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  1. Coleman

    Reblocking question / Looking for suggestions

    I just spoke with lectrosonics factory. If you have 10 units in at once, you get a discount, it's gonna be 1/2 price for me to reblock than buy new. Plus it's basically a new unit ( at least my other ones that were re blocked look like it). Lectrosonics 1 (800) 821-1121
  2. Coleman

    Ambient/Denecke timecode disparity

    I agree with ed white. In the almost 25 years I have been doing this Denecke products are absolutely the most reliable thing I have ever used.
  3. Coleman

    Pocket AES to analogue converter?

    Yeah this was just an old memory. Shot in the dark.
  4. Coleman

    Pocket AES to analogue converter?

    Hi, this is a discontinued item, but perhaps Denecke still has some in stock? Might be worth a phone call. Well that is if this is even suitable for your application. Good luck Coleman http://www.denecke.com/Support/Documents/AD20 2007.pdf
  5. Coleman

    Lee Strosnider

    I'm gonna miss this guy. Thanks Michael Reilly for the photo.
  6. Coleman

    Lee Strosnider

    My friend Lee passed on today. I'm very sad.
  7. Coleman

    Lee Strosnider

    Please visit Lee if you can. He needs all our support we can give. Thank you Kaiser Permanente Woodman @ Roscoe Emergency Hospital entrance off Woodman 5th Floor
  8. Coleman

    Lee Strosnider

    Lee had a stroke on Sunday. I'm at a total loss right now. I just wanted those folks who know Lee to be aware. I used to rent sound gear from Lee. Best thing to ever happen to me was meeting Lee. He used to rent me quality gear at a price I could afford. He gave me great advice, he was one of the few true friends I have here in Los Angeles.
  9. Coleman

    Red Epic Sound Problems

    I'm having big problems with audio high-pitched background noise in the red scarlet. We have 1 epic, and one scarlet. The problem seems to be intermittent, on both cameras. WTF? Lectrosonics 411a recivers, psc cables. Both batterie and powered from cameras have the same result. RF choke I put on today was of no help it seems. Also I'm putting timecode into the camera as well from the Denecke tc boxes.
  10. Coleman

    New Zaxcom recorder

    Have a nice day.
  11. Coleman

    CAT 5 distribution setups

    Hi. Sorry for delayed response, and quick reply. ( I am working 80 hours a week on a new tv show called MOONLIGHT). I have been using cat 5 for a few years. I have used it for video assist, as primary audio to video cams, and have 2 projects that recorded all image and audio to a custom built computer. (there here...) Ok, baluns do not stop ground loops. You are still going to be putting the same load( or spliting the signal / degrading the signal..it's still a pice of cooper wire, and as I understand it, you do not even really need a balun to use cat 5, but I have not tried it.) when you hook up a cat 5, same as using a bnc cable. You can use cat5 to send 8 tracks of digital audio from the DEVA to a computer. ( major high teck computer type stuff...) but no balun needed. Call Glen for help, ha ha I do not know computers, but the computer guy said "Glen S. knows his stuff". Fu.. we are so busy 14.. 16...18 hour days Coleman
  12. Coleman

    just got back from my daily vist to r.a.m.p.s.

    So, I think one way to get over the RAMPS'S thing is to get a "sound mixers tour to the Netherlands." It would be a bicycle tour to each of the beer breweries. On the way to each breweries, we would stop by "R"'s house, and pee on his lawn. There are a lot of beer breweries, so we could pee on his lawn a lot. (and his sound equipment, if he will leave it out for us) Coleman
  13. Yeah, they had all kinds of monitoring equipment. He ( well, there were 3 of them in there, ha ha) , could listen to the mix down track, or the ISO’s. One thing to note, my "pre fader outs", when not being used, (like when you move into coverage, and the actor may have wondered off set) , still go to the computer......even when I am not using it on my multi track. Well, I found out that I have to also turn down the master gain knob, on each channel not being used, so NO AUDIO is " pre faded out" ... to the computer. Good for you to know before you go. Coleman VERIFIED VOTING IS FREEDOM
  14. Oh, by the way, I did not do any audio monitoring from the computers, as I thought "I am not getting paid to manage the computers". If they want to pay me more to do more, OK. I mean, the guy in the van that built the system had a degree in physics, so... oh.. I am not very smart, but I can lift heavy things. Coleman VERIFIED VOTING IS FREEDOM