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  1. Cart building day!!!

    It would be great to see the ute at some point too. Is it a tray back?
  2. CL900 and 664 RF Bleed

    A high pitched whine? Thats Zaxnet getting into your radio mics. Turn the power down on your Zaxnet TX and/or move the antenna away from your other radio mics.
  3. LAX RF woes...

    By New Endian
  4. Beats headphones

  5. Audio Wireless any good?

    Good bang for your buck, especially if you go for the 32mhz option. Not great with intermod in larger setups. Sound quality seemed very good from what I've heard. Comparing them to wisycom is pointless, wisy win every time but cost a fair bit more.
  6. WisyCom now available in North America

    +1 Stuart. They are rough as old boots when they overload.
  7. WisyCom now available in North America

    Radio Astronomy is why those freqs are blocked (to the best of my knowledge). They are also blocked on Lectro Block23 units.
  8. WisyCom now available in North America

    Radio astronomy
  9. Show me your bag

    Zaxcom to the maxcom!
  10. Seinnheiser MKH 8060

    Yes he does. And...?
  11. Seinnheiser MKH 8060

    Thanks, will do.
  12. Seinnheiser MKH 8060

    My 8050 has developed a very high noise floor. Hurrah!
  13. Wisycom wireless or other?

    100mw hop tx seems excessive. I run mine at 10mw with no probs