haven't been checked and calibrated for a long time. Who (especially around LA) is still servicing Nagras? tx.
  6. Thank you Tom, I did not try without pitch correction! Maybe that's the light at the end of the tunnel I'm looking for
  7. Tom, did you ever prepare TC for slow motion playback? If yes, did it work? What tools did you use? thanks
  8. One version done in protools - using 'speed': speeding up to 1.6683 and pitch correction down at the same time. The other version, same same but with built in tools of 'audacity' - 'change tempo'. Thank you for hanging in there!
  9. It's puzzling as it works perfectly on 24 - only thing I can think is that the pitch correction does something to the tc signal.
  10. Yes, tried that too
  11. Thanks John. Yes both slates are in read mode. I've played around with levels and also used different speed conversions - still jerky rolling of the numbers. It kinda works - not smoothly though.
  12. I'm sending plenty in standard speed and it works nicely in standard speed too - my issue happens when I'm sending off-speed for 40fps slow motion....! In other words sped-up audio + TC!
  13. Same issue with a Denecke ts-1 slate. It's a little less jerky, but jerky still. what's the issue here?
  14. I'm trying to feed my slate with off speed TC for a music video playback (via Comteks). The display though shows/updates to my numbers very spottily - and the reception LED mostly stays on red no matter what levels I'm sending. I have the slate on READ (dip 4 + 5 are on) and also have dips 1,2,3 as off, off, on - according to the manual. Anybody know of ways to trick the slate into behaving....? Thank you, Karl
  15. Having a similar situation here.....having to move a massive amount of audio into protools. I'll probably getting the LE version but wonder how to export 'handles'. Is that possible at all? Anybody found an economical way to do that?